Hotel Internet Deals Sometimes Come With No Cancellation Rules

You can get great deals on hotel rooms on the Internet just like you can on airline ticket.

And just like airline tickets, many discounted hotel rooms have restrictions on cancellations.

Patricia, a senior at Central Connecticut State University, discovered the restrictions after booking a hotel room on

She was planning to travel to Illinois for her boyfriend’s graduation from Navy Boot Camp at the Great Lakes Naval Station.

After charging $307 to spend four days at the Ramada Waukegan Gurnee, Patricia’s boyfriend got injured at boot camp and his graduation was delayed.

She contacted Priceline and asked for a refund.

Priceline refused saying the ad for the hotel room she chose clearly stated that there was a no cancellation policy.

Patricia insists that when she went on Priceline she did not see the no cancellation warning. It was only after paying for the room did she discover that fact.

“When I registered for the hotel, I was not informed that the reservation had a no cancellation policy until I printed out the confirmation reservation; at which time, it was too late to change,” she wrote CtWatchdog. “I think this is a very unfair policy and very deceitful.”

Patricia may not have noticed the warning, but when I duplicated her search on Priceline for the Ramada Inn, every room clearly stated whether there was a cancellation possible with the booking.

I contacted Priceline spokesman Brian Ek to see if anything could be done considering the circumstances of a financially strapped college student and a military man. Patricia works two jobs so she can pay for her school.

Ek said he would have someone at Priceline contact the Ramada Inn and see if they would give Patricia a break.

Ramada agreed and Patricia has her money back.

But this was an exception. When booking your hotel room on the Internet check to make sure what the cancellation policy is.

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  1. I’m glas the storyh had a happy ending, but . . .

    The better the deal, the ore you have to watch the fine print.

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