Consumer Frustrated By Energy Plus Refusing To Provide Electric Rates It Charges In Connecticut

Dave P. of West Hartford simply wanted an answer in WRITING as to what rates he would pay if he signed up with this alternate electric marketer.

“I have an American Express card with Delta Skymiles. I received something from them on how I could get 7,500 miles if I sign up with Energy Plus ( I like the idea of getting a bunch of miles, but can’t get them to put their rates in writing. I want to see the fine print, but they keep telling me they’ll only give information verbally. Seems fishy to me. Maybe an interesting story for you?

Because my employment requires approval before being mentioned in media stories, if you do write a story about this and have a need to use my name, please only refer to me as Dave P. of West Hartford.

Emails exchanged that Dave provided me:

From Dave P

Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 6:31 PM

To: Energy Plus Customer Service

Subject: CT Rates

I’ve found great info on the benefits if I sign up, but want to know the rates for a Connecticut residential customer. Please e-mail the info to me.

Thank you,

Dave P

From: Energy Plus Customer Service <>

Subject: RE: CT Rates

To: “Dave P

Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 1:44 PM

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your interest in Energy Plus™!

In regards to your inquiry about our rates, we would be more than happy to explain. We currently offer a market-rate product. Because we’re constantly taking advantage of the best market prices, our rates are variable and may change daily; therefore, it is not possible to give you an exact rate.

For present pricing information please call our customer care team at 1-866-964-5672 to receive a personalized rate quote.

Best Regards,

Energy Plus Customer Service


From: Dave

Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2010 9:41 AM

To: Energy Plus Customer Service

Subject: RE: CT Rates

I called one of your representatives. I didn’t feel she did a good job at explaining things. If you are a reputable company, you should be able to provide the current rates in writing.

Please e-mail me the current rates for Connecticut residential customers. Please also e-mail me information on the green options you provide.

Thank you,


— On Fri, 8/13/10, Energy Plus Customer Service <> wrote:

From: Energy Plus Customer Service <>

Subject: RE: CT Rates

To: “Dave P

Date: Friday, August 13, 2010, 1:25 PM

Hi Dave,

Our sincerest apologies that our rates were not explained to you. We are a variable rate service; we purchase electricity on the market everyday and use the price at which we purchased the electricity to set our customers current rates. This allows our customers to take advantages of dips in the market. Due to the fact our rate can change daily we are unable to provide you a listing of current rates.

It is also our policy to review potential rates and services over the phone because of the various factors I mentioned previously.

If you choose the Energy Plus green option, you’ll know that you are supporting 100% wind generated power each and every month. The wind power you’re supporting is produced in the U.S., and your purchase goes back to the facilities that generated this wind power. This purchase will be in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which fully offset the negative environmental impacts of your electricity usage.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions!

Best Regards,

Energy Plus Customer Service



From: Dave

Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2010 10:12 AM

To: Energy Plus Customer Service

Subject: RE: CT Rates

I’m still interested, but have trouble working with any company that refuses to provide information in writing. What recourse do I have if your rates turn out to be much higher than what the person on the phone told me they’d be? Don’t you have anything you can send me?

— On Mon, 8/16/10, Energy Plus Customer Service <> wrote:

From: Energy Plus Customer Service <>

Subject: RE: CT Rates

To: “Dave

Date: Monday, August 16, 2010, 4:53 PM

Hi Dave,

Because we do not have any contracts associated with any of our accounts you would be free to cancel with us at any time, particularly if you ever feel the rate is higher than you would like to be paying.

And our sincerest apologies, but it is our policy to review all rates, current and historical, with customers over the phone. Due to this policy, I am not at liberty to give you our rates via email. Because of this policy, I also have nothing handy to send you.

I understand completely if this policy is detrimental to our relationship with you as a potential customer and should you no longer wish to enroll in our services, we would understand.

However, if you would like, I could schedule a time for one of our senior Customer Service agents to call and discuss our rates with you. If this is preferable, please feel free to provide us with your phone number and the best time to contact you.

