InterFACE: being harassed at a mall is your smallest problem, wait until they get you to their Norwalk office

interFace sales people prepare for next potential "Model" at Westfarms

interFace sales people prepare for next potential "Model" at Westfarms

Having an hour to kill at Westfarms in West Hartford I had a chance to watch four “sales” men and women working at the interFace  Talent Network booth on the first floor.

Even though I wrote several columns about the Connecticut and New Jersey operation as well as dozens of blog and blog items while the Watchdog for The Courant, I had a second-hand view of its problematic sales tactics.

The salesman and saleswoman were young, knew little about the business model, and were there to make a few bucks. The company has similar operations in seven other Connecticut malls.

They focused on parents with young children and teenagers, hoping to talk them into going to the Norwalk office for a “free evaluation.” They told me that up to 50 percent of the children they see walking by them look good enough to be models, actors or actresses. Honest to God.

Trust me, other than for free samples at Costco, nothing is free.

Those who end up going to Norwalk go though high pressure sales techniques – according to complaints I have received and the complaints sent to state officials and to the Better Business Bureau – with the goal being that the customer sign up for photo sessions that could cost as much as $5,000.

There are assurances that 80 percent of clients are successful. But try to pin them down on what they consider success.

Here is some information that may help you decide whether you want to steer clear of this outfit or not:

Last June Connecticut officials cracking down on interFace, claiming the firm used “pressure and deception” to get some parents to pay thousands of dollars for photographs of their children to help them with modeling or entertainment careers.

InterFace Talent Network agreed to refund a total of $21,610 to 18 families following an investigation by the state Department of Consumer Protection.

Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell Jr. said that his department has asked InterFace to change its contract to make clear its refund policy and what it promises.

Farrell said that his department will continue to monitor the firm,  which, according to the Better Business Bureau, has sister companies in  New Jersey that have had similar complaints and an overall poor rating.

“Given that they are working with children, who are impressionable and  who could be easily interested in a modeling-entertainment career, they  should have been clear about how limited their services actually were,”
Farrell said, referring to InterFace.

Farrell said those complaining to his office raised these issues:

•Poor quality of photos.

•It was difficult or impossible to use the promised three-day cancellation policy.

•”Extremely rude, deceptive and unresponsive” customer support.

Roman Vintfeld, head of the firm and its New Jersey sister companies,  acknowledged that there were problems last year because it was a start-up operation. He said that with an improved team, the  issues are now behind the company.

He said that the complaint rate is small compared with the number of  satisfied customers.

“We are not a scam,” Vintfeld said in a statement, adding that as many  as 8,000 people had signed up in Connecticut last year. “Nearly all of our customers who complete our marketing services are satisfied by our

“In fact, in 2008, over 80 percent of our marketed clients received a  request from an agent, manager, or casting director,” he said. “This success rate is astronomical in our industry. As a result of some of
these requests, our clients have gone on to have opportunities in film, television and commercial modeling, working with people like Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston and more.”

However, state consumer protection commissioner Farrell said in June:

“I think they clearly left the impression that they were doing more  than just taking pictures,” Farrell said. “The combination of their  advertising, their sales techniques and their contracts misled many  parents and children on what Interface would actually get done for the money.”

Farrell said that people who feel they were taken advantage of by InterFace should seek a refund. If the company rejects the request, they should then contact Farrell’s office.

“We are also insistent that they give refunds to consumers who want one. We would certainly act on any complaints that come into us now, or  on any complaint that existed where the consumer remains unsatisfied,”
Farrell said.

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61 Comments on "InterFACE: being harassed at a mall is your smallest problem, wait until they get you to their Norwalk office"

  1. This is the exact same business model that the John Casablanca agency used in the 1990s. My family fell for it and my little brother took the classes in 1997. All that happened was my parents paid thousands for my brother to get 2 “gigs” selling Swiffers in the Waterbury Mall.

    Business like this need to be shut down. They are nothing but scams.

    • Pete Acimovic | September 23, 2009 at 5:54 pm |

      George -I heard from my wife that you were still around. I am pretty happy about that. We both looked forward to your columns in the paper and are absolutely delighted to hear from you again. We need an advocate for us in the community and you were the best, trailing the likes of the BB, NU and the many, many others.


