Millions Of Dollars Of Your Money Waiting For You To Collect

This is NOT a scam. Folks there are literally millions of dollars being held in every state in the country for tens of thousands of people who probably moved and their checks did not get forwarded to them.

I didn’t think too much about this until my daughter, Jennifer, called me a few weeks ago to tell me that found both my name and her brother, Ethan’s name, on the Connecticut Treasurer’s list of unclaimed funds. She said she could not tell how much money was being held for me.

I waited a few days, being somewhat skeptical that any serious money would be involved, but then I did check the list on and discovered that I not only had one but two checks being held for me.

It turns out that I had a payment from a stock many months after I moved from a house in West Hartford and it was never forwarded to my new address. I received a check for $550 this week from the treasurer’s office.

The second check was from AT&T for 45 cents and I didn’t bother collecting that.

I checked with my son and he is looking into what money he is owed and he has told others about it who also turned out to have money there.

If you lived in the same address for the past 10 years or more there is less likelihood that you have money coming to you. But if you moved there is that possibility because the Post Office only forwards your mail for six months.

The money could be from a utility security deposit refund, a stock dividend, a payment from a company you did business with. Businesses are required to turn over to the treasurer any money they owe others that they were not able to contact after two years.

According to Connecticut Treasurer Denise L. Nappier, every month an average of $2 million is returned to thousands of people in Connecticut alone.

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  1. George, I guess this is another of those (extremely rate) times when the truism that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” fails! 😉

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