Time to Reconsider Your Airline Credit Card?

If you have an airline credit card, now may be the time to ditch it for something better.

Delta is the latest airline to revamp its program to reward people based on how much they spend for their tickets, rather than how far they fly.

That’s great news if you’re an elite frequent flier whose employer pays for last-minute business-class seats.

You’ll be first in line for rewards even as planes fly more full (reducing available free seats) and programs crank up the number of miles required for flights and upgrades.

But these program changes don’t bode well for leisure travelers, who may find themselves grounded when they try to cash in their miles for flights.

Story by Liz Weston for Fox Business.

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1 Comment on "Time to Reconsider Your Airline Credit Card?"

  1. I don’t understand your logic. An airline credit card allows you to purchase anything, anywhere and credits you points or cash toward future airline travel. It is not part of a frequent flyer program. In fact I doubt any travel miles from the program would credit toward future travel. Unless the card is used for ticket purchases there is no connection. I know people who have multiples of an airline card which causes quick accumulation of credits. If you are not traveling under a time restriction it sure saves money moving an out of state student back and forth from home to school!

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