CtWatchdog Endorses Jerry Farrell Jr. For Conn Secretary Of The State

After having worked closely for the past three years with Jerry Farrell Jr., I take great pleasure in endorsing him for Connecticut’s Secretary of  the State.

As the state’s Consumer Protection Commissioner, Farrell has done an outstanding job protecting as many consumers as possible with a limited staff and a limited budget.

As The Courant pointed out in its endorsement of Farrell, he improved service and cut his agency’s budget at the same time, doing both quietly, without needing public attention for his good work. Like George Jepson, the Democratic candidate for Attorney General we endorse, Farrell is not afflicted with the political gene that requires applause every time he successfully takes a breath.

Consumer Commissioner Jerry Farrell Jr

While Farrell is a Republican politician, he is not partisan when it comes to doing his job. He brings the qualities that made him a successful small town lawyer to state government: treating everyone with respect, listen more than speak, lots of common sense, and a solid word ethic, that I can attest from the 4 a.m. emails I would sometimes get from him.

I would find it hard to believe that Farrell will be involved in any of the shenanigans that our present Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz has done to tarnish her office.

My guess is that Farrell’s opponent, Democratic  state Rep. Denise Merrill, would make a good public servant. With Farrell we don’t have to guess, he has proven he will do the job and do it well.

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  1. I have been a democrat my whole life, but I have never been more impressed with a Republican Candidate in my lifetime. Farrell would do a great job as Secretary of the State. Denise Merrill is quite the flake and does not seem to be that intelligent. She does not know what the job even encompasses.

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