Sears Complaint: The Saga Of A Refrigerator That Caused $30,000 In Damages

Sears used to have a solid reputation for selling well made appliances under its Kenmore brand as well as from other manufacturers.

That reputation is being mangled with the critical part of any appliance business – service, including delivery and installation.

The latest horror story came from Simsbury resident Arlene Horenstein who in November purchased a refrigerator at Sears’ West Hartford store at Corbin Corners for $1,400 including delivery and installation.

She was told the KitchenAid refrigerator she had picked out was in stock and she would get it in a few days.

But the refrigerator was not in stock, which she figured out when Sears kept cancelling promised deliveries. For her inconvenience she was told she would receive a $69.95 credit, representing what normally is the delivery charge. YOU CAN SEE THE DETAILS OF THE LOG HORENSTEIN KEPT.

When it finally arrived in mid-December, she noticed a large scratch after the old refrigerator had already been removed. She demanded a new refrigerator and told Sears she had not been given the $69.95 promised credit. She was then promised a new refrigerators and $100 credit instead of the $69.95.

But the men who installed the refrigerator apparently failed to connect it to the water line properly, which she only noticed two days later.

By then the leaking water had caused $30,000 in damage to her home. Her home insurance covered $29,000, leaving her to pay for the $1,000 deductible. PAGE 2

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71 Comments on "Sears Complaint: The Saga Of A Refrigerator That Caused $30,000 In Damages"

  1. Thomas Morin | February 18, 2012 at 9:03 am |

    Bought a refrigerator from Sears it broke down after 4 years. I called and had to pay $100.00 plus dollars for a service call only to find that the compressor was shot. I called Sears 800 number to inquire whether they would help with this since I believe a fridge should last longer than 4 years. They hung up on me and I wasn’t one drop angry or rude on the phone. I will never by another appliance from Sears, never!

    • HowellFilm | June 28, 2012 at 2:14 am |

      Today’s SEARS is NOT the SEARS of yesterday. Do yourself a favor….DON’T SHOP AT SEARS! I used to LOVE going to Sears…it was an excellent store for almost everything! I loved their tools w/the lifetime warranties. And, their auto centers were great. But, today’s Sears is NOT THE SAME! I don’t know who screwed things up, but BEWARE OF TODAY’S SEARS! They make Wal-Mart look like MACY’S! TODAY’S SEARS SUCKS!!!!! DON’T SHOP THERE!

      • I agree. I purchased a zero turn lawnmower from Sears. The belt will not stay on. Continues to come off. The machine has 14 hours on it and it is sitting in the yard waiting for the repair man. It starts and the blades turn but the mower will not move. Buying the mower from sears was a big mistake.Sears is not what it once was.

    • I bought a builtin refrigrator freezer from sears on Feb 2014. I paid for the installation of the unit. I have been told multiple times that someone will come to install the unit and I have given multiple dates. Today is march 16′ 2015. The unit is inside of box in my living room. The installation was supposed to call me to give me the time today but no one called. My husband and I decided to hire an attorney and take the case to news media. I have built the wall for this specific freezer due to the size. I am going to try to put Sears out of business and will celebrate. I called dateline, 20/20 and other channels to start the war against sears. It has been a nightmare. If ou know anyone who has horror story against sears, ask to join.

      • I just had my third Kenmore Trio refrigerator delivered. The same issue, will not keep food cold. It is 7 degrees off! I Have lost so much food because of this issue. The Muncie, Indiana store (this is the location we purchased the refrigerator from), told me if I had I purchased the extended warranty, I would have received better service!! The new refrigerator is two days old. I called the Sears customer service line (what a joke), I was told if I yelled anymore, she would hang up on me. I informed the moron, I was not yelling, I just wanted a refrigerator that works. I then asked for her supervisor. She informed me she didn’t have a supervisor. Nine out of ten times there is a supervisor. After asking three times, she stated she was at lunch. Sears must have hired her during my 10 minute conversation. The agent told me she would have Patrice call me in 30 minutes. It has been over five hours, guess she was really hungry!! I have called so many times, documented of course, and have talked with people in the Phillipines, India, or some other place that you need an interpreter to understand. If you ask for someone who has better English, they hang up on you. I would never buy anything from Sears, not even the time of day!! I too threatened with the news channels, only to be told I KNOW I KNOW, I have already heard it. While writing this post, Sears called me to schedule a repair for my dishwasher! I have never owned a Kenmore dishwasher. They do not deserve to be in business!

        • Bring em answers to complaints | August 23, 2015 at 9:51 am |

          The answer is, that in the first place,if you had purchased the Protection agreement, which comes to about $5 a month, you would have been reimbursed food your food bill. Now there a millions of happy customers that have bought Kenmore. But, in every situation there may be that one white elephant. I would say that you may have been misprograming your refridgerator. The news channels can only bring you good statistics. Otherwise the products would have been taken off the market. Sears backed their products, most people go to stores that do not! You are racially discriminating people by accent. The fact that your self proclaimed to yell shows your mentality. A MOD (manager on duty) should have been in place to answer your complaints. This makes me think that there are other holes in your story. And you are not telling the truth!

          • Nancy Sargent | September 30, 2015 at 12:44 pm |

            Your response is very unfair. I would like to say in 2005 I purchased a Kenmore elite front loader washer and dryer, a double oven range, and an upright freezer. The extended warranty they sold me was over $1200. I had them out three times on the washer, and five times on the range. They never did get the ovens working right. When you call, it is correct that you have a problem with communication. This year we remodeled our kitchen, and purchased all new appliances from Lowes. No problems.

          • lorraine drake | December 9, 2015 at 3:21 am |

            it is not sears it is all the immigrants that are rude and dont want to work dont wipe there feet and do hang up on you or one will gossip and they all stick together and give no one the benefit of the doubt .they are way to sensitive and suspicious of any move you make

      • sear refrigerator leak due to faulty repair by sears M/A rep. mold damage, hardwood floors destroyed walls had to be removed. 3 months later Sear passed to Sedgwick insurance, they passed to LG , manufacturer of Kenmore, they passed to their insurance company. still going bck & forth no one will take financial responsibility & I am living with large parts of floors & walls missing due to my husbands double transplant mold remediation had to be done out of pocket. Please help

        • If you have mold damage, you ignored the problem for a long period of time. That is your fault, not Sears!

        • Do you have an update? We just discovered the same problem. The fridge is less than a year old.