      • Hello all, my name is Godis, InterFACE Director of Communications, and I am sorry to hear that some of you do not have a positive outlook on our company, and I think it may stem from not entirely understanding our business model. I would be happy to address some of the concerns you all have posted about InterFACE. First, please do note that InterFACE is NOT, and has NEVER claimed to be a talent or modeling agency or management company. InterFACE is a TALENT MARKETING FIRM that works with aspiring models, actor, singers and dancers to help them create the marketing tools they need to be promoted to modeling and talent agencies, who can in turn, request our clients to participate in opportunities in the entertainment industry.

        We are proud to stand behind our services and feature an over 80% request rate of our clients. InterFACE is in no way a scam, and we display up to the minute company news and client requests on our website ( and social media pages ( (, which we urge you to visit and review. We do offer a several photography and marketing packages for those who are interested in creating marketing tools that will be used to promote them to industry professionals, we also offer a cancellation policy for those who chose not to move forward with our services.

        Our program works and I would love the opportunity to explain the framework of our company in more detail to anyone who has any concerns about our business. Please contact me at any time to discuss InterFACE further at: I look forward to hearing from you!

        • I sadly work for this company. And it is all a scam its about how the parents look not about the look of the child its mainly if they look like they have some kind of money sign them up no gold teeth no tattoos no sloppy hair nor sloppy look. And get this if they look as if they have money you mark it with a red stamp and those people who get stamps get charged more.

  2. The state’s attorney general needs to shut this guy down. He is preying on children and desperate parents. Where do all those photos and videos end up? No job loss there. Certainly would help to improve Norwalks image. The era of conning, John and Jane Q. and getting away with it is over.

  3. My daughter had a completely different experience. She was offered a $550 package as well as the more expensive ones (which are all for the photos only). It was made absolutely clear that there were no guarantees, and when I asked what 80% meant, I was told outright that it represented the percentage of offers that came as a result of their marketing the photos. I did not ask how many requests they receive or contacts they make, but it wasn’t important to me at the time. They applied zero pressure and did not push the sale – merely presented an easily understandable offer with no deadline.

  4. We fell for the same scam. Interface called two times trying to talk us out of canceling. We canceled per terms of the contact. The contact states you must send a certified letter within 3 days which we did and have not received a refund. We had to file a dispute with our credit card company. We filing a compliant with Ct DCP & the AD of Ct.

  5. This is the NJ based link for the same scam…

    The NJ BBB processed a total of 205 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 205 complaints closed in 36 months, 96 were closed in the last year.

    Business Contact and Profile
    Name: Industry Models & Talent Studios Phone: (201) 840-9007 Fax: (201) 840-9008 Address: 115 River Road, Suite 9
    Edgewater, NJ 07020 Website: Original Business Start Date: January 2004 New Owner Date: March 2004 Principal: Roman Vintfeld, Ceo Customer Contact: Roman Vintfeld, Ceo – (201) 840-9007 Entity: Limited Liability Corporation Incorporated: December 2003, NJ Type of Business: Marketing Consultants, Modeling – Advance Fee, Personal Management Services, Photographers-Commercial BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business. Additional DBA Names: Industry Model & Talent Studios

  6. George, this is a total scam operation and they are not changing their ways. My daugther and I were recently approached at the West Farms Mall in West Hartford, CT and my impresionable daughter begged me to fill out the form for the “free evaluation”. The company called us repeatedly attempting to get us in ASAP because “directors for NYC were coming in and timing was everything.” They encouraged us to bring our other 2 children. After an hour and a half of smoozing the kids they had us convinced that they had what it takes and then told us they would “hold’ onto our deposit ($850.00 per child) until our scheduled photo shoot 2 days later. By the next night I rethought the entire scenerio and searched InterFace on the web and came up with dozens of scam warnings. We immediately sent off letters of cancellation (postmarked within 3 days per contract) and they still threatened not to refund our money for 8 to 10 weeks which is within violation of the contact (which states refund within 30 days). Our credit card company is handling the dispute. These CROOKS need to be shut down!!!

