J.C. Penney Returning To Fake Regular Price Marketing?

J.C. Penney is apparently doing a 180 degree turn as it brings back the fake regular price marketing game that it used to play with consumers, according to ConsumerWorld.org.

When former Apple retail executive Ron Johnson became J.C. Penney’s CEO last year he promised to eliminate “fake prices” “that the company slapped on goods to make their many sales seem more deeply discounted than they really were.”

J.C. Penney customers figured out that they were being scammed.

But Johnson was ousted last month and it appears that J.C. Penney is returning to its old ways of doing business.

ConsumerWorld  has done a spot check on prices and found that the prices of some items have already been jacked up, probably in preparation for sale prices. Some fake sale prices were also found.

For instance, a woman’s bathing suit that sold at a regular price of $25 in January now has a regular price tag of $36 and a sales price of $26. What a bargain.

Another example is a sofa that had a regular of $900 last October now has a regular price of  $1,695, presumably so the company can now discount it.

“Shoppers will likely flock back to their stores because, unfortunately, everyone loves a bargain even if it is a phony one. Lucky for J.C. Penney too, state Attorneys General will probably let them get away with it because of lax enforcement of local laws that prohibit fictitious discounts under certain circumstances,” says ConsumerWorld.

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2 Comments on "J.C. Penney Returning To Fake Regular Price Marketing?"

  1. Ebba Frost | May 14, 2013 at 12:11 pm |

    It doesn’t really matter how they price it, a smart shopper knows when it is worth the price that they are asking and when it’s a true bargain or not. I for one do not buy it if I think it’s to high a price ( I have a price point for everything and I don’t go over it if possible ) after all most of everything we buy today is something we really don’t actually need if you think about it. I was hopeful they were bringing back some of the brands and styles they once carried or maybe the styles have just changed so much that what I liked to buy will never come back.

  2. Doug Bcon | May 16, 2013 at 11:28 am |

    Macys is also a good one for doing this. My wife spotted a shawl she was interested in buying. The cost was &60.00. The clerk told us to wait as it would be on sale the following week. When we went back, there was a sign sitting atop the rack stating %30 off. When we looked at the price tag it now read $112.00. 30% off would now make it $78.40. This scam sale made the price %18.40 more than the regular price. NWe waited until the following week when the price returned to it’s regular $60.00. Needless to say, we’ve never bought anything “On Sale” there again & now do most of our shopping elsewhere.

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