Rove Suspected of Role In Swedish WikiLeaks Probe

January 3, 2011

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt Meets Then-President Bush

Karl Rove’s help for Sweden as it and the Obama administration investigate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could be the latest example of the adage, “Politics makes strange bedfellows.”

As sex and spy probes move forward, word is getting out about how Rove, the former Bush White House strategist, has advised Swedish Prime Minister Fredric Reinfeldt for the past two years.

“This all has Karl’s signature,” a reliable political source told me last month in encouraging our Justice Integrity Project to investigate Rove’s Swedish connections as an important factor in the WikiLeaks probes. “He [Rove] must be very happy. He’s right back in the middle of it. He’s making himself valuable to his new friends, seeing the U.S. government doing just what he’d like ─ and screwing his opponents big-time.”

Karl Rove

The possibility that the Republican Rove might have hidden influence in Swedish and the United States law enforcement is inherently hard to prove because of the secrecy of proceedings. So, I refrained until now from writing about it for Connecticut Watchdog, especially because Rove himself has so far failed to respond to my invitation to comment. Instead, I recently published the relevant information as a political opinion column on the Huffington Post.

But the consumer stakes of potential WikiLeaks prosecutions are too important not to mention to this audience. In fact, underlying relationships between key figures in politics, law enforcement and the news media hold significant dangers for the public in restricting Net and web-based communications even if no improper action by Rove is ever established.

That’s particularly true if authorities use national security rationales to curtail Net access, as in the unprecedented and successful pressure by the U.S. government for, PayPal and others to cut off their services to WikiLeaks. Similarly, the Air Force forbade any of its employees from reading any part of the New York Times because it published redacted versions of some of the secret cables obtained by WikiLeaks.

So, we recap today scuttlebutt about the WikiLeaks probes and potential implications for U.S. consumers. We’ll touch also on why even such a partisan figure as Rove retains clout among security-conscious Democrats along with his base of Republicans as well as overseas supporters.

Rove himself says on his Karl Rove and Company website that he has been advising Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. It’s well-known in Sweden how Rove has helped Reinfeldt lead the nation’s Moderate Party to election success over liberal competitors who previously dominated the nation’s leadership.

Swedish political blogger Martin Moberg reported Nov. 5, for example, that Rove was visiting Sweden for unknown purposes. But Moberg warned his readers, according to a translation by Google’s automatic toolbar, that their country has “been spared the vulgar way” political campaigns are conducted in the U.S. “but the question is for how long?”

Going further, the Swedish web-tabloid daily News 24 published on Dec. 26 an article, “Karl Rove helps Reinfeldt to manage Julian Assange.” News 24, which says it’s the ninth best-read online news site in Sweden, cited as evidence my Huffington Post column and a similar blog by Alabama-based legal commentator Roger Shuler. News 24’s Swedish readers helped flesh out the story in their comments. Shuler today wrote on his Legal Schnauzer blog, Daily Kos and elsewhere, “The Rove/Assange Story Hits the International Press in Sweden.” Shuler provided a translation of the Swedish story and links to other materials.

The Stakes
More generally, let’s summarize the high stakes involved: Any U.S. prosecutions of WikiLeaks, if successful, might criminalize many kinds of investigative news reporting about government, not just the WikiLeaks disclosures that are embarrassing Sweden along with the Bush and Obama administrations. The disclosures are prompting authorities in both countries to demonize Assange for alleged sex and spy crimes even though neither country has filed a criminal indictment. Nonetheless, Sweden initiated a rare Interpol manhunt that prompted Assange’s arrest in the United Kingdom for potential extradition to Sweden.

Fallout could include new legal restraints on journalists and readers alike. Even if authorities create spy law exceptions for traditional broadcasters and newspapers, the public stands to lose big if the government can use the WikiLeaks reports as an excuse to restrict other communicators, thereby enhancing the power of embattled press lords who fear the new media.

But government and media decision-makers alike would be hurt if the public suspects political prosecutions and restraints on fair news coverage. That’s already happening, as indicated by reader comments from both sides of the Atlantic on the columns that have reported on the WikiLeaks probes.

Rove’s potential role is particularly divisive, as indicated by reader comments on sites discussing his Swedish work in recent days.

