LESS MESS: How To Organize Your Bedroom Closet

Now, it is time to organize your bedroom closet. Your closet should just be for your clothes, shoes, accessories (and perhaps a few skeletons) so take everything out that does not belong in your closet and put them in the right places. If, you have a laundry basket that is empty put all of the items that you removed from the closet into the basket(s). Then bring back the empty basket and put it on the bottom of your closet for your dirty laundry.

Are there winter coats you could hang somewhere else? What about your scrap-booking materials; baseball cards, old nighties from the nineties? Take out all unnecessary items and put them in a storage area such as your garage, basement, or attic.

Leslie Jacobs

Neatly box or bag the items before storing them. This will protect them from possible damage. Suitcases can be used to store athletic-gear and other things that are not used on a weekly basis (no, not your sex life). Memorabilia can be stored in acid-free boxes found in arts & craft stores. Above all, your closet should be for your clothes, shoes, and accessories (like belts and handbags)…that is all.

Take out the first item of clothing and answer the following questions:

Do you love it?

Have you worn it in the past year?

Does it fit?

Is it in good condition?

If you answer YES to all the questions, keep it and move on to the next item. After you have asked your clothing these questions and decided what clothing you are keeping and what ones you are donating then you have one more chore to do. You need to buy good hangers. I recommend huggable Hangers. They are available at Target or on the Home Shopping Network. Sturdy, colorfast, strong, and works great, but buy only the suit ones, they are the best in my opinion.

If every time you bring an item of clothing into your home, you take an item of clothing out, you will never have to do this closet exercise again.

Have an organized day.

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Have an Organized Day!

Leslie Jacobs


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