Internet Sales Tax Gaining Support in Senate

One of online retailing’s big advantages could be dealt a serious blow in the future.

The Senate passed a nonbinding amendment which would allow states to collect sales tax from out-of-state online retailers.

The amendment was part of the Marketplace Fairness Act and passed the Senate by a vote of 75-24.

The National Retail Federation advocates the passage of such a bill, since their brick-and-mortar businesses lose so much volume each year to online retailers.

The NRF estimates that states annually lose $24 billion in unreported online purchases.

Story by Bill Hardekopf for

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1 Comment on "Internet Sales Tax Gaining Support in Senate"

  1. This will be detrimental to businesses nationwide.

    Do you have any idea how many tax rates there are? new York city alone has 7 different ones.

    EVERY pos system will need to be updated. Small business, especially a mom and pop home business might even just use something as basic as an excel sheet to keep track.

    Not only with the price of the goods rise due to the tax, but they will rise even more due to the inflated cost of doing business in the first place.
    And if no other states adapt it, you’ll start to see things like ‘not available in ct’ on websites. And we’ll get the shaft as consumers. Much like amazon already did with their nexus drop of affiliates.

    Further, what jurisdiction does ct have over a new York (or other) business selling to me? None.

    Greed ruins everything.

    If this passes, i’m out of this worthless state.

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