          • The tech who came to repair the fridge did not properly install the water hose attachment the hose leaked when the water was dispensed in the front. Because it only occurred when dispensing there was no way for me to know the back of the fridge was staying damp. That is why I didn’t notice the problem sooner & the mold happened. I have pictures that show the leak as water is used in front & the new fitting installed thereafter is completely different to insure no leak. I currently have lawyer that has served Sears & I am going to court with this.

      • KARLA RAMIREZ | September 21, 2015 at 10:59 pm |

        I am dealing with that now. 5 Technicians have come out and no one seems to fix the damn fridge. I need to know who to contact to get a new fridge or my money back. The warranty is a joke.

      • Sear is dumping mattresses illegally on private property and I have the video to prove it. Sears have poor customer service
        They hung up in my face several time too

      • I bought Sear Kenmore Elite 3 years ago with 500.00 extended warranty. The refrigerator has had cracks on inside since 7 months of purchase. Repairman have been out 6 times. They said they wanted to use apoxy to seal cracks inside. To make a long story short. The phone personal said the refrigerator should be replaced. The repair man would call boss and say we are going to use apoxy or nothing. I now have been fighting with them for 3 years.
        I was told by service repairman that if they said to replace it they would loose their jobs..
        Now doors aren’t closing all the way, food in refrigerator is freezing, freezer is putting frost bite of food.. The drawers have been replaced. The shelves have has been replaced. Many parts have been replaced. Numerous service calls.
        I paid for extended warranty. They refuse to replace. Why would you put apoxy in fridge and freezer, sounds crazy on a new refidgerator, this will still not fix the problem of what is causing the interior of freezer and refrigerator to crack. I have been given run around for 3 years. The amount of food lose to problem would have paid for new refrigerator.
        I am at the point that I’m going to have sue Sears to force a replacement. I would never recommend any appliance from Sears.
        They have replaced so many parts that it would have been cheaper for them to replace.
        It’s time they stand behind their products.
        I am at my wits end.

      • I had the same problems they brought my dryer and refrigerator i ask were is the washer they told me its not on the delivery slip and it wasn’t I showed them my bill they told me take it up with sears it took forever finally i got in my little Subaru Impreza WRX put it in the hatch back and I drove home 8 miles with it hanging out my car and believe it or not sears loaded it in my car and let me drive home like that why would I have you deliver the dryer and refrigerator but not the washer and they left the dryer in the box in my living room and the frig. in the middle of my kitchen after they bent the water line to the ice 2 months late they came and hooked the dryer up and it didn’t work wow so they brought me a new one today and tore up my laundry room door. Rude delivery people I guess they think if they speak spanish me A white lady wouldn’t understand them jokes on you MR Daivery man I understood every word.

      • I living a nightmare with sears my 14 month old grab and go bottom freezer , they send a pair of technicians ,hay they say was the compressor has broke down they order the parts to be delivered at my house. the parts arrived in three days they did not show up the day they say they will, after two weeks of may original appoiment another technician from sears clame and when he chek on the refrigerator he salid that the compressor was fine . but the unit was unreiparable he Took pictures of the unit and sentido outside to make phone Calls (fishi ha?) well what is wrong the linear refrigerant sistem is brokend ,on kenmore warranty web page they Claim that sistem is cover for five years i have been on their 1888 Numbers many times only to been told they will pay $500.00 to get a new unit at sears. so that $500.00 minús the $273.99 that came out of my pocket they must be crazy to think i’m goin to make bussines with them again. I been a sears cardholder since 2004 and made several prior purchases with no complaints on the past but clearly they don’t care.

      • Hi, I am guessing I am to late but would like to know how things went. I have the inside of my Kenmore frig melted and food ruined because the light fixture never shut off. Now they are saying the replacement part is no longer being made and that’s it, nothing else they will do. Thank you, I appreciate hearing back.

    • did you by an extended protection plan. I dont like sears for my own reasons but now adays they don’t make anything like they use to and no matter what retailer you go to they will come standard with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. BUY the EPP to gaurantee atleast 5 happy years. but just because you “think” it should last more then 4 years definatly definatly doesnt mean your right. and it is not their responsibility.

    • If you don’t purchase an extended warranty, you are an idiot. Refrigerators have an avg lifespan of 8 yrs nowadays. And they will break before 5 as you found out.

  2. I had a similar situation with these morons which is why me my family and anyone I can tell don’t shop at Sears anymore! These guys have gone downhill and I can’t wait to see them crash at the bottom. I can personally count 32 people that I know who don’t shop there because of what I told them. I wonder how many more I can convince…(not hard to convince let me tell you!)My experience was at the Meriden Mall. Anyone who continues to shop there should expect bad service and nothing else.

  3. I recently watched a TV show pertaining to outsourced call centers which handle consumer issues. I was surprised to learn that the people you speak to do not provide their real names.
    I too have kept records of calls to these customer support call centers, noting the date, time, and name of the person responding. Now I wonder if it’s a total waste of time. What recourse does a consumer have when you really have no idea to whom you spoke?
    Now we know Sears is going out of business. I think we all know why.
    Virtually all businesses have only one goal – make as much money as possible, as fast as possible and the hell with the consumer.
    Caveat Emptor.

  4. A nightmare…. congrats to this person for keeping a very detailed phone log–good lesson there. She showed way more patience than I would have….

  5. Consumer nightmare for this lady. I would be out of proverbial words. My SEARS tale circa 2000 pales in comparisonb. I purchased HIGH END [most expensive] Kenmore dishwasher. For 3 months, it worked but then streaked; items no longer clean. Store told me to call repairman, as I had asked for new machine. Sears sanctioned repairman came, took a look & said. ‘We’ve had lots of problems w. this one. If I were you, Lady, I’d have them haul this piece of !!! out of here. Sears would not comply; the store was non-cooperative; the management at store, worse. I finally faxed letter to Alan J. Lacey, CEO at the time. Within 2 days, I received call from his exec. secretary. I was given permission to get another one, but the store manager insisted I PAY for 2nd before being given credit for the first. KITCHEN AID model that I replaced it with was great. But too much trouble.

