Blumenthal Continues To Refuse To Provide Names Of ANY State That Joined His Google Investigation

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal Friday again refused to reveal the identity of any state that asked him to head up what he claims is a “Multi-State” investigation into Google’s Street View.

Blumenthal’s refusal to back up his June 21 public statement raises questions of whether he actually was authorized by any state on that date to claim that he was heading up such an investigation.

Ct Atty Gen Richard Blumenthal who is the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate

While all the other media accepted Blumenthal’s press statement that day indicating that as many as 30 other states had asked him to investigate the methods used by Google to form its maps and what it did with the data it gathered, I requested the identities of the other states.

Considering that Blumenthal has been caught lying about his Vietnam war record it now makes all his press releases suspect in at least my eyes, especially when he claims that his Vietnam lies were simply slips of the tongue.

I filed an FOI request on June 21 demanding documentation about his investigation.

In response, Blumenthal’s office sent me the following statement that day:

“A number of states have joined our multistate investigation of Google. We expect additional states to commit in the coming days and weeks. We will provide more information next week regarding states joining our investigation,” was the written answer I received a couple of hours after I asked.

Well its been three weeks and the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate still hasn’t fullfilled his promise. So I called his staff today to alert them that I would be doing a follow-up column.

In the days prior the the New York Times outing Blumenthal’s fictitious claims at some of his speeches to veterans, Blumenthal would have talked on the phone. But now he is hiding from reporters who still have questions for him that he doesn’t want to answer.

So I received the following statement tonight from his office:

“A substantial number of states have signed on to our multistate investigation of Google Street View. Announcing the number and names of states

is premature because additional states are still determining whether to join and we must seek permission from others to publicly name them. We will announce the number of states and their names next week.”

That all might be true and accurate.

Unfortunately when you are the attorney general and you get caught lying and then you refuse to apologize for lying but simply claim you misspoke, other claims get closer scrutiny, at least from me.

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4 Comments on "Blumenthal Continues To Refuse To Provide Names Of ANY State That Joined His Google Investigation"

  1. cyril masse | July 9, 2010 at 9:07 pm |

    When will he debate Linda?

  2. Smell A Rat | July 10, 2010 at 7:17 am |

    George may have stumbled on yet another Blumey whopper. Let’s call him Pinnochio. If you have states already in your pocket, name them. Hiding information or pretending it’s still in the confidential mode because it is being developed, is a red herring. If that is true, then Pinnochio should not have put out the press release to begin with, should he?

    • a lot of states have laws that say they cant announce investigations. CT is obviously not one of them, but there are a bunch.

  3. A debate will be interesting.

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