Walmart Testing Same Day Delivery – Watch Out Amazon

Competition is great for consumers and Walmart’s decision to step its toes into going head-to-head with Amazon on deliveries will be a fascinating test.

Walmart, the world’s largest brick-and-mortar retailer, says it is testing same day deliveries from its stores in Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and San Jose/San Francisco.

It won’t be free like in Amazon is for its prime customers.

The program, “Walmart To Go,” started this week and “will run through the holiday season and will be available in  During the test period, shoppers will be able to go online to shop for items like toys, electronics, sporting goods and other gifts, and then have them delivered to their address on the same day,” according to TC’s Sarah Perez.

“Walmart is charging a $10 fee for an unlimited number of items, with no minimum purchase required, and is working with UPS to deliver the orders. To get started, users in the supported markets first visit and enter in their delivery address in order to create an account. They can then browse the “Walmart To Go” selection of goods specific to their location – in other words, it’s not the entire Walmart online catalog that’s becoming available. The eligible items will be priced the same as those in the local stores.”


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