Sirius Endangering Customer’s Mortgage By Charges To Expired Credit Card

By Thomas Hinde of Ill.

I am also going through the same issue with sirius charging a credit card that had been expired for 10 months.  By the time I found out about it on my credit report my credit rating had dropped from a 725 to a 622.  I am currently under contract buying my first home, and this low credit score is virtually making it impossible to get a home loan.

First time calling sirius, they wouldn’t issue a refund due to the credit card being expired, even though they charged it without having the newer expiration date, they would not issue a refund without the newer expiration.

The lady i spoke with agreed to refund the amount, but tries to sell me on receiving a check in the mail. Obviously that wont work since the charges from the credit card wouldn’t be resolved and dismissed as they promised they would do…allowing me to contact the 3 credit bureaus with a letter from my credit card explaining the mishap on a card where I have never missed a payment.

I pay my credit card company to overnight me a new card since they can’t provide the newer expiration date over the phone, and it takes 7 – 10 business days via snail mail.

AFter paying $30 for shipping, I received the new credit card the next day and called sirius back. I first called at 8:45 AM central, right when I arrived at work. After an hour of explaining my situation to a subordinate, she informs me that a check was already issued. I about loose it since the anxiety of not being able to resolve this credit snapfu was through the roof prior to the call. I was transferred over to a supervisor. Said supervisor said that I was to be refunded money to the credit card, and that someone from new york main office would be calling me to handle this, since they were unable to process refunds without approval from corporate head quarters. Total time spent on the phone = 1.5 hours.

Believing the man, I waited till 5 PM. No call. I called back. After being transferred 3 times, I got another supervisor who was adamant that Newyork would call me in the next two hours. Sure enough…no call. Total time on phone = 1 hour. In addition, the supervisor provided me with a case number, and I wrote it down. He also promised to watch the case to insure it was handled and resolved.

Today, I waited till 3 PM to call, and was told that there were no notes on the account related to the case number provided. I about had a heart attack. I explained the situation, and was put on hold for half an hour. The supervisor got on the phone, and was able to locate the notes on the file. He again offered to provide a check, and when I declined, he informed me that it may take up to 10 days for someone in New York to get in touch with me.

For real, I have 5 k in earnest money down on my first home.

I have 3 weeks to secure a home loan and really have no idea what to do if sirius doesn’t refund my credit card.

Can someone please help me?


This was the email I received from Tom –

Wow George you really worked some magic…..I did hear back from Corporate customer relations 100% entirely because of you.  They told me so.

Stefanie at customer relations (866 635-0179 option # 3)  went as far to wait with me on the phone while we got in touch with my credit card company to resolve things, and get a refund back on the card.    The big issue was the expired card…..and then getting a new card with a different number.  Essentially in order for sirius xm to refund the Barclays credit card, they had to verify that both credit card numbers were linked to the same account.  They can not just issue a credit to a card that has never been charged previously without a bank letter stating that the two cards are linked together to the same account.

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  1. First off, WHY isn’t your credit card company doing ANYTHING? THEY are the ones who let the charge go through on an EXPIRED card. Secondly, get in touch with your state’s Attorney General or Consumer Protection ASAP. If that fails, I suggest you get a lawyer immediately. It looks like you’re from IL if III after your name stands for IL? If that is the case, I’d say you’ll probably be fighting with Sirius for a long time because IL is not known for being above board on many things! Sorry.

  2. Bob, The credit card company offered to step in if the charge was reversed. The only other option I had was to pay the charge off and fight things retroactively.

    I had gotten in touch with George Gombossy after stumbling onto in my quest for solutions to my dilemma. I emailed George asking for any help he could provide enabling me to contact Sirius XM sooner rather than later. My time frame is relatively short and the home purchase is contingent on securing a loan.

    After exchanging a couple of emails, Sirius called with in a couple of hours of Geroge emailing them off my contact information and details about my dilemma.

    The big issue was the expired card…..and then getting a new card with a different number. Essentially in order for Sirius XM to refund the credit card, they had to verify that both credit card numbers were linked to the same account. Unfortunately, Sirius XM could not issue a credit to a card that had never been charged previously without a bank letter stating that the two cards were linked together to the same account.

    Sirius XM customer relations went as far to wait with me on the phone while we got in touch with my credit card company to get verification of the two CC numbers being linked together….allowing a refund to be issued.

    The irony was that I had suggested a three way call when I had first contacted Sirius XM as the most logical way to resolve everything. I would still probably be waiting in Limbo had George not contacted Sirius XM on my behalf.

    In summary….

    1) Credit Card Company is issuing a statement / fax to Sirius XM stating that the two cards are linked together.

    2) Credit Card Comapny will be issuing me a letter to send to the 3 credit bureaus that this was indeed a banking error, hopefully clearing up my credit some what to enable a rapid rescore and a better mortgage rate.

    3) Sirius XM customer relations asked that I please pretty please with sugar on top get in touch with George to let him know that the dilemma was being resolved.