Apologies and Best Regards,

Energy Plus Customer Service- Connecticut


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33 Comments on "Consumer Frustrated By Energy Plus Refusing To Provide Electric Rates It Charges In Connecticut"

  1. I signed up with Energy Plus a year ago when they had just started in Connecticut. At the time when I inquired about rates, they said because they were new to Connecticut, they didn’t have a history of rates. The rate they were offering at the time was almost 20% lower than CL&P. A year later, their rate is the same, if not higher than CL&P. I signed up with another supplier from an offer received in the mail. Within a few days, Energy Plus was calling me to keep me as a customer. They told me that I would have been automatically moved to their preferred rate plan in another month because I had been a customer for a year. They moved me to this preferred rate on the spot. This preferred rate is almost 22% lower than the rate they were charging me! I got this done just in time for the July electricity bill, which was a whopper!

    • May-June EP Rate $0.149796
      May-June CL&P Rate $0.094769

      I will be changing my company from EP to something else today after receiving this bill. Lesson learned.

      • SG – Clearly, you and I noticed this at the exact same time! I signed up with Energy Plus right when they began offering services in CT. In the beginning, I was saving quite a bit of money AND having money placed in my Upromise account. My electric bills have been a little high lately, but I thought that was because energy rates were going up. I should have been paying attention!! I looked at the CL&P rates this morning after paying my electric bill and was SHOCKED to see exactly what you did! 5.5 cents more?!?!? (And I don’t think CL&P has had rates this low in a LONG time.) I, too, will be severing my relationship with Energy Plus immediately.

        • Thank you to all who have taken the time to share your experience. I almost signed on, but now will definitely now.

          An excellent example, by the way, of the power of technology.

  2. I would avoid Energy Plus. Only chose from electric companies with published rates as seen on the CT Energy Info website. With Energy Plus I signed up thinking I was going to get 10 percent less than CL&P, but they have always been more now for a year. Currently Energy Plus charged me $0.119351 per KWH for my August bill. CL&P is $0.11051 – so Energy Plus is almost 10 percent more!! So don’t fall for their scam. Today I signed up for Choice Energy at $0.0899 per KWH. I realize it is variable too but I think Electric prices have peaked for quite some time.

  3. Texas Energy Consultant and Electricity Broker | September 29, 2010 at 3:36 am |

    This is the worst case scenario for any risidential or commercial customer. I’ve been an Energy Consultant & Broker of electricity for 4.5 years and you DO NOT WANT TO GET MIXED UP WITH ANY COMPANY THAT WILL NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH AN EFL PRICE SHEET. An EFL is your Electricity Facts Label that outlines the promotion a company is offering. When a company tells you we don’t have published rates it’s time to start shopping. This a Multi Level Marketing Firm. Look up Stream Energy and see which Federal Prison their Exec’s reside in. Energy Plus has a Variable rate that fluctuates every 15 minutes with with the Commidities Market. Also if you think that you only pay KWH rates with them think again. Depending on which state you live in and who your TDSP is with you can add 2 to 3.5 cents for every unit of KWH you consume. In CT your TDSP Is probably (CL&P) . They own the poles, lines, and Meters. Here is the question you want to ask any R.E.P.(Retail Electrical Provider). Is my KWH Rate Bundled or Unbundled? If it’s unbundeled you don’t want to sign any kind of agreement because it’s a variable rate that will rise especially come November, December, January, February, and March. The Demand for Electricity and the products that produce energy ie: Natural Gas, Oil, and Coal’s demand rises. This means if your variable rates follow them up!
    Supply and Demand business 101!

    I hope I helped out someone before they did something they might have regreted!

    Chuck R.

  4. I just spent a frustrating 20 minutes on the phone with Energy Plus trying to even get historical rate information for comparison purposes. The would not provide it. They tried to assure me that since there is no term commitment, that I could cancel at any time. I asked “what’s to stop you from charging me $1 per kWh for the next month?” The response was “we wouldn’t stay in business long if we did that.” That’s the same response I’ve gotten from scam artists in the past.

    I asked if there was any “no to exceed” rate. For example, they could say “your monthly rate won’t be more than double BGE’s published rate of $0.10 per kWh”. Nope. They won’t even do that.

    If they can’t put anything down on paper, do no do business with this company.

  5. i have been using this company for a few months and I was shocked in the difference in their prices in comparison to Coned. They were charging me twice the rate as Coned. I thought these Escos were supposed to help you save money, but TWICE the rate of Coned, that is RIDICULOUS. I looked at my bill and Energy Plus charged me almost 18 Cents while Coned was 9.7 Cents…You do the math…

  6. Stay Away from Energy Plus! I have been with them for about a year and recently checked my rate. It is $.139 per KWH. That is an approx 50% increase from the rate I started with 1 year ago.

