Wall Street Journal Accusing Google Of Secretly Planting Tracking Code On iPhones

“The Wall Street Journal has charged that Google, along with a number of other advertising agencies, have planted code on millions of iPhones that allows the companies to track user behavior,” says PCWorld.

“Google has denied that the embedded code, or cookies, tracks users, and said that it is only activated when users opt-in to one of Google’s services, such as Gmail. But the company also admitted that the code inadvertently allowed additional Google Web advertising cookies to be installed on users’ phones, against users’ wishes. By default, Safari blocks tracking behavior though the browser. But Google’s code “tricks” Apple’s Safari browser into monitoring user behavior, the WSJ charged.”

“The Journal mischaracterizes what happened and why,” according to a statement from Rachel Whetstone, Google senior vice president for communications and public policy. “We used known Safari functionality to provide features that signed-in Google users had enabled. It’s important to stress that these advertising cookies do not collect personal information.”

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