  6. George Gombossy | February 19, 2012 at 6:30 pm |

    Another Sears Story From Julia
    In response to your “Deliverymen cause $30,000 in damages” story I decided to share with you our own experience with Sears products and delivery. For Christmas my father bought a new refrigerator to replace our old one. It was delivered a week after Christmas and installed with no problem. However about a month after being installed the ice maker was broken. We ordered the part recommended by Sears to fix it and it was backordered. Every day Sears called asking us to call them back. When we did they informed us we needed to schedule and appointment to fix the icemaker. When we told them the part hadn’t come yet they were rude to us asking why we had called. After about a month the part finally came and we scheduled an appointment. However, when a repairmen comes they give you an eight hour window in which you have to stay home, missing a day of work. After my mom waited for the whole day the repairman never came. When she called asking why he had never came, the woman informed her that he’d been over booked and they had cancelled her appointment, that she had booked weeks ago, without even telling her. When the repairman finally came to fix it, he realized we had the wrong part, and we ordered the correct one. Finally, six weeks later our ice maker was fixed. Then four months later, it broke again. When the repairman came out to assess the damage, he broke one of the water lines, and our freezer drawer froze shut, and the light cover in the fridge was smashed. Apologizing, Sears promised us a 30 day extension on our warranty. Finally, almost 7 months after buying it, and 6 scheduled repair appointments the refrigerator was fixed.
    From, Julia

  7. Sears had a solid brand that has been tarnished by not training employees correctly, updating stores and keeping up with shopper trends. Personally, I have always loved Sears and still shop there, but these stories are horrible. Sears needs to make it right and going through hoops to get corrections is insane. My sympathy goes out to these people who thought they were buying a great product from a great vendor. One trend I do see is when checking out, cashiers are always having personal conversations and not greeting the customers. Recently I have found some great deals on and at my local Sears location. Sears is on the brink, but can turn things around. Just need the right people, capital and employees who care. Kenmore is a solid brand, but when you start to mix electronics with appliances (for ex. complicated touch panels and buttons) you are asking for trouble. Sears needs to pay the entire $30,000 for repairs and either collect from the third party or have the third party pay. Either way take Sears needs to take responsibility to build the customer loyalty back. Come on Sears, we know you can do better!!

  8. First off, Arlene had a LOT more patience than I would have had. On the first screw-up with no delivery, I would have canceled the order and looked elsewhere. Since she didn’t, I would have next called CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS after speaking to the local people in charge and getting nowhere!

    You see, USUALLY the CEOs in corporate have NO clue what is going on in the REAL world! This is why a show like UNDERCOVER BOSS, CBS, Friday night is such a great show. From the shows I have seen, the CEOs could NOT perform the tasks their employees do, they have no idea what is involved on a day to day basis and come back to their Ivory Tower much more informed and enlightened!

    I suppose Arlene could have done a little research on refrigerators and dealers ahead of time, but in this day and age, it is sort of difficult to pin down WHO makes WHAT for WHOM! Even Consumer Reports has adandoned ship in this area! They USED to tell us who made the “generic” name items and which items were made by the SAME company with different names like GE/Hotpoint, Sears tires/Armstrong etc. If Consumer Reports has given up, it really is difficult for us to get to the bottom of this issue.

    One solution is to go to a company website and read about the company. Sometimes you will find the names of their different products. Another way to see who makes what is to check the government consumer product safety commission website for recalls. When a recall is listed, they give the names of all the products that company makes that are affected by the recall.

    The LAST place that I would check would be the BBB. WHY you keep telling people to file a complaint with them is beyond me! They are as crooked as any company out there. HOW could Sears possibly have an A- rating? We ALL know that IF you PAY, they will PLAY and give a POOR company a GREAT rating!

    Hopefully, with sites like this and FaceBook, these sleazy stores and “managers” will start to wake up and start treating people the way they should be treated. We need the REAPPEARANCE of the old adage- THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

  9. Thank you for sharing this nightmare story! I haven’t been thrilled with Sears, but now I will DEFINITELY stay away at all costs!

  10. We have an extended warranty on our washing machine from Sears. We had it checked out for the annual check up. The technician sold us extended warranties on that and our other appliances~
    It started a grinding sound during agitation. I immediately turned it off & Sears repair service was called.
    It is my understanding that the service crew is going by a different name & even the service trucks no longer say Sears, but have another name.
    Two weeks later a service man called and came by, he looked over the washing machine & the part WHICH HAD BEEN SHIPPED TO OUR HOUSE after the initial phone call for service request.
    No one looked at our machine, just the phone call to service.
    When the service technician came, he discovered the motor was broken & we needed more parts.
    So far ONE OF THREE ADDITIONAL BOXES OF PARTS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED TO OUR HOUSE, we are still waiting on the other two,
    here another two weeks later.
    When my husband called service department, he was told it would be another two weeks AFTER ALL OF THE PARTS ARRIVE AT OUR HOUSE.
    Why is this?
    It is costing Sears service more money than it would have cost to replace the machine in the first place.
    But I do not want a new machine. I want my machine with the agitator. That is why we have extended warranty.
    Meanwhile our warranty service plan has time ticking by and is running and ongoing, BUT THE WASHING MACHINE IS NOT.
    Every service personnel we have had contact with is extremely courteous, but they cannot do anything to help us get the machine repaired.
    We are not going to live life as victims, and it is a shame that a public forum such as Twitter has to be utilized to get any attention to this matter.
    We do not have to do business with any company –
    just like any company does not have to sell to us or provide exceptional and timely expeditious service.

  11. I’ve had similar experiences with Sears. Including broken refrigerators. I chose one but none that were delivered worked. I had to chose another brand and this one had several issues. Still does..but right now I’m crossing my fingers that it will continue to work.
    The biggest problem I had…Sears sold me a USED lawn mower. When it didn’t work, the technician came out within days and told is a used machine and all rusted underneath. NICE! I called and complained…nothing caught on fire while I was using it!!

  12. We no longer shop at Sears as well. We purchased a $1,300 Kenmore refrigerator from Sears and before the 2 year mark it stopped working. We had a Sears Tech. come out to look at it and it was “dead”…nothing could be done but to purchase a new one. Because we did not purchase the warranty the best Sears would do is give us $250 towards a new one. Can you believe that? We have purchased ALL of our appliances, over the years, from Sears…gave them thousands of dollars and all they could do was offer us $250 towards the purchase of a new one from Sears of course. We refused their offer, we’re insulted by their offer and vowed to NEVER do business with Sears again.

  13. We purchased a refrigerator on an “employee discount” from my worplace (a different company with 14,000 employees. The discount stated …”all employees enjoy a 10% price over our cost.” When we went to the store, I asked to see the refrigerators, found one we liked, then asked to see the price sheet for their wholesale cost. I was refused, but was told that the real price was merely a 10% discount from standard pricing. I replied that this was fraudelent advertising–a classic bait and switch (we had the ad in hand and showed him).

