Air carrier On-Time, Baggage Handling Performance Improved in January

There’s some good news on airline performance. With good weather and a lot of other factors, January flights being on time were up strongly from a year before (although down from December), less baggage was misplaced, there were no 3- and 4-hour hour tarmac waits, etc.

Credit the airlines and tip your hat the government’s new policies putting the carriers on notice (with monster fines in some cases) that they had better do a good job for what they are charging so much. Some of these new were rules were fought by the airlines but now that they’re in effect it’s good to see that an active approach to the consumer’s interests is paying off.

For being on time, the best performers are Hawaian, AirTran and Southwest; at the other end, the most tardyare Frontier, Alaska and ExpressJet.

The better baggage handlers (in c0mplaints per thousand passengers) are VirginAmerican, AirTran, JetBlue, Delta and Frontier while the Curly-Larry-&-Mo crowd include United, Mesa, SkyWest, ExpressJet and American eagle.

There’s tons of information and statsĀ  here.


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