WSJ Subscriptions: $100 To $400 Plus A Year, Depending On How You Sign Up

I have known for years that newspapers and magazines have different subscription offers at the same time, but it was only recently that I discovered that the difference could be 80 percent.

First of all, I love newspapers and news magazines, especially the Wall Street Journal. I start my day reading The Courant (yes even though we are in litigation) and the WSJ.

So when my WSJ subscription ran out I wanted to make sure I continued to receive it at home six days a week. I was first told it would cost me $400 to renew for one year. A little steep, but to me its necessary. I got many of my consumer and finance ideas for columns there (which I always give credit to).

But then I saw an ad in the WSJ saying I could get the paper for about $270.  I signed up. Then I received a telephone call from a marketer for Dow Jones – the parent of the WSJ – offering me not only the print edition but also ALL the Internet, iPhone and iPad editions for $100 a year.

I said sign me up. Unfortunately she said I would have to put a stop on the WSJ order I had placed the previous week before I could accept her offer. She promised she would call me back later in the day to sign me up. I should have taken her telephone number.

I cancelled my week-old subscription, she never called, and there was no place to find a number for her since she was not really an employee at Dow Jones, she worked for a marketing company hired by Dow Jones.

So I was back to zero and had to but the WSJ at the grocery store at $2 a pop. I again called the WSJ and said I wanted a new subscription. Its $400 I was told. I explained about all the other offers, but it was like talking to a brick wall. The customer service rep said no such offers exist now.

I then demanded to talk to his supervisor, whom he grudgingly got on the phone. The supervisor quickly signed me up for one year, all the Internet versions, for $100.

Then I saw the following full-page ad in the WSJ offering JUST the Internet editions for $3.99 a week.



Later in the day I received the following offer from the WSJ in an email. Some of it did not copy, but you get the sense:


Subscribe Today and Save Over 80%!

Trouble viewing or printing this message? Click here to view as a Web page.

Scroll down for more details on this special program from The Wall Street Journal.

It’s Risk-Free
Reply within 5 days
Cancel Anytime
When it comes to getting critical business news, there’s no substitute for The Wall Street Journal.Sign up for both the print and online Journal for only $2.69* per week today. Every morning in the print Journal you’ll read authoritative information that keeps you on top of business and financial news around the globe. And continue to stay updated with the latest breaking news throughout the day with the Online Journal.

“I read it in the Journal.” Sign up for both the print and online Journal and save over 80% off the newsstand and online rate!

Home delivery of the print Journal provides you with:

Expanded coverage on major global stories, political events, and emerging technologies.
Life beyond business: Food & wine, real estate, the arts travel bargains, and weekend getaways.
Leisure & Arts: sports, book and music reviews and more to help you relax and recharge.

24/7 access to the Online Journal provides you with:

Scoops, updated news and more detail on stories you read that morning.
Cutting-edge tools & extensive stock listing within the Markets Data Center.
News Alerts via email, cell phone, instant message or straight to desktop.


P.S. YOU MUST ACT NOW AND SIGN UP FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL WITHIN 5 DAYS TO RECEIVE THIS DISCOUNTED OFFER. Sign up for both the print and online Journal for only $2.69/week today and save over 80% off the newsstand and online rate.

*Introductory price good in the contiguous U.S. for a limited time to new customers who have not been a subscriber within the last 180 days. Sales tax and other restrictions may apply.

When I clicked on the subscribe hot link, it took me to here, where it offered just the Internet editions for $3.99 a week.

And in the mail last week I received a letter from the WSJ offering to renew my subscription for $257.40 a year.

Now the WSJ is not doing anything different than most other newspapers and magazines. They all have different programs aimed at keeping and attracting new subscribers. And some have to do with whether you already subcribed, and how long had you stopped. Its just the more than 80 percent difference between one offer and another from the same company is kind of astounding.

I want the WSJ to succeed as well as The Courant and other newspapers and news magazines. But as long as they play these games with subscription prices, I want our readers to GET THE BEST PRICE, not the sucker price.

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23 Comments on "WSJ Subscriptions: $100 To $400 Plus A Year, Depending On How You Sign Up"

  1. What is the current best deal on the WSJ? I was quoted a 12 wks @ $12 but steep price rise after….about $30/mon

    • The airline mileage is only available for new subscriber and not for existing subscriber’s renewal as of Apr 2016? Is this true?

  2. Paul Krichevsky | September 8, 2014 at 1:30 pm |

    what is the current best price for the newspaper edition.