    Since we didn;t have the money, or would spend the same amount in legal costs as the refigerator, we were quite upset, called the manager, and he offered a further 10% deduction.

    We got the refrigerator delivered next day, but the technician tied the water line into the hot water feed for the house (I even pointed that out to him, but he continued anyway). I called the store, and he was fired on the spot.

    I had to wait several days to use the icemaker, due to waiting for another repairman.

    Now all I get is a deep hum (much like an extended owl cry) that won’t go away. Since I didn’t take the year warranty (it was guaranteed for 6 months anyway), I missed the warranty period by 2 days.

    I hate this company.I even went in to purchase a chainsaw chain, was shown a chainsaw bar instead.(!!) I guess “chain” and “bar” sound the same.

  14. This is a terrifying collection of experiences. I will never buy ANYTHING at Sears again. However,I am trying to get up the nerve to replace my furnace and water heater and the more I deal with contractors and businesses these days and the more I read, the less confidence I have that any of the negotiations and installs will be done correctly with attention paid to customer service and product quality. I find myself hesitant to the point of paralysis when considering having any work done by anyone in my house and i was dismayed to learn about the way the BBB works. Where does the consumer go to learn The Truth about “reliable” businesses to say nothing about product lines ?

  15. ConstantReader | February 21, 2012 at 11:55 am |

    Kudos to Arlene for her diligence in detailing her experience. Incredible turn of events but not surprising in this age of “customer NO service” from large corporations. Customers are the reason entities like Sears exist and customers are the reason that entities like Sears will be a distant memory. Social media are the perfect tool to speed up their eventual demise. What folks need to understand in this case is that “Kenmore” is merely a brand name of Sears products, like “Craftsman”, since Sears does not manufacture anything. In this case the refrigerator is actually manufactured by either LG or Frigidaire. What folks need to remember before making a major purchase is to research the product as well as the retail outlet. In essence, do your homework!

  16. in reply to Debby above: I don’t know how close you are to New London County, but we used our oil delivery mechanic to replace our boiler (MidKnight Oil, ask for Mike). I would highly recommend a tankless system…most replacements will cost you $5,000 anyway, mind as well go tankless (a better system, needs less cellar space).

    Mike is responsible, and responsive in emergencies. I recognize talent and customer service when it counts. I don’t care if oil is $0.10 cheaper between companies, so what I pay $20 more every other month on delivery, who cares? It’s the service that counts.

  17. Callme dubious | February 22, 2012 at 7:12 am |

    Without hearing Sears side of the story I wouldn’t bash the company.
    Just cuz someone says its true doesn’t make it so.

    • George Gombossy | February 22, 2012 at 8:48 am |

      Thanks for taking the time to write. Actually the story states that Sears did respond to the Better Business Bureau. It did not deny the allegations to the BBB or to me.

  18. Debby-

    Sites like this and references from friends are two good places to start getting information about reliable companies etc. Skip the BBB. Not sure if you’re in CT, but a few years ago we had a new high efficiency gas furnace and central air installed by Air, Inc. in Branford, CT. Great workers, no mess, everything works well and the guys were very fast. They were here at about 8 AM and gone by 3 or 4 PM with everything working!

    Hope this helps you. I don’t know WHY I can’t have this message to you appear UNDER your post, but something is screwy here. When I hit REPLY, all it does is reload the page, but NOT under your message! Even George’s reply to ME appears under CALLME DUBIOUS message above? Not sure if it’s my computer or the Watchdog site. Anyway, good luck.

  19. Victor Carson | February 23, 2012 at 11:41 am |

    I too will never buy another appliance at Sears. I bought a Kenmore dehumidifier which stopped functioning properly after a year. I also bought a Craftsman lawnmower that broke after less than 2 years. The quality of the Sears name and the quality of the Sears brands of Kenmore and Craftsman has been ruined. Now, when I read of the poor, incompetent installation and service, I would never trust Sears to touch my appliances.

  20. In response to your “Deliverymen cause $30,000 in damages” story I decided to share with you our own experience with Sears products and delivery. For Christmas my father bought a new refrigerator to replace our old one. It was delivered a week after Christmas and installed with no problem. However about a month after being installed the ice maker was broken. We ordered the part recommended by Sears to fix it and it was backordered. Every day Sears called asking us to call them back. When we did they informed us we needed to schedule and appointment to fix the icemaker. When we told them the part hadn’t come yet they were rude to us asking why we had called. After about a month the part finally came and we scheduled an appointment. However, when a repairmen comes they give you an eight hour window in which you have to stay home, missing a day of work. After my mom waited for the whole day the repairman never came. When she called asking why he had never came, the woman informed her that he’d been over booked and they had cancelled her appointment, that she had booked weeks ago, without even telling her. When the repairman finally came to fix it, he realized we had the wrong part, and we ordered the correct one. Finally, six weeks later our ice maker was fixed. Then four months later, it broke again. When the repairman came out to assess the damage, he broke one of the water lines, and our freezer drawer froze shut, and the light cover in the fridge was smashed. Apologizing, Sears promised us a 30 day extension on our warranty. Finally, almost 7 months after buying it, and 6 scheduled repair appointments the refrigerator was fixed.

  21. don warner saklad | February 27, 2012 at 8:06 am |

    Shelves of Sears Kenmore refrigerators are badly designed. The struts are too far apart and too narrow that some bottles tip over. On the plus side it does allow for circulating cooling.

  22. sandi johnson | February 28, 2012 at 11:36 am |

    My experience was not as severe as this one but still … Sears has surely gone downhill. I ordered a Toaster Oven via the call center (and it’s almost impossible to understand some of the reps, who are clearly out of the country). That alone took several calls til I got one who spoke English!! Then the one I wanted was not available to be shipped to the store nearerst my house, only to a Sears 35 miles away. Why? Who knows why! I kept trying and eventually was told it could be shipped to my house immediately but was not available for shipment to the Sears store for 60 days. Is that beyond absurd? So they waived the shipping fee and I had it shipped to my house. First one arrived damaged, went through the process all over again, and finally did get the one I wanted. But the process and time it took were absurd! Does Sears even realize how bad the customer service phone line is? Clearly most of the people are not in the U.S.,speak very poor English; etc. etc. etc.

