Look Up If Your Ct Condo Manager Has Had Complaints Filed Against Them

By George Gombossy

Does your property manager have a history of complaints filed against it with the Connecticut Consumer Protection Department? Well if they have you can now look it up at www.CtCondoNews.com.

The data consisting of three years of complaints was provided by the state at the request of CtCondoNews as several condo boards and owners have asked where such information could be found.

Now for some cautionary language here. This list is just a starting point for your research. You may file a state Freedom of  Information request with the state Consumer Protection Department requesting the files on individual complaints. There may be a small fee for copies.

Just because complaints were filed against a property manager it doesn’t necessary mean that they did anything wrong.

If the complaint was dismissed it doesn’t mean that the complaint was not valid, it may mean that the state was powerless to do anything about it. Connecticut condo owners have the least legal rights compared to most other states.

And, if there are no complaints filed against a managerment firm it also doesn’t mean anything.


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