Prosecutor Drops Larceny Charges Against Shelton Condo Owners Investigating Their Property Manager.

A state prosecutor Friday dropped larceny charges that had been filed against three Shelton condo owners accused of stealing financial documents from the property manager of their complex whom they were investigating for incompetence and double billing

Joseph Miller, 79, a former board member, Kathy Benedetto, 56, a hospital accountant, and Joan Pagliuco, 66, a travel agent, – all of Sunwood Condominiums, had their cases nolled today according to Beneditto.

They were each charged last July with sixth degree larceny charges. The three professionals had sought to have the charged dismissed but Benedetto said Friday they will accept the nolle, which means that after 13 months the charges will be dismissed. During that time the prosecutor can reopen the charges.

Defense attorney Edward Murnane of Bridgeport, who confirmed the nolles, said the prosecution refused to dismiss the charges.


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