  7. Hi George,
    I just recently saw the news and was shocked that interface was under investigation for being a scam. I didn’t think at first there was something wrong, but then after months of her doing her photo shoot and supposedly sending her portfolio to certain agencies, there was no response and they completely ignored my calls. I think we spent up to 1500 dollars!! I should of known but I thought my daughter had potential to be in commercials and prints. How can i try to get my money back or is it too late since it was last year that I gave them my money to take pictures of my daughter?

    • George Gombossy | January 21, 2010 at 7:30 pm |

      please contact the state Consumer protection department

    • I also got ripped off times three. I have three children. My kids got scouted on three different occasions by Interface, who said are kids were gorgeous and they needed siblings all the time for print and commercial ads. I thought hey after three times of being scouted maybe we should go to Norwalk. When we did we were pressured into a photo shoot and even worse after we were scammed into their put your kids on our internet site so they can get work faster. I wish someone could tell me hoe to get my money back. And just last month my daughter was at the mall with her friend an her mom and they tried to scout her again!

      • Wow Robyn my story is the exact same as yours I have triplets they got me three times too. Do you know if we can ever get our money back. We got ripped off three times if you know any way how we can get our money PLEASE E-MAIL me. maybe we could puy our heads together and come up with somrthing. Sheila

        • Hello ladies, I got ripped off 2 times. I have 2 children and my husband and I signed up with them in hopes that our children’s careers would take off, Negative. We have not heard from them, I call and get voicemails or more broken promises. I agree I am willing to put my head together to come up with some solutions, I want a refund for everything. Please contact me!

  8. as of 2 weeks ago, these people had a booth in the Stamford mall… they got me to sign a form for my 12 yr old daughter and have been hounding me since via telephone to get me to come to south norwalk.

    is bluementhal ever going to look into these guys??

    • We had the same experience recently in Stamford Mall. I called the mall to complain and asked the company to take our name off their list after days of being hounded by phone. Hopefully others can do the same to get them out of the mall and away from other unsuspecting parents. Seemed like a cute and interesting opportunity and nice people at the booth…who knew.

  9. They nabbed me and my seven yr. old son at the Palisades Mall, and basically followed me until I gave them a number! They called everyday and night, so I researched them find the Better Biz Bureau gave them an F as a rating.I called them back and after being handed off 20 times to people who knew nothing, I told them to never call again and I was not interested and they tried to convince me all the wonderful things they could do for my son for free .I then e-mailed the the BBB rating and have not heard back.
    BUYER BEWARE !! You can’t hide information about anything anymore, use the internet as a tool to find reviews and ratings and even BBB ratings.Don’t ever give your money away w/ out making sure they are legit.

  10. Thank goodness I did a full background search of this business. I was also approached by someone in the mall this week at the Pougkeepsie Galleria Mall. I had a bad vibe thats when I went on the internet found loads of stuff about this scamous business.

  11. I made an appointment to take my two daughters to Interface this week, but now I am thinking about canceling. I am not one of those “I will do anything for fame” moms. They told me I could bring in my own pictures, which I was going to do…And that there was no initial sign up fee. Even before seeing these warnings there is no way I would pay for pictures anyway, but I don’t want to waste my time driving an 1 1/2 house to NJ if it is a scam.

  12. OMG !!! I singed up for my daughter and just saw this . What’s should I do now ? anyone know ? please help me I paid $1,175 for just a photo shots this coming up sat and did not know that I have to pay more after photos shots …

  13. i just got back froj our appt with interface and as pam states..there was NO pressure. I asked alot of questions, two hours later i left a small deposit. One that if i lost, i wouldnt be broke. they did not push any larger package on us and he even worked withme, offering a large package at a smaller fee because he “believed in her”. Tue or not, in the end its out decisions and we should do our research to the best of our ability.
    I still am weary, but they have 3 offices and the people that HAVE worked for them are very happy. If this opens one tiny door, like the person up ahead whos son had to “smallg gigs with swiffer”…then i;;l be ok.
    One small gig, is better than one. Its a door. open it a crack and i can kick it open.
    i was at a loss before this, as i had no way to find agents or castings calls. here, they have some contacts and hopefully i can get one. just one.
    onlky time will tell

  14. My 16-year old daughter was contacted by this company via phone and encouraged to schedule an appointment to “evaluate” her ability to be on camera. It should be noted that my daughter is a model. The company rep stated that the company works with “300 directors and producers” in the acting and modeling industry. My wife got on the phone and agreed to schedule an appointment.

