Walmart Short-Changing Some Who Return Gifts

A Philadelphia television station has caught Walmart again shortchanging consumers by refusing to refund the original price of the

Instead, Three On Your Side has documented the giant retail chain of refunding a lesser price if the merchandise happens to be on sale when it is returned.

“Instead of getting the original purchase price, which is Walmart’s policy,” says the station. “We got a refund based on the item’s price at the time of return. So if an item is on sale when you make a return, watch out! Our return involved a Vizio 32-inch TV. It was purchased for $248 plus tax before Christmas. When we returned it this week using a gift receipt we got back $228 plus tax in the form of a gift card. Walmart pocketed the $20 difference.”

CBS 3 said it had brought this issue to Walmart’s attending several times, going back to 2011.

“In May of 2011 the company issued a video statement that said in part, “We learned that there may be confusion on how to process gift receipts.” At that time the company blamed its cashiers for failing to follow the proper refund process.
In that same video statement Walmart said, “We have sent a high priority notification to all store management.”

The television station says Walmart blamed the latest incident on a cashier’s error.

If this has happened to you, please let us know. And thanks to for pointing out the issue.

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  1. Walmart did this to me when I returned something last August. It’s true. I got short changed about $15. Thanks Newington Walmart! Dumbasses.

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