  23. Bob Trotta | March 2, 2012 at 9:10 pm |

    WOW! I never realized how much Sears has declined. I have not been in a Sears or purchased anything from Sears in DECADES! The only “appliance” I have from them is a dehumidifier that is DECADES old. It still works and does the job as expected! Until last year, it was used every summer in the basement. The ONLY reason I replaced it with an LG dehumidifier from Costco was to get a more energy efficient model. However, my cousin needed one for his basement so he borrowed it this past summer.

    I guess my “appliance” was bought back in the day when items were built to last instead of needing replacement every few years like today. PLUS, it was probably made in the USA with good old USA ingenuity and not made in China!

    All I can say is thank you Arlene Horenstein! IF I ever had a thought of buying anything from Sears, you have erased that idea from my mind. Thank you. Sorry you had to put up with so much crap. Like the saying goes- live and learn!

  24. I did try to contact the CEO, but never got a return call. I tried to call the District Manager, no return calls. At Sears – the management seems to have as many layers as possible between them and the customer. Shows like “Undercover Boss” are all set ups. Makes for good tV, but if you check up on it after – nothing has changed in ANY of the shows featured.

  25. Response to Callmedubious
    I would love to hear Sears side of the story, too. Maybe YOU can get them to return a call. I have tried, and tried – I would have been happy to work it out directly with them. But they do not respond to any complaints.

  26. George Gombossy | March 6, 2012 at 5:23 pm |

    From Loretta Tuccillo Shelton,

    A friend sent us your column regarding the Sears delivery gone bad…

    The same thing happened to us, during the same time frame. After numerous calls to Sears, we were told we had to deal with the delivery company. No matter how many times I said…I didn’t not buy my refrigerator from the delivery company – they seemed to wash their hands of the whole issue. Our damages: $900. I guess we were lucky…lol. Then the delivery company had the nerve to tell us to deal with their insurance company.

    My husband spent his whole holiday break trying to get estimates. We had to deal with sarcastic comments from the delivery company…I should have had to worry that he…was going to be “harrassed by Sears”. We were the injured party.

    I wrote a letter the district manager who helped us purchase the refrigerator at the Shelton, CT store…and have not heard back. I did speak to a number of managers, one who helped get my delivery fee refunded. We also purchased a dishwasher (online), that install went well, though not easy (different delivery/installers, though, another third party vendor).
    What’s with all the outsourcing?

    When we purchased our house – 20+ years ago – we bought all of our appliances from Sears – it only seemed natural to go back. We will never go back, again.

    No apology note from the coporate offices, the local store, the woman who took our inital complaint (and offered to send us a discount coupon – which we never received)….no one…not even a follow up call to see if we received our refund.

    So, on Christmas day…we had to entertain 15 family members, who couldn’t help notice the damage to the wall and stairs as they entered the house…

    Oh, and the item is damaged…I couldn’t agree to get it replaced (during the whole mess), for fear they would send the same delivery company – and to this day…no one has called to offer to replace it. No one has insisted they make the situation right….Such a shame.

    Keep up the good work…someone needs to watch out for the little guy.

    Thank you,

    Loretta Tuccillo


  27. I bought a refrigerator last year from Sears with a 1 year warranty, the fridge broke within a year. Called for service, they service person who arrived said the refrigerator was built in 2004 and was not the one I bought at Sears.. I had Sears look it up and send me a copy of the receipt/. Sears said that they would not honor the warranty because the fridge was manufactured in 2004:. I don’t care I bought it within the year with a 1 year warranty|. Their response was that it is too old to be covered under warranty:. But I have a receipt and the warranty:. Oh that receipt is not proof you bought the refrigerator/. But Sears looked up the receipt and sent it to me.. Well that proved nothing, so now I have a $700 paperweight

    Sears contacted me and is going to do NOTHING, ZERO.

    A Sears representative called me last night regarding my situation. Nine days ago I tried to have me Sears Gladiator refrigerator serviced under warranty. You can read the details earlier but now let’s review the customer service at Sears.

    On July 24th, I was scheduled for in warranty service on my refrigerator and was refused service by the technician. I called Sears customer service and spent close to one and one half hours arguing with customer service at multiple levels trying to have my appliance serviced.

    Bottom line, they would not service my refrigerator and Sears ignored (did not return) complaint calls during the next nine days. I posted a complaint online and the same day (practically) Sears responded that they would contact me regarding this issue (again see the post trail).

    Well, they contacted me, we agreed that I have no way to prove that the Gladiator refrigerator in my garage is in fact the Gladiator refrigerator listed on the receipt. Sears did offer (for free) to have A&E look at and tell me how much it would cost for me to fix my refrigerator. Huh? So I am no better off than if I call a repairman and ask him how much to fix not under warranty. Additionally, I or my wife would need to spend another day at home to wait for the person. In the interim, I purchased a new freezer and a new dorm fridge to salvage what little I could fit in my neighbor’s freezer. The Customer service rep informed me that there was nothing he could do for me. He might have been able to help had I talked to him when the problem occurred. The problem was that how would I know of this person? I contacted customer service, they ignored my complaints.


    I purchased a refrigerator and have a receipt from Sears with a 1 year warranty

    I called for service on the refrigerator and A&E came on schedule

    A&E claims my refrigerator is not my refrigerator and I am scamming them

    I have no way to prove my refrigerator is my refrigerator

    I have had to replace my Freezer / Refrigerator at my expense

    My Theories (And I invite Sears or anyone else to give me a better explanation)

    Sears sold me a refrigerator and refuses to honor the warranty

    Sears intentionally sold me a non-warrantable freezer as a warrantable freezer with the intent of never having to service it

    Sears unintentionally sold me a non-warrantable freezer as an non-warrantable freezer but will not admit their mistake and leave me with a $700 paperweight and a need to purchase new equipment

    Other Guesses?

    SEARS has closed the case. I guess calling me to tell me they are not going to help closes that case.

    7:03 PM (13 hours ago)

    to me

    Dear ,

    Thank you for contacting Sears Holdings Corporation Social Media and allowing us the opportunity to address your concern regarding your recent experience. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced and we appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    Please be advised your issue has been addressed and case 6143549 has been closed. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply to this email or contact us via phone.

    Thank you,

    Social Media Case Manager

    Sears Holdings Corporation


    Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am-7pm CST, Saturday 8am-5pm CST

    🙁 🙁
    3. Written by Searscares on July 31, 2012 from hof

  28. want less stress and a worry free living????don’t go to sears for anything. like the song says don’t wear sunscreen well don’t shop sears people…..