    The following day I went online and researched the company, finding MANY negative comments. Including an undercover investigation from Inside Edition.

    I contacted the company and left a voicemail indicating – very simply – that we were cancelling our appointment and I also asked the company to remove my daughters information from their database and to not call her again. Not more than 15-minutes later the company called her again and left a voicemail (which I have saved). The caller stated that “we had wasted their time” and that “they were going to report my daughter to the “300 directors and producers” that they work with. It should be known that I cancelled my daughters appointment 1.5 hours before she was scheduled to be there.

    The company’s intentions are very clear to me.

  15. I was training there but abruptly walked out when another “Development Director” gloated about how he took a woman’s welfare check and $5 from her son in order to pay for “Celebrity Stylists and Photographers”. I can personally tell you that quite often these Development Director’s are also the hair and make-up stylists. Don’t be fooled. When you walk out of that office and they have taken your money, they will literally call you a nigger, spic, or dot head. I was appalled by the their flagrant arrogance and lack of empathy to people in dire situations. This company preys on the less educated dreamers. They will tell you that everyone can be a model or at least an extra. They will claim that they have an 80% Success rate. They define success as getting someone on the set of ANTHING. You will almost never get paid for being on the set of a shoot. I know this because I have modeled and done extra work personally. Legitimate agencies want to see what you look like naturally, not with make-up and in “professional lighting.” ABOVE ALL: If you are going to the East Brunswick, NJ office and a man acts as if he is your best friend and starts performing magic tricks, he’s not. He is a professional con artist, not magician. In less than 15 hours I watched this con artist who’s name is Kevin tell me about how many wives he had slept with and told them about the possibility of fame, how many fat ugly children he told could “Make It,” and how they all had, “The Look.” I employ you to use your better judgment and trust your first instincts. Interface does not market your children either. Their picture simply sits in a pile in the back of the office. Very Occasionally a very marketable child comes in. When this happens they contact a real agency and pass them off. If they do this 5 or 6 times a year they can make it appear as if Interface is amazing. If you want to do something good for your child and you really have money to spare, (I say spare because I actually saw people giving up their cab fare home to get their chance at fame) then invest in Google, Apple, or some mutual funds. If you’d like to know more, simply comment here with a way to reach you. I’d be happy to speak with you in more depth.

    • claudio,please tell me if i can get my 250. put down for my daughter 2 weeks ago for photo shoot. how do i complain and who to? better business bureau??i need to cancel the shoot tomorrow for next sunday. its saturday 9/7

  16. I’m supprised at this, for just the makeup artists and photographers alone you would be paying more, so how is this a scam?
    This is a tough industry and if your floating around without cosultation you have NO chance.
    The best you can do is put your self out there, and from what i’m reading on the internet this company dose just that.

  17. I was recently in the Dolphin Mall in Miami and I was approached a company named Interface Talent Group. They said my son was cute and he had potential to be famous. They invited us for an “interview” for my son to see if the director would be interested in marketing him. I asked several times if we had to pay anything and if there was going to be a “sales pitch” at this interview and they assured me that it would not happen. My husband and I decided to go. We drove one hour to this interview in Boca Raton, FL. Prior to the interview we received a call for the next 3 days to confirm our interview. They were determined for us to go which seemed very odd to me. I asked each person that called me if we had to pay anything and if there was going to be a sales pitch. Each person assured me that they would not try to sell anything to me. When we arrived we had to wait 1 hour to be seen. Once we entered the “director” Samantha said my son had the “look”. She said he was marketable and he had potential to be famous. She was very nice to us and seemed very excited and ready to put him to work. Once she was done pumping us up, she said we had to pay over $1000 to get started with the photo shoot. We told her we could not afford to pay that type of money and she reduced it to $500. In today’s economy, we do not have the luxury of spending $500 on a photo shoot. She said we could put it on our credit card. She did not care that we did not have the money; she just wanted to sell us the package and make the sale. When she saw we were not going to pay that amount, she got upset and we walked out of her office. We felt like we were being taken advantage of and we were fooled into going to Interface. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY.

