Save Money On Heating Oil, Compare Prices

If you are heating with oil in Connecticut, chances are you are paying hundreds of dollars more a year than you should.oiltank

If you want to save some money, all you have to do is to follow the example of Tally, who lives in a mobile home park in Eastern Connecticut.

Before filling her 275 gallon tank she checks out what her present oil company charges and then calls around to see if there are better deals.

Her oil company said the best price it could give her was $3.99 a gallon.

“I thought holly molly, are you kidding me,” she said in an interview. “I just thought $3.99 was pretty high.”

She called a second oil dealer in Vernon and got a price of $3.79.

Her third call went to Cashway Oil/Vickers Inc. of Enfield that offered her $3.49 a gallon as long as she paid on delivery.

She ordered 125 gallons and saved $50.

“Fifty bucks is fifth bucks,” she said.

Since she lives in a mobile home, Tally uses a lot less oil than most oil heating consumers in Connecticut and for them the savings would be much larger if they shopped around and were willing to pay cash on delivery.

The first thing a consumer should do is to check the Internet to get a sense of what the average, high and low prices are in your area.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection posts weekly its survey on heating oil prices at

Not surprisingly, Fairfield County had the highest average prices in the first week of January with the average being $3.96 and the high being $4.55. The lowest price found was $3.44.

That shows a difference of $1.11 between the lowest and highest prices. Keep in mind the high priced dealers offer credit and full service which the low price was undoubtedly based on cash on delivery.

The state-wide average was $3.78, while the high was $4.55 and the low was $3.40.

If you want oil from a full-service company on credit, you might want to try a co-op.

For instance, Citizen’s Oil Co-Op, based in West Hartford, has been providing its members with discounted oil for more than 20 years and is available throughout the state.

There is a $10 application fee and an annual $25 membership charge.

In return, the co-op promises to provide a savings of at least 15 cents a gallon below the state average for full-service dealers.

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7 Comments on "Save Money On Heating Oil, Compare Prices"

  1. I find it shocking that Connecticut’s average heating oil cost per gallon is more than what I pay for diesel fuel for my truck in Florida! And that has (I think ) $0.41 a gal in road tax!

  2. I think this story is missing a few facts that lend it to be misleading. First in a mobile home, the consumer has an outside tank. Heating oil congeals into jello at 17 degrees and if it has bio content like palm or animal oils (as is common) that temperature is more likely 25 degrees. This causes the heating unit in mobile homes to fail. The remedy is put in expensive chemical treatments, warm fuel, and purge the jello-like fuel from the line. $150 + in a service call.
    Mobile home fuel is usually zero blend or kerosene which is much more expensive, but necessary in this use. Enfield has already had 2 weeks where regular fuel oil would have congealed.
    I’d like to note on the comment from Florida, Diesel in New England has jet fuel blended in it during the winter time, and is more expensive than Southern Diesel. It is also delivered 8000 gallons a load to a station where this 150 gallons were delivered to the home in a small truck.
    The article was correct that an educated consumer has advantages. In this case, if the consumer followed what was suggested, they would have paid a lot more because the fuel in cold temperatures would be useless.
    Make your fuel dealer earn the business. Ask questions. It may not be as simple as you think.

  3. Check out for a history of oil prices. I’ve found that you usually can’t do better than the price. So if you can get within 10 cents of it, you’ve got a good price.

  4. Zodiac Heating | January 16, 2013 at 2:34 am |

    Yes We too agree, if people buy in credit it will cost them more than paying cash on delivery. As heating companies too have to pay their bills which cost.

  5. The best place I’ve found for good prices is cashheatingoil.Com – they are a search engine for deals…but its all cod…no financing.


  7. The info here is 2 years old. Please update
    For. A watch dog site this is not helpfull

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