  29. i bought a kenmore washer on july and a month later it leaked, i live in a second floor so my downstairs neighbor got his celing sokaing wet! its october and i have not received any help from SEARS… my carper was soaking wet as well as my drywall…. they asked me for two estimates and picture does anyone know if they “settlement” comes endorsed to me or the company they choose to make the repair?? im asking because i would like to use the company that is a little bit more expensive but i can cover the difference…

  30. Holly Rayder | December 7, 2012 at 4:56 pm |

    Same thing just happened to us. Sears’ third party delivery people hooked up the water line to our fridge incorrectly. $10,000 in damage. Nobody fom Sears will respond. They’re dumping us off o the delivery company’s insurance carrier. No apology from Sears. Don’t ever buy from Sears!

  31. Bruce Conner | January 13, 2013 at 10:36 pm |

    On Jan. 10th I waited all day for the delivery of my new refrigerator, washer and dishwasher purchased at Sears. It was dark when the delivery vehicle showed up in front of the house. The new equipment was uncovered, no boxes, bags or tarps, riding in an open trailer like a lawnmower. It was raining hard with a gusting wind. The appliances were soaked. I was livid at the treatment of my property. They unloaded the equipment and I dried two of the pieces. The delivery guys called the manager to see if I could get a free extended warranty but Sears said they would only give me a 20% discount. I wasn’t about to pay for their mistake. I accepted the appliances reluctantly because I desperately needed them for my new home and I knew that they would only dry them and send them back to me in a couple days.

    The delivery guys installed the washer and refrigerator. While I watched one guy install the washer the other guy was walking around my house. After they left I noticed a small tool kit was missing and the next day I found that a door strike kit that was on the window sill near the front door was also missing.

    Two days later I installed the dishwasher myself and the machine had water in it and there was soap residue in the soap holder. It was supposed to be new.

    I’m done with SEARS except for seeking some compensation and talking with the police about the possible theft.

  32. Steve Keizer | August 7, 2013 at 5:15 pm |

    My wife and I recently purchased a newly constructed home (important because of our hardwood flooring in the kitchen) and purchased all of our stainless steel appliances (Kenmore brand)from Sears. I say recently, but we have been going round and round with Sears and their delivery company, 3DP for almost 4 months. Side note, the dishwasher I unpacked out of the box was missing its handle – that only took a month to get addressed….
    The horror story really gets started with the refrigerater. The first one was defective – after jumping through all the hoops, and declining a coupon to Sears to keep it as is, and declining a prepaid credit card (2 times, the second offer being worth more $$), we were able to schedule a replacement delivery. About five days later, new crew arrives with another refrigerater and before I know it, the old one is pulled out and the new one is rolled back into its spot. After the delivery crew left, my wife and I were horrified to see wheel tracks across our hardwood flooring. The exchange happened so fast, it didn’t dawn on me that unlike the first delivery, the team didn’t put any material down on the floor to protect it! Long and short, countless hours and pain and suffering houding the store, their insurance company (Sedgwick), 3DP (delivery), Consumer Relations (Sears Solutions, Blue Ribbon Service), hand written letters, emails, etc…. Just when you think you’re nearing the end – the check arrives payable to the flooring company, and not the homeowner. On to the next chapter, the flooring person, who happens to be the installer who did the floors on the original construction, is busy until October…. Thank you Sears and Thank you 3DP for ruining our new floors and not allowing us to enjoy our new home yet – we look forward to waiting two more months before we can attempt to make things right.

  33. Our previous Kenmore side by side lasted 8 yrs and the compressor failed so we bought another one. From day one the ice maker would not switch from cubed to crushed. I called the toll free number and the foreigner on the other end of the line said “no problem sir, we will ship you a new refrigerator”. I said no, no….I just want this one fixed! So I called another number and spoke to a nice American lady who walked me through the rather simple fix and said “this is a common problem”. I’m thinking then why doesn’t Sears address it?? In addition to that issue, when the solenoid opens to fill the ice maker it is so loud it sounds like an alarm going off. Si I reported it and they send a guy out who does nothing but verify the model and serial number, orders a new solenoid and charges $250.00. 2 weeks later another guy shows up to install it and charges $350.00! Now this is under warranty but come on….I only paid $1000.00 for the frige! Anyway the new solenoid is just as loud as the original one and now they want to come change it out again. I told them I want a different model refrigerator and was told they have to make so many attempts to correct this problem before they can declare it a lemon and have the whole thing replaced. What a joke! I am done with sears. They suck!

  34. Katie Mandle | May 1, 2014 at 3:30 pm |

    Sears Home Delivery brought my first refrigerator and installed it with the door broken and it was missing a drawer. When they brought the 2nd fridge, it was found they had gouged a huge scratch in my pine hardwood floor and cut and stollen the copper water line behind the fridge. It was reported to the manager at once and I was told a claim was opened. They sent a shoddy repairman who cut a board out of my closet to patch the scratch but the waterline was never addressed. Their 3rd party insurance claims that is normal procedure to remove the copper line and use the crappy plastic in back. They refuse to replace it. and the store stated I had to have copper line in place for installation.

  35. I filed a BBB complaint against Sedgwick and Sears along with Diakon Logistics at 73-99 Northgate Industrial Dr, Granite City, IL 62040 who was the subcontractors who delivered the fridge all three times, damaging the floor, cutting the water lines and damaging the floor. All blamed everyone else and refusîed to accept blame or coverage nor would they offer me Assistsance with a

  36. Michael Azzaro | February 7, 2015 at 6:34 am |

    We have the same story. Sears will never have us walk into any of their stores ever again. This company seriously does not care. I even had an employee at their corporate customer service tell me I had no warrantee as I am holding the warranty that was not expired in my hands. He would not listen. Their techs have been out five times with a sixth return trip scheduled this Monday since they cannot fix nor figure out what is wrong with it. This will be the last external part they can possibly replace and yet they still say it is fixable. Four months without food in the house three times we have lost all of the food in the fridge/freezer. to that the only thing Sears says is, “We are so sorry but….” STAY AWAY FROM SEARS.