    • Thank you Megan! My 13 yr old daughter wants to be a singer so bad and filled out the form. They contacted her and of course she brought the phone to me to talk to them to schedule an appt. They told me it would be a free consultation. I have not made an appt because they said her father must attend and we are divorced. I just told my daughter it’s a scam and now I’m a dream killer!! Oh well at least I’m a dream killer with all my money! I too live in Miami and would have to travel to Boca Raton. What a waste of gas!!

  18. Everything you read about this company is true. I went to speak with a producer a few days ago in new Brunswick NJ and it started off casual no pressure, and seemed like an amazing opportunity. This producer was a lion she knew every sales tactic in the book, but when I told her I wasn’t comfortable leaving over 1,000 dollars she began to pressure me a lot more. One of the most pressured sales environment I’ve ever been in, glad I didn’t buckle and came home to do my research. It’s not worth the risk, there are better ways to get your foot in the door.

  19. i just gave them a 50$ check , can anyone tell me if i can cancel or what?

  20. I am very sad to find out about this forum page after we have been seriously scammed by this Interface “company”. I am one of those who is asking for a refund ( yeah! Like if this is ever gonna happen). I think I don’t need to tell every single detail of my experience with this Interface scam, cause as I am reading more and more, I came to the conclusion that this is nothing but a marketing or sales technique well used by them to convince maybe desperate parents ( like me or all of us), cause every story is the same all over and over again. There is something different about my story though,that really putn a very frustrating situation and is that; my son put part of his savings onto this ( what he called: his dream)… Yeah, very sad because he is only 11 years old :(.
    Tomorrow I am calling this people again, the last thing I know from them is that they are supposedly asking for a report where they will see and let me know if they worked or marketed my son as they should ( very simple, on Monday I will probably receive an email telling me that yes they send out 6 thousand times the picture of my son to different clients, so they basically did their homework) and I am suppose to say; ” ok fine” so, no opportunity for a refund. But I am planning to make their life miserable….
    We were approached @ the Wellington mall in Florida and really I am trying to go far with this…. The booth still there and I am very sad that no one yet did anything to have them remove their booth from the mall ( but they are gonna know who I am ). I have so many things to say in here but it is just to much to put it in writing. Another thing is that I am a photographer and really the pictures that they took of my son were ugly and so unprofessional that really and truly the pics I took from my iPhone look more professional than those… So odd!
    I really don not care about this interface company but I want to let everyone know that this is a ROYAL scam!!!! Please do not fall like all of us!!!

    • thank you for this idea, I am going to some malls in Miami where there are promoting Interface, I will contact the mall office, or phone telling about this fraudulent company. We have to go also to the consumer protection department, they needs lot of claims.

    • I just went thru the same experience…I just wrote the letter to cancel the membership agreement but unfortunately we paid for the photos…did you do something about it…I’m ready to do something about it? WHAT A SCAM!!!!

  21. Omg i just sing up yesterday because of wat the guy was saying i mean we were so exited and we end up paying 775 dollars after reading all this negatives comments i call right away to cancel i just hoping to get my money back . they tell us that is going to take 30 days or more .. if i dont get a refound am going to sue this compani .. please do. not go there they are gonna make u pay alot money if you dont cancel. withing three days …thank BUT REALLY IF I DNT GET MY MONEY IM SUIn

    • I just went with my daughter to the office in Boca Raton, FL about 5 or 6 months ago. After paid a total of $3000, I immediately suspected, and asked if I really will see my money back, the marketing person told me: ‘I know what I say, your daughter is super bc her physical’, also she told that in 6 weeks they’d contact me for an appointment. I am still waiting for this appointment. I received 3 or 4 invitation for seminaries, of course, we have to pay it. I’ve answered that I paid enough and just waiting for a call as they promised, but they never have answered my messages. So, more evidences it is a scam, and Floridian residents have to do the same of other states, sue this company,and go first to the Consumer Protection Dpt. I don’t care what they write in their terms and conditions, they are playing with children rights. If we cannot get our money back this company will appear in the UNICEF, subdivision of UN.