    Just switch to ConEd Solutions @ .083 fixed for one year.

  7. Please read this if you are considering switching your electric supply company to Energy Plus. (from original post on Feb 14, with minor accuracy revisions)

    About two years ago I switched to Energy Plus after speaking to one of their sales people. They told me I should see and an average of 7% savings over my current supplier’s charges in addition to getting 3% back into my son’s Upromise account as well as a $25 signing bonus that would also go into the Upromise account. I believed Energy Plus’s representation and I signed up. I now regret it and partially blame myself because I didn’t’ listen to my wife. My wife knew something was wrong. She pays the utility bills and on several occasions she had told me that the electric bills seemed really high as compared to the past. I dismissed her concerns with a statement like “energy is getting more expensive, don’t worry we have a good deal”. I now know what an idiot I was not to listen to her. Last week my wife insisted I call to have the meter checked because of how high the bill was. I did call, and was shocked when National Grid told me that in my most recent bill, I paid over 14 cents per KWH to Energy Plus when National Grid was charging a little over 5 cents.
    I immediately called Energy Plus and spoke to a supervisor; this is where it gets interesting. The supervisor was apologetic and explained, that recently their cost had spiked but generally speaking, over time everything averaged out and that they offered competitive electric supply rates. I now know, that this word, “competitive” is a word Energy Plus uses a lot to cover their deception and presumably, walk the fine line of legality. Their idea and anybody else’s idea of competitive is quite different. The supervisor I spoke with did a quick review of my account and told me that indeed, over the last year I had paid a bit more than my original supplier would have charged but the year prior to that I had done well. He assured me that he would look at the last year of my bills and see if “some adjustment could be made”.
    While I was waiting for the supervisors call back, I did a bit of investigating myself. I googled “Energy Plus Scam” and was not surprised to see the page fill with complaints of overcharging, then I took a detailed look at my last 22 months of Electric bills, noted the amount charged by Energy Plus for my energy supply and called National Grid (previous supplier) and got the amount they had been charging during the same period. The result of this simple check dropped my jaw in disbelief. I had been taken to the cleaners. The firstmonth after signing was nearly identical to my previous supplier’s rate followed by a mere 24% overcharge and then for the next 20 months, Energy Plus overcharged me from 100% to 178% more each month than what I would have been charged if I had stayed with National Grid. Most of the months, the overcharge was between 130% and 170%. I called the Energy Plus supervisor back and asked him to look back a bit further than one year because his representation that the first year of their service, I had done well, was much like the original sales spiel, not true. The supervisor then told me that, I shouldn’t forget, that all the while I had been benefiting from the 3% rebate back to my son’s Upromise account and that their rate had been clearly stated on my bill. He went on to say that I could have canceled at anytime, free of charge and that as it turns out their company isn’t as competitive (there’s that word again) in my area as they are in other areas. I again brought up the salesperson’s original representation of saving an average of 7% annually on my electric supply. The supervisor acknowledged that this was a statement that his company’s sales people would sometimes make.

    The following excerpt is from Energy Plus’s web site as of 2/13/2011, “As with all variable rate plans, your supply price may fluctuate on a monthly basis – lower or higher – to reflect the current state of each power market. However, in order to make an informed comparison to competitive offers, customers should average their bills over the course of several months or seasons, rather than taking a snapshot of just one month. Our goal is to be competitive with other energy suppliers and your local utility company over the long run, while offering valuable rewards.” Well, I would say that Energy Plus was not very good at meeting their goal. Notice again the frequent use of competitive in Energy Plus’s well crafted statement. The statement implies savings and in essence says you really can’t make an informed decision unless you wait through seasons of their inflated bills to make a decision. Rather insulting, Energy Plus doesn’t list any rates past or current on their web site for a good reason, it would limit the number of people they could take advantage of. They rather you take their word, regrettably I did.
    The supervisor did get back to me that day, and offered me 600.00 and advised me that he didn’t have to offer that. Six hundred dollars isn’t close to what their overcharges amounted to. He went on to say that he was only able to go back one year in my account and that would be the best he could do.