  37. On February 14, 2015 Sears sent a delivery team to do a warranty replacement on a Sole Fitness E35 elliptical machine. The machine never worked right when Sears technicians tried and failed to fix it several times. By the way, the repair team consists of only two people per area and does not work on weekends. Appointments are two weeks out at the least, so don’t plan on any speedy repairs. When the delivery guys came to swap the machines they were too lazy to take it apart and damaged my ceiling badly. They also dropped it very hard on my stairs. There is one big hole and lots of deep scrapes. One of the delivery guys Francisco said he would come back and fix it during the week. He never showed up even though he gave me his cell phone number, he never answered or returned my call. Finally I contacted Sears at the 1-800-479-6351 number and things went from bad to worse. They gave me a claim number which is #3153931. They said someone would call me in 24 hours. After a week no one called me so I called Sears again. This time they said they were waiting for a company called Diakon Logistics who handled my delivery to get back in touch with them. I called again a few days later and asked to be transferred or given the number to this third party company. Next I spoke to Steve manager at Diakon Logistics here in Charlotte. He claimed that his company was too busy to come out and assess the damage they caused. He apologized for Francisco lying to me, (I guess a Diakon employee) and said if I get a handyman to do the estimate he would pay it. He gave me his email which is and his phone number 704-359-8650. About a week and a half went by before I could fine someone to do the estimate and I sent it to Steve who claimed he was the manager. I also called. No response at all. No way to leave a voicemail. I gave him time to respond and then I called Sears to let them know that Steve had also lied to me. At this point they say every time I call we will contact that company and in 24 hours someone will call you back. I have never received one phone call from a Sears employee. Today I have called then eight times because I have had enough. I don’t care if it was $2. I will not let Sears get away with treating me this way. I spent 1,300 with the company, plus the cost of a warranty, set up, and delivery. The least they could do is send responsible people into your home and care about maintaining your business. On the phone Sears has given me the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. The employees have lied several times and they pretend to be managers when they are not if I ask for one. When I call and speak to another employee they tell me the employee I spoke to was not a manager. Then they play this game where they transfer you all over the place. They hang up on you. Nobody is responsible. Nobody is accountable. Sears will not pay my $300 claim because they are transferring liability to Diakon who is responsible, but responsible to Sears who hired them. Sears however, should be responsible to their customers. As customers we should not have to deal with their contractors. CJ, who claimed to be a supervisor for team #4201 finally admitted Sears will not do the right thing and there is no contingency plan or process if something like this happens to any of their customers. Please do not buy anything from Sears. Do not buy the useless warranty, especially if you live in the Charlotte Area. They use unsafe and probably uninsured third party companies to deliver and set up items in your home and take no responsibility whatsoever.

  38. Gloria Sikorski | May 18, 2015 at 9:37 am |

    Really!!!! a few thousand dollars to repair washer and dryer over the years to collect insurance money and now the tech did not attach hose and now wrecked my floor!

  39. I have all new Sears Kenmore appliances in my new home. After about a year and a half my microwave hood combo broke. Sears wants to sell me a service plan for repairs. I believe it was built to break. What a scam. I will not shop at Sears. I will not take my car there after my previously purchased services are done, and I will not buy appliances from them ever again. I am disgusted with this company.

  40. maria hooning | June 13, 2015 at 6:47 pm |

    My husband and I purchased a new mattress at a Sears store, in Colorado Springs. We were given the delivery date of June 1, 2015. On June 1st we received a robotic phone call from Sears saying that our delivery had been delayed, call this number. I called that number and was on hold for 40 min and finally get a person to talk to. Problem: the person had a thick Indian accent that I had quite amount of difficulty. After becoming thoroughly annoyed by the whole scenario, it happened another five times. Yes, the delivery was delayed another 5 times. Mind you, I had been rearranging my schedule each time only to go through the same infuriating process. The fifth time, the driver of the truck came to my house only to tell me that he just had the box springs but no mattress. He asked me where I wanted the box springs and I said, why would I want the box springs with no mattress?????? After the forth cancellation, we asked for a refund and they said it would take 7-10 days so, we thought we would wait and see if it would finally get delivered. Big mistake! Do Not Order Anything From Sears! It is completely infuriating!

  41. Sears lawsuit for Intential Breach of Express Warranty, Fraud, etc:
    Sears refuseds to honor their 3 year warranty on the compressor in a Kenmore Elite refrigerator (built by Samsung) I purchased from Sears. They denied coverage, stonewalled. hung up, threatened to hang up. delayed, insisted on sending 3 different service repairmen, tried to wear me out without a refrigerator for 3 months until they finally agreed to give me a prorated credit for a new refrigerator even thou my warranty specifially promised a new like kind refrigerator with no extra out of pocket expenses on my part.
    HELP: I need proof that Sears management has known of this type of conduct by their employees, I would like prior employees who know of this type of conduct and customer service training, incentives and promotions given to the the tough employees thus encouraging this type of conduct, etc.
    I am willing to pay for your time in providing this information.

    Thank you,
    Rick Gooding, 916-482-6973 (text & voice),

  42. I bought a dishwasher online from Sears a year and a half ago. I was given a delivery date. I waited all day, but no show, not even a phone call. Called them and they scheduled another installation date. Same thing, waited all day, no show. Called, very upset, and complained. The man I talked to was very rude and condescending. Then the installer called to set up a date. I had declined to have my old washer hauled off, I wanted to sell it, it was clearly noted on the work order. I got a very strange call from a man who said he was with Sears, and that the installers refused to do the work if they couldn’t haul off the old one. Funny, but the man sounded exactly like the installer that had called me to set up the date, he had a very distinct accent. I told him no, I didn’t want it hauled off. The first appointment was a no show. No phone call, nothing. I set up another date. This time they actually showed up. It was a young kid, about 18, but he seemed like he knew what he was doing. He finished installing it and asked me to look at it and sign off on it. I glanced at it quickly, thought it looked ok, and signed. Later that day I was coming up the stairs, which gave me a better view of the dishwasher, and I noticed it was very crooked at the bottom. Then I noticed that the machine was sticking out to far, whichedblocked me being able to open a drawer. Then I looked closely and noticed that the cabinet door next to it wouldn’t shut all the ways and that the bottom of the cabinet was uneven. The sink above it had risen and broken the seal. While the guy was installing it, he remarked that my cabinets were pretty crappy and that I should get new ones. (They weren’t brand new, but they were still in very good shape). I also realized that the old washer was nowhere in sight, so I Looked outside, they had taken it. So, I called Sears to insist on it being reinstalled. I said I wanted it fixed by a different installer, which he refused to do. So, I took pictures and took them up to my local Sears store. She agreed that it was very crooked, but said she couldn’t help me because she wasn’t allowed to be involved in online orders. The only thing she did was call the installer and told him what was going on and handed the phone to me, he apologized and said he would definitely make it RIHHT, and that he would call to set ip an call. We called them several times and got the runaround. Weeks went by. I tried calling Sears again. They said it wasn’t their problem, it was between me and the installer. To make a long story short, over the next few months I called Sears, at least 30 times. They did nothing, finally I reported it to the better business bureau, their response was to reimburse me 50.00 to have it reinstalled, which I have yet to see, and I don’t know of any company that would do that for 50.00. I finally gave up. It still hasn’t been reinstalled because of the cost.