    The most frustrating part in dealing with Sirius XM was the uncertainty after spending so much time on the phone, and after reading all of the customer complaints where people never get reimbursed…at least not in a timely fashion. I will know more this Friday as it will take a day or so to get the paperwork in line.

    I will be donating the Sirius XM refund once it is issued to a local animal shelter in George’s name to make something positive out of such a horrible horrible experience. Thanks George! Best of luck to anyone else who may find them self in a similar situation.

  3. Stephanie Chernoff | March 1, 2012 at 8:44 pm |

    I’m not understanding where the problem is. If your credit card company was accepting the charge to an expired card, then your Sirius bill was current and it shouldn’t have impacted your credit rating, unless you also weren’t paying the credit card bill. If the Sirius charges weren’t going through, then Sirius doesn’t owe you any money. If anything, you owe Sirius money for 10 months of service that they haven’t received payment for.

    The only way I can see Sirius owing you money is if you cancelled your account with them and they continued to charge you. In which case, how did you not notice for 10 months that you were getting billed for a service that you cancelled?

  4. Stefanie, the problem was that Sirius had charged a card that had been expired for 10 months due to automatic bill pay. Unfortunately, since the card was expired, and I hadn’t been using it for quite some time, and had left a 20$ surplus for fees and to keep me from accidentally going in the red. The Sirius charge hit after months of non use of the card. The charge was legitimate, but was made without my knowledge or consent.

    When I called to resolve the issue / cancel my subscription..Sirius agreed to refund the charge. The situation was exasperated by speaking with call center representatives that could not get anything resolved other than promising that it would eventually be refunded by someone from the corporate office in New York.

    My credit was hurt by non payment to a credit card that I had not had any missed payments on for more than 3 years. Missing a single payment dropped by score by 100 points middle score. The main problem was that I was not being refunded after being promised a refund! Because Sirius farms their customer service over seas, these representatives are somewhat limited in what they can accomplish….especially when it comes to refunds. I would highly recommend doing a search on your favorite search engine for “Sirius XM Fraud” or “Sirius XM Scam”. It’s truly amazing how many people are having issues outside of me. Even the better business bureau has seen more than 7000 complaints lodged against Sirius XM in the past 3 years. I felt compelled to reach out to others online in my hops of resolving my credit / sirius XM woes. Lucky for me, I was able to find closure to something which was impacting my life so negatively. I am one of the 7000 people in the last 3 years to lodge a complaint on the BBB against sirius XM. I have never felt so helpless in my life over something so very trivial in the grand scheme of things. Ever since the housing bubble burst, banks have gotten very stringent on who they will lend to relying almost entirely on the 3 credit bureaus to dictate if they will lend to a person, and at what rate.

    Over the life of my loan, I stand to loose tens of thousands of dollars if I remain in the home for the next 30 years because of how much my credit score dropped.

  5. Sorry for the typos. 🙂 I should read through these posts before I submit them.

  6. Bob Trotta | March 2, 2012 at 9:37 pm |


    Thanks for the response. What it ALL boils down to is INCOMPETENCE on the part of Sirius and your bank! This whole problem could have been resolved in a matter of hours if there were people in those positions who had a BRAIN! I am sure the reason they acted so quickly when George got involved is because he writes a consumer column with a wide circulation and were most likely afraid of “bad publicity” . They probably could care less about the BBB because they have their own questionable tactics. Probably Facebook or Twitter might have gotten their attention also.

    I had an issue with them also because I do NOT like this automatic renewal. Having to deal with people on the other side of the world doesn’t help either. Anyway, I ended up canceling the whole service after the free trial period and will NEVER pay for their service. My whole life AM-FM radio was good enough for me. Now with iPods and thumb drives and outlets in the car, I can burn my own music to these devices for FREE and listen to what I want to listen to when I want to.

    Good luck. Today is Friday, so I hope your problems have all been resolved. Good luck in your new home.

  7. Thanks for the kind words Bob! I will keep this post updated as more develops.







  9. I still don’t understand this. I never heard of being able to make a charge to a credit card that is expired. It should have been rejected the moment the charge was applied.

    I have automatic payment on many of my charges … cable bill, gym membership, cell phone bill. If I don’t update the card information with a new expiration date, the companies cannot charge to it once it’s expired. That’s the whole purpose of having an expiration date. Your bank should have been on the hook for accepting the charges.

    As the expiration date of the credit card approached, did you receive a new credit card from the bank with a new expiration date? That is what usually happens 99.9% of the time.

    In any event, this situation makes me wonder who is worse – Sirius for trying to charge an expired credit card or your bank for actually letting them.

    I currently have a Sirius subscription which will be expiring at the end of the month. Like a fool, I gave them my credit card number after my trial subscription ended for a six month’s special offer. Rather than fight with them to cancel my subscription for a couple hours (I have watch friends of mine try and do it and I have no desire), I’m just going to cancel the credit card that they currently have on file. I already secured another credit card and have transferred all my other automatic payments to it, leaving Sirius the only one. I should have known better than subscribe to their service when the only way to cancel it is by calling versus doing it online. I have no desire to waste a couple hours of my time fighting with them. If they want to charge the cancelled card, they can be my guest.

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