Hidden Cameras Catch Plumbers Ripping Off Consumer

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To test the honesty of plumbers NBC’s Jeff Rossen set up a test in a New Jersey home of a hot water heater.

The water heater was tested by three master plumbers who certified that it was in excellent condition.

But Rossen’s team created a small leak by turning a screw on a valve in the front to see whether plumbers would simply tighten the screw or try to scam the consumer by suggesting expensive repairs.

Ten plumbers were called and most found the problem immediately. The first one who came to the home didn’t even charge for the service.

But two plumbers told the homeowner – with NBC watching on hidden cameras – that she would need a new hot water heater, for as much as $1,900 and a third said she needed a new valve for $359.

Thanks to ConsumerWorld.org for the heads up on the story.



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