  43. My husband and I just bought a brand new (just finished) home last week. We had appliances delivered by sears. The delivery men put large chips in our walls, door frame, and railings. They then, unbeknownst to us, didn’t hook up the refrigerator lines correctly. We woke up a couple days later to our kitchen floor bubbling. We have bad damage to our floors, water damage on our walls, soaked and deteriorating wood work, water damage all the way down to our basement, and the refrigerator itself is damaged. My husband called to complain and was told that a manager from the delivery company would call back in an hour. No one called, so he called again and asked to speak with a manager. He was hung up on. When he called again he was told we were lied to and no one from the delivery company would be able to call today. We have several thousand dollars worth of damage to a brand new home that we have lived in for less than a week. We are beyond upset and will do everything in our power to ensure that we are compensated for this damage. We will never buy from Sears again and will tell our family and friends not to as well

  44. Ruth Scott/Nathan Scott | September 26, 2015 at 6:00 pm |

    We purchased all new appliances in April of 2015.
    The fridge has a design flaw in the way the handle
    is dangerous to the user. Often when Ruth opens the
    fridge door to retrieve food she in the process of
    straightning up hits her head on the handle of the
    freezer door which protrudes out at right angles of \
    the fridge. This very dangerous and can cause severe
    head injury. You must urgently send a repair man and
    change the handle with a safer design.
    Nathan Scott

  45. Beverley Kathleen Waterbury | January 15, 2016 at 2:40 am |

    Well I guess iam in the same boat as everyone else …first delivery service was a joke guys didn’t want to go out of thier way to bring it in the house. So we did after they just dropped it off on lawn. We rented a dolly brought in in next day hooked it up. Doors wouldn’t seal properly had to turn of door alarm to stop beeping..within 4 hours er codes popped up…babysitting frig last 24 hours till service shows up. Error codes pop up every 4 hours no cooling inside so u have to unplug wait 5 minutes re plug turn off door alarm .sleep would be nice if foid wouldn’t spoil checked code errors it’s the fan and doors letting air in ..4k $$ frig a very bad joke my last kenmore lasted 11 years still working eccept for ice maker glad I didn’t let them haul it I have a feeling this one will be going up someone’s ass….LG is no better kenmore elite is made by lg and they have same problems. Made in Korea of course ..why consumer affairs hasn’t taken them down is beyond me. We are all victims of poor craftsmanship. No wonder sears is going down …if u buy the protection plan and they go under which looks like that’s where thier headed it’s just a useless expensive piece of paper.I am done with sears appliances won’t be seeing me in thier show rooms

  46. I now despise Sears. Used to love it until we bought a new refrigerator for almost $3000 that completely died in two weeks. The earliest Sears would be able to come and help us was going to be two week further out in the future. Seriously?? What are we supposed to do with hundreds of dollars of food for two weeks and that would be best case where they would only get to look to see what was wrong. Then they would have to order parts and schedule another time to begin repairs that they said may take another two to three weeks.

    We told them no thanks to come and get it asap. It took over a week of this piece of junk sitting in out kitchen before thy would even come to get it. This was unit made by LG that was supposed to be a great unit, but we later were told was a dumbed down version of LG to fit Sears specs.

    I was never so disappointed with Sears. Every person I spoke with was beyond useless and uncaring except one poor old guy who tried but didn’t have the authority to do anything.

    I hope they go out of business because it a sham of a company that is using what used to be a good company’s name and is providing horrible service

  47. Sears is totally the worst company to deal with. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. In store employees are only concerned with commission and/or literally hide from customers. They are dishonest and also unprofessional. Whatever items are in the store they will lead you to believe that other options don’t exit. ie (sizes, dimensions, color). Customer service employees often can’t speak or understand English. They also lack training. Customer service neglects to READ. I’ve been given several different responses from customer service on the same untrained. As for delivery, you no longer get a PERSON that calls to give you a 2 hr delivery time frame. Instead, There is a recording that TELLS YOU the timeframe. No chance to negotiate a different day or time. Notes are not taken on customer service calls so you’re likely to be told “they” don’t have a record of your last inquiry, purchase, delivery, etc. IT IS HORRIBLE. On top of everything else, my hardwood floors were scrapped during the delivery of my refrigerator. I called and reported it. I was given a claim number and told someone would contact me in 24-72hrs. Today makes 2.5 weeks and I’ve yet to receive a call. Called today and was told there wasn’t a record of the claim. Called back and the employee found my claim. I will NEVER EVER DEAL WITH SEARS AGAIN!!

  48. Tredles wilson | October 8, 2016 at 9:07 pm |

    On December 15 2015 received a voucher for a replacement refrigerator up to the amount of 1500.00 dollar that could only be used at Sears I could not afford anything else so I went to Sears outlet store in Chicago. Pick out one me and the sales person I saw the damage on the side of it. And could live with that but never looked under the bottom of it . It stop making ice call service out they replaced some parts .so it started back working.and now it stopped. And call service again tech came out and it was deemed not good because the bottom on it was too damage and air will keep coming in so it garbage . The tech gave my a receipt and go back were you brought it they will have to replace it . Went to the store they told me by it beeping and AP replacement that my insurance should replace it. Call the insurance company. They said the store is responsible. Call the corporate office they said it sold as is .and that the store has to replace it. It’s still under manufacturer warranty. And I keep getting the run around every time I call . No one seems to now how to help me don’t buy anything from Sears outlet stores unless you really really check it out take your time checking things out because it somethinge that you never ever ever think about that is wrong. If anyone no how to help me please share information. Call every other day for the same results. Help please

  49. I agree – Sears is horrible. There is no customer loyalty anymore. My 2 year old Kenmore Elite refrigerator stopped working 39 days ago. All 3 repairmen said unrepairable but Sears won’t replace or refund even though I have the extended warranty. Called corporate headquarters only to be hung up on four times. 39 days and counting no refrigerator. Even called Sears to come get it and they won’t even do that. Anyone have the name of a good lawyer?

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