    • The best deal is always with airline miles redemption. You can get a year of WSJ for around 3000 miles, which is equivalent of $30 for a year of subscription. Sometime, you are able to get these miles free, such as the Spirit Airline 8000 miles offer a couple of months back when you simply fill out a form. You can get a year’s worth for 4800 Spirit miles. Check out

      • Jill Brodkey | August 14, 2015 at 4:25 pm |

        Thanks so much. I missed my Wall Street Journal so I just used some American mileage to get it started again!

      • Thanks. A great deal and use of miles from my airlines where I have small balances.

      • LD DiGiovanni | November 26, 2015 at 2:53 am |

        Thanks so much for that website. I’m able to get the 1 year Wall Street Journal for just 3200 miles rather than over $200

      • I love you FD. Thanks for the link. Got a year for 3,200 United miles which I had no use for. Current WSJ offer was $200 year print and digital.

      • Does this come with a digital subscription or only print? I went online and signed up, and it said delivery will being in 4-6 weeks. No indication of how I can get digital access?

  3. I’ve been off the WSJ subscription rolls for about 10 years now…but reading your account brought back lots of bad memories!!!

    It’s nice to know that Dow Jones & Co. remains the dumbest company on the planet.

    Some things just NEVER change!

    Keep up the GREAT work DJ!!! Ya never know…Drudge may just get tired; and I’m sure Investors Business Daily is just a fad!!!

  4. Renaye Brown | April 22, 2015 at 1:48 am |

    I think I’ll stick to buying the WSJ at kiosks. I really resent bring toyed with by any business.

  5. I was sent a very large quarterly bill this month and was shocked to discover my WSJ would now cost us over $500 a year. I called to cancel my subscriptions. The women apologized for the excessive cost and offered me a deal for $86.97 a quarter. That’s a lot better than $125.45. I decided to stay because I also enjoy it on all my devices. FYI: I just discovered you can buy one year for “miles’ for 3200 miles, if you have some excess miles not used. Good Luck. Alway call them

  6. I’m so completely annoyed with the WSJ. The rates are all over the place and I was just quoted 347.88 but told if I wait until Christmas I’ll get a better rate.

    If you let your subscription run out, you may get a better rate from marketing email or snail mail from WSJ.

    How can so many rates be out on-line for the same paper.

    • George Gombossy | September 3, 2015 at 4:03 pm |

      It is the same in many businesses – some will change prices depending on your zip code, a practice that has been found legal.

  7. As you all have figured out they seem to value their new customers more than old customers. So as long as you are willing to forgo being a WSJ+ member, I see no harm in leaving them, waiting a bit then come back as a new member after a period. Or better yet, (cough, cough, hint hint) become a new member in a household.

    I’ve also been quoted over the phone a $500/year renewal rate a few years ago. Now the mail offers have been about $200/year. Better, but not their best offers.

  8. Lost Customer | October 24, 2015 at 10:49 pm |

    Love the Wall Street Journal, but they will NOT buy or subscribe because of their ridiculous subscription rate schemes. Wise up WSJ.

  9. as of Jan 2016, they are charging $347.88 for a one-year digital subscription–roughly three times what it was when I first signed up–but, get this, for the same $347.88 you can get their “classic” package, which includes full digital access AND a six-day print subscription! Print for free, why not? Only complication was that they had to cancel my “digital” sub to start my “classic”.

  10. Barry Solomon RPh M.ED | June 4, 2016 at 10:55 pm |

    I guess with all we see in the current election in regard to TRUST we cannot even trust the
    paper that we hope tell it like it is

    What do we tell our kids?

  11. anthony reinerio | June 18, 2016 at 12:55 pm |

    I rec’d. a letter advising my subscription would be renewed in April for $170. I called cust. service to advise it should be renewed in May as I had suspended the delivery while traveling. The representative advised the adjustment had been entered. I rec’d. a 2nd letter in April that the renewal would be $170. When I rec’d. my credit card billing notice I found the WSJ had charged me $395.88. Called customer service – connected to someone in Manila!!!- rec’d all kinds of reasons why they would not allow the promo price. Cancelled immediately. What a way to run a company.
    Luckily I caught the bait and switch in time.

  12. Joan Hagewood | November 17, 2016 at 8:01 pm |

    I would like to subscribe to the WSJ , print only.
    Need to know the cost. Thank you, Joan Hagewood

  13. Bummer. I was really looking forward to my first subscription to WSJ but With all the hassles mentioned in these comments I won’t bother.

  14. I am prepared to buy a 1 year subscription to the WSJ with no digital or online. . I will only pay via check and will not put any Visa numbers online. I will go to any party in SE Lincoln and pay for it. I am wise to all the shenanaginings and goings on.

  15. Deanna Rawlings | December 28, 2016 at 5:25 pm |

    I’m trying to subscribe to the WSJ – weekend edition only and it looks like the only way to do it is through a different service. and are a couple. Are they legit?

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