    I’ve severed my relationship with Energy Plus and have received the check.I will be filing a complaint with the NYS Public Service Commission (80 complaints in 2010) and perhaps the NYS Attorney General in the coming weeks. It is scary that a company like this can continue to do business in NYS. Why hasn’t the NYS Public Service Commission shut them down? Why have the Energy Plus, executives not been prosecuted for fraud. I hope that Upromise has or is in the process of disassociating themselves from Energy Plus.
    Bottom line; be very careful with these non-mainstream energy companies. As it turns out, (after checking Public Service Commission complaints) there are many companies like Energy Plus out there, preying on good people because they can. Somehow they are allowed to continue to do business, this is truly a buyer beware industry.

    • Letter from Energy Plus after Upromise posted concern over amount of complaints with their partner

      03-02-2011 04:43 PM
      Dear Upromise members,

      We at Energy Plus have been carefully reviewing all of the feedback posted over the past few months and would like to respond. We are disappointed that we have not been able to provide a positive experience for everyone in the program and because of your concerns have been actively reviewing our pricing, particularly across the six different utility regions in New York.

      As a market-based product, we have unfortunately had high costs in New York and therefore New York customers’ bills increased to higher levels than anticipated, and for that we apologize. Our costs have recently decreased by 20-30% and we are lowering rates accordingly, to be reflected on next month’s bills if not already on current bills. We have also decided to lower rates an additional 20-30% as of the next billing cycle to provide further relief.

      Despite these efforts, we want to be very clear about the fact that our product is variable and therefore may change on each month’s bill. We encourage all of our customers to review their rate and compare it to other offers to decide if it works for them. If at any time it is not favorable, please contact us and you may cancel at any time without any kind of penalty. Our Customer Service team is available Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET at 1-877-320-0356 to answer any questions you may have.

      Response to Letter to Upromise menbers:

      Response to EP supervisor,

      Your response is patronizing and ignores the simple fact that you claim to offer competitive prices for energy within the markets you serve but offer no information about what your rates are. One only has to look at any of the many complaint boards to see that you have customers from every deregulated market you operate in, screaming about your deceptive practices and overcharging. To suggest that you are just now reviewing the complaints over the last several months is laughable. You have a tsunami of complaints dating back to 2008, all with the same theme. Give rewards, promise competitive pricing without details and gouge until your found out. Once your found out give back some of the ill gotten gains, to quite the unhappy customer.

      These complaints are from all the states in which you operate. A quick look at the companies such as yourself that have a variable rate, shows that every company reviewed was higher than the local utility, Energy Plus had the distinction of being the highest “Market based product” out of all the companies and not by just a little. You were also the only “Market based product” company that doesn’t publish historical rates.

      I’m attaching a graph that shows in detail the rate you charged me over 22 months and the rate available from my local utility (National Grid). As you will see, the overcharging was not a random event. The first two months was similar to what was locally available and the next 20 months shows consistently excessive overcharging.

      You state in your previous email that ,and I quote ” we want to be very clear about the fact that our product is variable and therefore may change on each month’s bill. We encourage all of our customers to review their rate and compare it to other offers to decide if it works for them. If at any time it is not favorable, please contact us and you may cancel at any time without any kind of penalty.” This statement and other similar statements that your company makes in posting such as this and on your website is presumably how you stay out of legal trouble.

      For those of you reading this response please Google Energy Plus Scam and you will see the many, many complaints from all seven states in which Energy Plus operates. Also you will see two web sites come up with this address, These websites are actually operated by Energy Plus and provides a so called education about energy deregulation and why it’s not a scam. They recently put up these websites so they could have some control over the “Energy Plus Scam” search results. They make no mention in the body of the website who they are. They welcome comments but oddly they did not post any of my comments.

