Sirius Consumer Complaints Keep Streaming In As Attorneys General Investigate

For about four years state attorneys general in Connecticut and other states have been investigating consumer complaints against Sirius satellite radio service.

There is no indication when the investigation will be completed.

But for Sirius customers like Sabrina Bright and Becky Melton it can’t be soon enough.

Jaclyn Falkowski, spokeswoman for Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen, assured customers that the investigation is still “active and it is progressing.”

“But unfortunately we cannot comment further at this time,” she said recently, other than the fact that her office had received 40 complaints since the investigation was launched in 2009.

During that time CtWatchdog has received more complaints against Sirius than against any other national company.

There is a pattern to the complaints:

Unauthorized charges

Customer service representatives whose English is less than fluent

Promises of refunds that don’t materialize

Having to make repeated phone calls to get help with billing issues

Cancellations of service not honored

Having to spend hours talking to customer service representatives before issues are resolved, or partly resolved

Spokesmen for Sirius declined to comment on the investigation, the pattern of complaints, or on the individual complaints CtWatchdog sent the company.

For Becky Melton of Texarkana, Texas, the amount of money was not the main issue – $33. The issue was that she felt she was being jerked around.

Melton cancelled her service last year.

“I was told  in May that a representative would call me when it was time to renew and that I wouldn’t be charged unless I wanted to renew,” she told CtWatchdog. “I asked the representative over and over if they were sure that I wouldn’t be charged and that they were going to call. I didn’t get a call and  was told that I owe $33.”

“I know it’s only $33 but it’s the principle!”

Sirius cancelled the charge after I sent her complaint to the company. Sirius has historically made refunds or provided credits based on complaints I had sent to its public relations department.

For Sabrina Bright there was a lot more money involved.

Bright, of Michigan, said her husband discovered $588 worth of charges for a Sirius radio subscription in a car we haven’t owned in over 2 years.

“They refuse to refund the money even though he “transferred” the subscription to his new car. He keeps being bounced around and no one seems able to do anything,” she wrote CtWatchdog recently.

She said Sirius finally credited his account by $338, but the company is refusing to refund the balance.

Sirius has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau despite the fact that there have been 3,293 complaints about billing issues in the past three years. So much for the BBB’s rating system.

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12 Comments on "Sirius Consumer Complaints Keep Streaming In As Attorneys General Investigate"

  1. Rich Alcutt | March 1, 2014 at 10:19 pm |

    I read your article last Sunday ( February 23,2014) about the utility generation rate rip off – especially by North American Power. This made me take a closer look at my mother’s electric bill because she has North American Power and the bill for this month has an outrageous generation rate of 19.99 cents per kilowatt hour.

    To compound this avaricious display by North American Power my mother is elderly with a serious health issue (COPD) and has an adult totally disabled daughter( who needs care 24/7) living in the house. Were it not for my brother living there as care taker of both my mother and sister they would not be able to live in the house. My mother is on a fixed income and whatever funds she has are designated to keeping my sister living in the house. It is a difficult process financially and emotionally to ensure that my sister stay in the house that she is comfortable with. We have worked out a plan with me , my mother , brother and my sister’s Connecticut social worker that would allow her to stay in the house as long as physically possible.

    However, when “companies” like North American Power are allowed to charge more than double the competing generation rate of other companies it makes it difficult to financially manage the household. I have since signed her up for a fixed rate for 8.59 cents but I feel something should be about the activities of this “company”. If you can assist with this or advise as to what my next step can be it would be of great help.

  2. Gale Markel | March 27, 2014 at 9:40 pm |

    I have just discovered that Sirius has been billing me for service for 2 years to the tune of over $278. I know I did not renew the subscription because I bought another vehicle. The only reason why I discovered this is that my bank provided me with a new bank card and when Sirius tried to charge the fee it would not go through. Sirius would not refund the money but they did offer me 6 months of free programming. This is just another scam to get my new card and bill me if I don’t catch it. When is someone going to do something about these leaches?