  22. Thank you all for posting. I was scouted at West Farms Mall in CT this weekend because I have three blondes. “Cristy” said they could use them all. My phone has NOT stopped ringing: its always this company, but it is a recording. It says to call another number. I tried the other number twice and was hung up on. The third time I called, the kid I was talking with kept saying, “the reason for my call,” and finally I said: “you realize you didn’t call me, I called you, right?” He asked, “so what was the reason for your call?” I just started laughing. He said he would call me back Friday to schedule me for a weekend appointment. I a SO GLAD I read through this information! THANK YOU!!

  23. You can go there, but with a police agent. It would be Perfect!!!

  24. Can i Sue This Company Please Reply ? To Me At
    i Spend Over 3,000 & i Don’t Think They Promoting My Picture’s
    Can Some One Please Help ? Can We All Re Unite & Sue These People
    I’m Sure We Can I’ve Been Reading A Lot Of Proof That This Is A Scam
    & I Wanna Get My Money Back Or Either Sue Them , But i Don’t Know How To Start The Process Please Reply Back To My Email Once Again

  25. I use to work at “Got talent” in westfarms mall & it is a big scam … the boss tells us to only approach wealthy looking families thar seem to have money .. they coached us to tell people we are a talents marketing network & were web based . if that was the case we wouldn’t send people to Norwalk Ct. everything is a scam especially the catalog we show people … I felt so bad I just had to quit and now the westfarms got talent is shut down because of CRISTY (manager) for prostitution

  26. i signed up and got a call from interface and they set up a appointment for me and my sister to NYC we did the interview and we were told to come back the next day, the next day my mom took us back to the 2nd interview with professional photos , they only picked me and told my mom were beautiful but they needed to be in black\white and that it would cost $850 to take the pictures. due to my mom fixed income she told them she couldnt do it ,when we left the building we relized that they didnt give us our professional pictures when we got home we called Inter Face to let them know they didnt give us our pictures back all theyve done is give us the run around so i wanna know what can be done \ or who we can contact to get our pictures back

  27. My 12 year old daughter (innocent to the wolves) filled out an application online and interFACE actually called her back!! I wanted to give my daughter a chance so I spoke to a representative and told them I’d call when I have time to set up an appointment. They’ve ACTUALLY BEEN CALLING me since then. Never heard of a company being that desperate that they keep calling to set up an appointment. Something didnt feel right so I had to research this place a bit……….. Needless to say I WILL BE CANCELING THAT APPOINTMENT ASAP

  28. I am so glad I did research on this company before driving 2 hrs to the Boca Raton office in Fl. I asked them many times, what they do and I got an idea of how they work but was still going to the appointment tomorrow just to find out. I will not be going now. I will save my time, gas and energy. It’s true what others have said here, real companies don’t even require professional pictures for children especially those under 6 years old. They change too quickly and rather see them in natural light. Hair and make up is totally unnecessary.

  29. InterFACE: being harassed at a mall is your smallest problem, wait until they get you to their Norwalk office | Connecticut
    Consumer Advocate Protector Watchdog | Ct
    Consumer Complaints |Ct consumer Protection | Ct Advocate
    | Ct Consumer, was in fact a awesome name to
    give this particular blog post. Where can I
    actually read more concerning this?

  30. First of all I would like to thank each one of you sharing your experience with Interface Talent. I was also one the lucky parent who happens to read these comments thread decided to stay away. However, I feel sorry for the people who lost their money and had gone through the harassment. I was approached by these people in Palisade mall last week and since then kept calling us. We were about to go there tomorrow and I got my sons photo prints ready this evening. I postponed my research till this moment because of my of my office work till, but not beyond night. I would have gone Norwalk CT tomorrow if I had read these comments, how knows would have lost few hundreds $s as well. I started doubting these guys for their repeated calls and getting confirmation if I was going to come for sure. Thanks everyone again !