      I’m not sure how the graph is going to turn out on this, so here in print is the monthly rates that EP charged me per KWH and what National Grid was charging at the same (the national Grid rate is available on their web site). Also I’ve included the Energy Plus, percentage overcharge.
      March 2009 NG rate .0477 EP rate .0488 2% EP overcharge
      April 2009 NG rate .0392 EP rate .0488 24% EP overcharge
      May 2009 NG rate .0418 EP rate .0887 112%EP overcharge
      June 2009 NG rate .0438 EP rate ,1194 172%EP overcharge
      July 2009 NG rate .0440 EP rate .1179 168%EP overcharge
      August 2009 NG rate .0435 EP rate .1194 178%EP overcharge
      Sept. 2009 NG rate .0443 EP rate .1178 166%EP overcharge
      Oct. 2009 NG rate .0447 EP rate .1240 177%EP overcharge
      Nov. 2009 NG rate .0491 EP rate .1193 143%EP overcharge
      Dec. 2009 NG rate .0441 EP rate .1222 177%EP overcharge
      Jan 2010 NG rate .0567 EP rate .1271 124%EP overcharge
      Feb. 2010 NG rate .0541 EP rate .1216 125%EP overcharge
      March 2010 NG rate .0458 EP rate .1121 144%EPovercharge
      April 2010 NG rate .0443 EP rate .1186 168%EP overcharge
      May 2010 NG rate .0509 EP rate .1234 142%EP overcharge
      June 2010 NG rate .0542 EP rate .1264 133%EP overcharge
      July 2010 NG rate .0634 EP rate .1507 138%EP overcharge
      August 201 NG rate .0694 EP rate .1456 110%EP overcharge
      Sept. 2010 NG rate .0601 EP rate .1366 127%EP overcharge
      Oct. 2010 NG rate .0525 EP rate .1192 127%EP overcharge
      Nov 2010 NG rate .0457 EP rate .1122 145%EP overcharge
      Dec 2010 NG rate .0445 EP rate .1215 173%EP overcharge
      Jan 2011 NG rate .0522 EP rate .1417 171%EP overcharge

      Now to be fair, Energy Plus was giving me 3% back into my Upromise account and when I complained of this overcharging to Energy Plus they told me they had also not charged me a nominal tax that National Grid would have if I had been with them. But all-in-all I’d say that Energy Plus pretty much ripped me off.

      • I also received the delta sky miles offer for 7500 bonus miles. As usual, I check on rates before signing up. I couldn’t find published rates anywhere which raised red flags. After reading the many complaints and deceptive practices I’ve trashed the offer and will stay with my current provider is “really is” 10% less than CLP. Thanks your post – it helps those of us that us considering a company. I was able to avoid dealing with them based on yours and others comments.

  8. Concerned about Energy Plus | July 11, 2011 at 9:03 pm |

    Stay far far away from Energy Plus….these guys are rip off artists. I signed up to get American Aadvantage miles – and they will only give them after two months of payments. I figured out why…..they jack up the rate plus added a TDU Delivery charge of $120 to the bill. My rate for the first prorated month was 7.9 cents per kWh…my rate for the second month was 10 cents and I just got my third month and it is 11.481. They said “well, energy is more expensive in the summer months”. I have moved back to Green Mountain which will give you a fixed rate with NO added charges for 9.15 cents per kWH. Don’t do what I did…..I should have known better. If it looks too good to be true – it definitely is too good to be true.

  9. No Energy Plus FOR ME!! | July 14, 2011 at 7:59 pm |

    I JUST got off of the phone with this SAME PROBLEM!! I saw the American Airline miles offer & of course decided to take a closer look. Only think I could find was AVG per kwh charge based on 1,000kwh per month and no monthly charge. I said what is the average from, the rate per hour plus what? Of course he couldn’t give me any info & said he’d ask a supervisor. Came back & said well there’s nothing else charged, do you have a bill from your current company.

    I said no, but I no about how much I use which is less than 1,000 a month so I can figure that out myseld if I know what the actual rate is. He went back to avg rate for the first month based on 1,000 would be .089. Since you use less it’ll be slightly higher. I said look, I’m looking at ALL of the other providers in my area (about 30 at least) and they ALL have the price per kwh, PLUS list if there’s a monthly service charge or not….AND ALLLLLLL have an additional monthly charge from ONCOR to deliver. Again he checked, and said well I don’t know why ONCOR would charge you, it’s just us. And are rate is .089 based on avg blah blah blah.

    I said, ok, never mind. I won’t be doing business with a company if I don’t even know how much it’ll cost! And obviously you’re only supposed to quote “based on avg kwh of 1,000,” when you say a price and that isn’t telling me how much you charge.