    • Today i found our that Sirius has been billing me for 2 years on three different accounts they never had authorization to use nor did I even want nor know I had Sirius XM radio. We bought our car back in 2010. My mother and daddy were both dying ad I never ordered nor wanted sirius XM but they called in lieu of a free 3 month trial . I told them “No: because I had family members dying and was an only caregiver and was not driving the vehicle. How my credit card was obtained I will never know. When I closed the account at the bank they were using they went in and hit another bank account and another credit card so for 2 years I have been being billed for something I never knew I had. When I finally called Sirius they told me it was my fault for not checking my card statement and they would not refund they money. These scumbags search your bank accounts to see where they can get a “hit” ad that is they account they draw from regardless of whether you have money in that account or nbot. They wait until there is a deposit and then hit like a vulture and take back all the back fees they say you are due them. I have no signed contract with Sirius nor dop they have my signature on anything nor were they ever authorized to take any fees from my charge account. They were never given my bank number. FOLKS these people are searching your credit history and checking to see where you bank and they hit your ban account for all back fees THEY say you owe., Even if you do bot have these people. These scumbags are not from this country. I made them tell me. Some scumbag in another country is searching the web for all your bank account information and they are accessing your personal banking information. When I closed mnyt account at one bank they hit another ban in another state with a Visa card they never knew existed but apparently found out. Sirius BLAMED ME for not checking y bank account information. I never checked because I never knew I had them. The last I checked this is totally illegal. This is an unauthorized charge and these people have everything they need to kow about you. They have my SSN, my routing number, my Visa number from both banks?????? How illegal is this? They have refused to refund my money because they told me it was my fault for no checking my statement. Hello – I was taking care of two people who were dying and did not have time to check my statements. I have been through the probate from Hell and now the Sirius from Hell. My husband have now lost over $500 on Sirius that we cannot get refunded. These people are the scum of the earth and why the federal government has not gotten involved to shut this operation down I would love to know!! Meanwhile never trust anything these people say. They are all named Rene. They all have a discount to give you. They are slime and will rip you off as they have done everyone else. These people offer you no great deal but misery and money lost forever on something you never bought or signed up for use. The story goes on to say more but I will stop here and pray that if one single person sees this and it helps them it will have been worth the effort in writing. They have collected almost 100 times over from us what they are charging people to use Sirius XM. There is no deal that is a good deal with these scums. Once you let them in the door that allows them access to everything you have mostly your bank account information. they even had my address which was never given them as we use a PO box for all our correspondence, they knew our cellphones, our SSN’s our other vehicles and the size of our home????? Think of how much of our hard earned worked for money these scumbags are putting into their bank accounts before they finally go down?

    • Never, never never give ANYONE at Sirius your credit card number. Demand that they send you a paper invoice, then pay by check. They will cheat you further by charging $2.00 for the invoice, but it is worth it to keep credit card numbers out of their hands.

  3. Jeffrey Webb | April 28, 2014 at 2:06 pm |

    SiriusXM refuses to allow people to opt-out of automatic renewals. Their “Terms of Use” say that you must notify them at least 3-days in advance to cancel or they will automatically bill for another same-sized term at current rates.

    They didn’t honor it when I told them I do not agree to automatic renewals last time and billed me anyways (The card they had was expired but that apparently didn’t stop them!).

    So this time I am trying another tact. I paid to renew for a year and sent them a postal letter telling them to cancel effective once that year is up. I specified that I am not cancelling currently paid for service. Let’s see how that goes since it complies with their terms of use. I suspect they will fail to honor it. But I am creating a paper-trail to show how they rip people off.

  4. I don’t understand how they get away with the automatic renewal. I didn’t cancel mine, they billed me for a year starting in November. Now I have a new car (bought in January) and they can’t find ANY record of my having paid for the year to transfer the subscription. I’m willing to write the rest of the year off just to not ever give them my credit card information again. I think if they were listening to customers, they wouldn’t lose so many. With Pandora and iPhones being available through your car, I can’t see how these practices can continue.

    • I cancelled my debit card because XM Radio refused to let me cancel my account. I called the radio Company and explained I no longer wanted to subscribe. I was told that I owe $21.44 and was asked if I wanted to pay with a credit card. I refused and I stated that I will be sending a check in that amount. I wrote the check and on the memo I wrote cancelled. Two weeks later I received a bill for $1900.00. I called the company again and was told that they automatically renewed my account. Again I explained that I never wanted their service again. XM Radio is a rip off and they think they can treat people any kind of way. I,m prepared to take this to court if needed.

  5. Karen Deel | June 13, 2014 at 7:44 pm |

    I would love some help! I am out $899.21 because Siruis continued to bill me for 32 months at $28.10 after I called and cancelled. They said they see where I did call, but I called to change the nickname on the account. I do not have a nickname, and I have no idea what they are talking about. I’ve wasted 5 days dealing with this issue.

  6. All should keep a check on their accounts via the Sirius Xm website if you have that access to view it. They may even have a radio listed you have never used or known of. Also they may even send it to a collection agency which will have 2 addresses usually in Michigan for one. It’s a company that sends from one State with a main address in another. They usually request that over $500 amount. I had letters from that agency that stopped once I showed the bank draft showing my service is monthly paid with some language mentioning mail fraud and extortion. Definitely keep a paper trail, keep checking bank records and possibly notify the bank to see if they can block future attempts at charging you erroneously.

  7. To all Sirius XM customers block all future payments from XM radio. through your bank. cover all your bases,
    those guys have a hell of a racketeering going on.
    I will never use their services again.

    • But in my case, they have turned my account over to a collection agency, even after explaining to them that I had not authorized Sirius to continue service past my contract deadline.

  8. E. Shepwinford | July 5, 2016 at 8:24 pm |

    I am so tired I tried to keep my Sirius XM account because I don’t have a CD player in my car my truck but it’s hard to do and they keep charging me an overcharged you taking charges off my credit card and I don’t even know nothing about it well this situation has put me into a dilemma I recently lost my lights because the SiriusXM overcharged and then on the price in the process of losing my lights I I will now be evicted I need help it isn’t right I’ve told them time and time again to take my credit card off of my account that I will call in monthly but they keep on charging the same credit card number and it isn’t right I need help because I pay my other bills with the same card in on a fix income .It happen Friday I caught it Friday because I was trying to pay my light bill I stay in a Government apartment youlose your lights you lose your apartment it wasn’t right in my payment want even do not until the help what can I do with someone please help me

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