  31. OH NO!! I just signed up my son for a photo-shoot for $595 next weekend. I should have read these comments earlier. Will go in tomorrow to their office to submit a written request for cancellation. Thanks everyone, will post the updates.

    • Abigail Roman | January 18, 2013 at 1:58 pm |

      interface is a total scam!! i payed 775+45 for my 2month old’s photo shoot and copyprints. i go back to speak to the marketing dept and there you go with a well laminated paper with more prices. i was shocked! they had told me it was a onetime fee. the thing is we didnt even have the money but she insisted for us to put a deposit to “put him in” 3months membership fee of $360, she put it down for us for $150 what the hell?! i thought why she put it so low! then she said we’ll give you 3 months to pay 850 for the 2 year membership with a photoshoot, SCAM!if this was real youll have to stay with the prices not negotiate money for you to stay absolutely broke for 2 weeks because you gave them the last bucks in your pocket. SCAM! i qot home thinking why she put it so low and its because she wanted our money. so we paid in cash so we can get our money back anytime! lol i really thought this was a legit place! so upsetting!

  32. I’m so glad I came upon this website. My husband kept telling me something is not right about this company and even refused to go to the meeting. We were unable to make the first appointment and they called and told me that if I was unable to come in that same day they were not going to reschedule another one. I said that’s fine, they had an attitude like they were doing ME a favor lol. Next thing you know they are calling both me and my husband a few days later trying to get us to come in and saying his supervisor approved the reschedule. I agreed to bring my daughter in, but my husband kept saying he had a feeling something wasn’t right. So I decided to do some Google searching and came upon this sight. needless to say I will not be bringing my daughter in today! Thank you all for the warnings!

  33. I sadly work for this company. And it is all a scam its about how the parents look not about the look of the child its mainly if they look like they have some kind of money sign them up no gold teeth no tattoos no sloppy hair nor sloppy look. And get this if they look as if they have money you mark it with a red stamp and those people who get stamps get charged more.

  34. Westchester parent | December 29, 2013 at 9:53 pm |

    We were taken by these dirt bags in Norwalk CT last year. Only managed to get a few hundred of the $900 or so we blew before we realized something was wrong. So mad at myself for not seeing the red flags- including cameras and credit card machines in every room. They listened to my wife and I talk about our concerns while we left in “private” and then had an answer for everything when they came back.
    I feel bad for parents who keep getting caught up in this. I’m still tempted to print flyers off and paper the sidewalks and parking garages near thier offices and at these malls to kill thier business. More has to be done than just filling complaints w BBB. These people are scum.

  35. At this very moment, I am actually supposed to be sitting in an interview with this company for a manager position. After doing research as I would for any employer, I instantly got that bad feeling in my gut.I read and heard from a friend that this company cant even afford to pay their employees or postpone the cashing of the check due to insufficient funds. I guess with all the refunds they have been doing would result in not having the funds. I cant be apart of that environment.

  36. I just cancelled my contract within the 3 days. Has anyone actually got their money back from interface?

  37. Thanks all for all your comments. I am in troubles! We are in maryland and they are getting so many people here. It is hard to see how bad can they be. I have a good approach, because I signed up online and in 2 days I got a call. My daughter is only 2 years old and she is very talented. I have no money to waste and they try to get can photo shoot package. We saw their prices and I immediately backup. The ” director” said I believe on your daughter and she went down almost have of the less expensive price! I thought it was nice wand still think I can pay in few months she was agree wih that. They have an answer for all your concerns and make it look easy. I just went today and feel I want to cancelled the contract. Does anybody has been successful in md? Because all the reviews are from CT or Fl…. Please more ideas! We can do something to avoid this scam!

  38. thanks so much for the info. The first time I was scouted, I refused, but then was on the brink of anxiety because I didn’t know whether or not I was doing the right thing by refusing (especially since I didn’t get a card)
    However, the 2nd time, I did manage to score a card, but I just put down my info ;_; (but it was just my name, personal number, and email…) good thing too! i don’t want them to call my parents now that I know it’s a scam!!! Thank the Lord.