  10. Southwest Rewards Member | August 22, 2011 at 9:57 pm |

    I called Energy Plus and they provided the historical rates over the past 12 months. Their rates are much higher than what I currently pay (NYS-National Grid). Here is what they quoted per kW hour:

    Aug 2010 – 13.1 cents
    Sep 2010 – 12 cents
    Oct 2010 – 10.1 cents
    Nov 2010 – 9.8 cents
    Dec 2010 – 10.3 cents
    Jan 2011 – 11.2 cents
    Feb 2011 – 12.9 cents
    Mar 2011 – 16.7 cents
    Apr 2011 – 10.6 cents
    May 2011 – 10.2 cents
    June 2011 – 11 cents
    July 2011 – 11.5 cents.

    This is 3 to 5 cents more per kW than I pay now. Why would anyone switch? Perhaps they are betting on people not knowing what they currently pay.

    Like other posts, the company provided to give me HISTORICAL rates in writing. I can understand not providing future rate (since they cannot predict market conditions) but there is no reason not to put the historical rates in writing.

    A wee bit sketchy.

  11. Very interesting….it seems that my rates over the same period were substantially higher. True, I am not in exactly the same location (I am in NJ) but it seems too much of a coincident that my rates are starting to raise shortly after I switch to Energy Plus. Does Energy Plus have individualized pricing for each customer??? That would be a real scam.

    Switched to Energy Plus early this year. See rate history below:
    Billing Date JCP&L rate Energy Plus Rate
    3/3/2011 0.12172862 0.11342
    4/1/2011 0.11957164 0.11984
    5/5/2011 0.11958495 0.14767
    6/2/2011 0.12357339 0.13800
    7/1/2011 0.11528237 0.14766
    9/2/2011 0.11521045 0.14766
    9/30/2011 0.11785797 0.14766
    11/2/2011 0.11794578 0.15943

  12. Should have checked here first. I signed on with a Hilton Honors offer. First month was 8.5 cents, second month 14.9796 cents. Scam! Thankfully, I was without power for 11 days (ha, ha) and didn’t line their pockets even further!

  13. I am writing to complain about EP. We recently signed up because it stated that it would save us money. We have electric heat so when I heard that I said sure lets save money while earning rewards.I just received my recent bill and wow I said wow why is the KW more then the previous month and we used less electric. The rate before was .10 now it’s .15 wow I said what is this???? I am so upset at the fact that the rate is more than my previous supplier at .11. I need some help I am going to make sure I complain to the highest level that I can….I notice some people staying with them for a while and being overcharged. Glad i noticed it in two months. Well I am calling Monday and canceling. This is a rip off. Thank you for allowing me to vent about this supplier hopefully people will read this and prevent themselves from getting ripped off!!!!!!

  14. National Grid customers- Avoid this company like the plague. The supple side of my bill was THREE TIMES what national grid was charging. Outrageous!

  15. Many many thanks, one and all, for these posts. I will not be signing up with Energy Plus.

    These deals are always suspect but this came through the Maryland Farm Bureau. I realize that good outfits can get into bet with bad companies, which give them a good presentation and then screw over their members. I am glad I checked here.

    When I saw they were offering rewards I figured there was probably a problem. A “reward” is a bit like Wimpy with his hamburgers: “I will gladly pay you Tuesday a part of what I overcharged today”.

    I will be letting the Farm Bureau know about this blog, and some others.

  16. Wow…all I can say is thank you to everyone who posted information. I was just sitting down to review my letter from Delta offering 10,000 extra miles to sign up. I did not realize the company was a variable rate and that their rates were not guarenteed for any length of time. I will stick with CL&P.

  17. I am on the “DO NOT CALL LIST”, and have been for years. Today I received two cold-calls (one call each to my two different phone numbers) from “ENERGY PLUS” , but my caller ID only read “Out of area” in the identification section, so clearly their intention was to trick me into answering out of curiosity (it worked). The first caller began with her happy little “are you the person who pays the electric bill” script, and I politely responded by telling her that it is my policy to not answer any questions from someone calling me who I do not know, or whose identity I am unable to immediately verify. The first caller responded to this with,
    “oh…well I recently spoke with your wife about us”.
    The trouble with that is… IT IS A COMPLETE LIE as I was able to confirm with my wife.
    The second caller began the same sales pitch, and so I told him that I had already received a call from Energy Plus, to which he responded with “So did you switch over to us?”,
    and I said, “If you are from Energy Plus, wouldn’t you know this?”
    and he said something akin to, “Not necessarily, there are different departments”.
    I then explained to him my policy regarding cold calls and that the only way that I would be willing to speak with a rep of theirs is if I initiate the call. He then rather flippantly responded with, “Well, good luck with that”, and then said goodbye.
    Upon reading the comments from others on this page, I doubt that I would ever want to take a chance with this company… but experiencing their sales practices for myself, I now KNOW that I am not interested.
    …by the way, when I googled their phone number (860-484-6272), I discovered it on another energy-company’s website- “Skye Energy” …(their parent company perhaps?)
    Stranger still is that the Skye Energy website looks like it was built by someone who just this week learned how to build websites from pre-fab templates. Furthermore, clicking on their CONTACT US button brings up a page containing nothing more than a Hotmail address ( and their office hours, giving the impression that this company is nothing more than some sort of home based business. Who knows?! In any case, it completely UNDERwhelmed me.

  18. Sorry to hear about this. Please understand that not all energy providers operate this way. My company, Spark Energy, is known to offer incentives, but we always disclose the rate up front. (Full disclosure: yes, I work for the company, but plenty of other energy retailers work as we do.)

  19. Thank you for sharing your unfortunate experiences with Energy Plus. You are not alone. Last year, our law firm commenced a consumer fraud class action in federal court in New York against Energy Plus on behalf of New York consumers regarding Energy Plus’ alleged unfair and deceptive business practices. To date, the claims in that lawsuit have been sustained by the federal judge presiding over the action, and we are in the midst of discovery. If you would like to discuss the New York case, or your individual experience with Energy Plus, please do not hesitate to contact me:

    Greg Blankinship
    Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton & Eberz, P.C.
    1311 Mamaroneck Avenue
    White Plains, NY 10605

    To ensure compliance with applicable rules of professional conduct, please note that this reply might be construed by you as Attorney Advertising. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  20. In response to Dave P. (which started me off to reading all this), couldn’t Energy Plus have given him, in writing, their rates for “yesterday,” or for any other nearby day? Any time I see something like this I think of a special word…SCAM.

    I just received one of these letters, which I’ll derive a small bit of energy from when I start the wood stove this winter

    Thanks folks

  21. Jim Whelan | July 29, 2012 at 8:10 pm |

    Thanks to everyone for writing in. I just received the American Airlines offer and decided to Google Energy Plus. Now, thanks to you , the letter ended up in the trash. Just on a side note, their stating that they belong to the Better Business Bureau means nothing, as anyone who pays the fee gets in.

  22. Damon L. Jacobs | August 1, 2012 at 1:08 am |

    It is so awesome this website is here. I too received some amazing 20,000 mile deal from Delta to join Energy Plus. It looked suspicous given the “variable rate” nature of its services. But after reading this I know it’s a scam. Thank you everyone, and my apologies to those who learned this the hard way.

  23. I, too, fell for the AA miles, same bit when I tried to cancel, extra miles to stay with them. Always higher than UI, so I just switched. Quite deceptive advertising. Is there a class action suit on this?

  24. I am going to sign up, get my 7500 points then cancel and go back to verde energy after 2 months. 😉

  25. Right now in BGE territory Energy Plus is offering the first three months at 5% below the BGE SOS rate. I’ll doing it to get a Southwest 12,500 point bonus but will change to the lowest cost provider I can find after those miles show up in my account. I also earn 3 points per dollar spent, so I think if the rate doesn’t seem to vary too much I’ll see if it does me any good. (I love my SWA rewards…)

  26. Dereg. is not the solution to monopoly with a commodity like power. The solution is to maintain the monopoly and go to something like a co-op. Nobody is realistically going to be a ble to outprice coned and make a profit even with their built-in profit as they are a huge producer and the profit is relatively modest. Best ways to deliver power in order

    1. Co-op/Public
    2.Single regulated monopoly
    3. Dereg

  27. I wish I’d seen all this a year and a half ago. I fell for the airline miles, and for a while, my bills were fine. Then they got bigger and bigger and bigger. Finally, I called EP, and was told that now, in month 18 or so, they would switch me to the “corporate rate,” and refund the difference for the previous ONE month. They sent me a check for $160, basically admitting that they’d been overcharging me that much or more (the one month was a neutral-weather month) for at least a year. I’m about to ask for a refund of the other months (which I won’t get), then drop them. My favorite high school teacher (many years ago) always repeated “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Apparently, I still haven’t learned that lesson.

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