  39. Hi, thank you every one for sharing your story! Omg!! About two weeks ago , i was in the staten ialand mall with my 2years old son, they stiped me and kept saying omg this kid is gorgeous, i have never seen anyoody like him before!! We need this new face, curly hair green eyes!! They called me to schedule an appointment, in the phone they didnt said nothing if i need to pay anything, they just said no u dont have to pay!! When i went there , the director was so enoying he was talking to much !!! He gave me a paper with charges and he asked which package do i want to pay! I decide to pay 1750 $ for 150 photos, 3 diferent clothes, stylist and make up!! I said he dont need ajairstylist and make up , he is just only two! He said , no this is the res when we take profesionals photos! Omgg im so happy to find out the real words for this company( interface talent) imediately im going to call tomorrow and im goona canecell the appointment for photo shots on saturday, i hope im going to get my money back!!! Does anyone got the money back please?

  40. Interface is a scam. They are now operating in the south under the name “iTalent” as well. “Development Directors” (sales people with zero industry experience) are all given the same sript: Wow so cute, definitely a commercial look. He/She would be perfect for commercial print. Like everyone in the industry, you do have to invest in your marketing materials. These are the photoshoot prices. The salespeople memorize a long list of rebuttals, and talk about investing your child’s future, tirelessly promoting on your behalf.

    They will show you a book of supposed success stories. Don’t be fooled. Anyone can print out microsft word document (they don’t even use photoshop lol!) on cardstocks with a kid on set as an extra. Anyone with access to the internet can be an extra with zero investment or “marketing”. You just sign up with a reputable casting company!

    Then they make you pay hundreds of dollars for a very unprofessional photoshoot. What they don’t tell you is that the photoshoot doesn’t cover any “marketing,” so they schedule you to come back again, where they put even more pressure on you to put the horrible pictures on their useless, non-functioning database called

    The photoshoot contract talks about printing comp cards (which doesn’t exist as a real option), and an option for online marketing, but they brake it down PER comp card or PER week, so in the contract, it looks like you’re paying $10, when in reality, you’re going to have to pay another $1000.

    They also don’t actually do anything to market you, unless you complain, and then they might send a picture to one of the few agents who work for them, who are also usually just looking for an easy commission .

    They have a few former agents (a few, for the entire company, with thousands of clients) who will email the pics to a few “industry professionals”. And that’s it! That’s all you get after shelling out thousands of dollars for bad pictures.

    The marketing contract states that the only thing Interface is required to do is send their pictures to three industry professionals. That is it. That’s something you can do for free for yourself. No real industry professionals will even touch this company with a ten-foot pole, for fear of tainting their own reputation.

    Please stay away from this scam.

  41. You will never get your money refunded. I’ve been going around and around for months with InterFace’s Client Service dept. I followed the cancelation policy as stated in the contract. After months of being given empty promises (I was told for weeks that my check was in the mail. They even made up a check number) I filed a complaint with the BBB. I called Interface today and a recorded message says that they have “Operational issues” and have no choice but to “shut down operations while we explore options.” SCAM!!!

  42. jacquelinefleetwood | August 19, 2014 at 6:35 pm |

    I have dealt with Interface for the last 3 years. They are SCAMS!! I paid about 1500 dollars for photos, and I’m still intitled to one more photo shoot up until September, 2015. They are very unprofessional, and only care about money. I had to get very ugly with them in order to get an activity report, that showed me they was not doing there job trying to get me work. They say they are there to do all they can to get you work, but once you leave that nj office, trying to call them is like finding a needle in a haystack. You only get recordings. I called this week to get some changes on my composite photos, only to find out that they are shut down. Which doe not surprise me. They will go in another town, change their name, and continue to SCAM people. It’s what they do.My last activity report from them was in april of this year.If I find out where they are, I will take it to the news media to expose them for the frauds they are. Interface better realize, you reap what you sow, and they have not seen trouble. God will expose anything in the dark to light. Be aware people, if it sounds too good, it usually is. JF, Philadelphia, pa.

  43. I signed their contract in June and cancelled the next day, since then they have lied that my money is in the mail but nothing has arrived.
    I have called pretty much everyday and be on hold for hours. Pls let me know if anyone know how to get your refund. They are such scammers.

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