Many Americans look on him as a respected strategist who is unfairly maligned by liberals. Thus, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and other mainstream outlets regularly feature Rove because of his expertise, and he rarely faces any sustained criticism in friendly establishment circles. This was illustrated by his famous “Rapping Rove” dance routine at the annual Radio and TV White House Correspondent’s black-tie gala in March 2007 at the height of the U.S. attorney firing scandal. It’s here, enshrined on video as an illustration of how much the nation’s leading reporters enjoying hob-nobbing with their news sources.

But others recall that Rove was implicated in that unprecedented White House 2006 purge of nine U.S. attorneys to foster a cadre of what one Justice Department leader called “loyal Bushies” in the nation’s 93 regional U.S. attorney offices. These powerful Presidentially appointed Republicans who proved their loyalty pursued what critics call political prosecutions around the nation, primarily of Democratic candidates and donors.

Many of the victims are still imprisoned or otherwise financially ruined. My group has reported on Connecticut Watchdog and elsewhere how the Obama administration closed ranks with its predecessors to produce a whitewash investigation of the matter led by Connecticut federal prosecutor Nora Dannehy, who was recently appointed deputy Connecticut attorney general. Dannehy and the Obama Justice Department focused largely on one attorney’s firing. They failed to interview victims of other prosecutors around the country retained as “loyal Bushies” and ultimately found no criminal wrongdoing by anyone.

WikiLeaks Embarrasses Sweden
In Sweden, WikiLeaks created a problem for that nation’s authorities by revealing a 2008 cable disclosing that its executive branch asked American officials to keep intelligence-gathering “informal” to avoid required Parliamentary scrutiny. That secret was among the 251,000 U.S. cables obtained by WikiLeaks and relayed to the New York Times and four other media partners. They have so far reported about 1,300 of the secret cables after trying for months to vet them through U.S. authorities.

Assange, a nomadic 39-year-old Australian, fell into the arms of two Swedish women who offered to put him up at their apartments on his speaking trip to Sweden last August. He has not been formally charged with a crime, only sought for further questioning about what happened during his two encounters.

After he responded to initial questions and left Sweden the country initiated a manhunt by Interpol that prompted him to turn himself in to British authorities. Now free on bond, he could be extradited from the United Kingdom to Sweden to answer further questions. Prosecutors have requested he be held without bail for questioning in a case with relatively minor liability under Swedish law. Critics say this is so rare that top-level Swedish authorities must be planning to extradite him to the United States on spy charges.

Sweden’s foreign minister has denied any such discussions with his U.S. counterparts. But one curse (or blessing) of WikiLeaks disclosures of past such diplomatic discussions is proof-positive that diplomats routinely lie about such matters. That’s their job, like it or not.

The New York Times reports that the Obama Justice Department is devising espionage conspiracy charges under an innovative use of spy law to force Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, now being held in solitary confinement with sensory deprivation pre-trial, to break down and testify against Assange. Attacks on WikiLeaks come from all sides of United States leadership, including by congressional Homeland Security leaders: Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Connecticut Independent, and New York Republican Rep. Peter King.

Shuler, a pioneer in covering the federal prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, wrote about Rove’s Swedish work in his Dec. 14 column, “Is Karl Rove Driving the Effort to Prosecute Julian Assange?”

Those of us investigating such complex matters build upon one another’s work. In an Atlantic article entitled, “Karl Rove in a Corner,” writer Joshua Green wrote in 2004, “Anyone who takes an honest look at his history will come away awed by Rove’s power, when challenged, to draw on an animal ferocity that far exceeds the chest-thumping bravado common to professional political operatives.”

Shuler is an expert on how Rove-era prosecutors imprisoned Siegelman, his state’s leading Democrat, on trumped-up corruption charges. The Justice Department prosecution has become the most notorious U.S. political prosecution of the decade, and an international human rights disgrace fostered by the Obama administration in bipartisan fashion. But the prosecution had the benefit to Republicans of altering that state’s politics and improving business opportunities for companies well-connected to Bush, Rove and their state GOP supporters.

Given the secrecy imposed by authorities, it takes years for outsiders to unravel the inside secrets of prosecutions. So, it’s not surprise that the specifics of any such efforts by Rove in Sweden might remain in doubt. Was Rove providing routine political advice for Reinfeldt’s successful re-election in September? Was it fund-raising help to the former president the European Council based on Rove’s experience using last year’s Supreme Court Citizens United ruling to create the American Crossroads political money machine that helped destroy Democrats in the 2010 mid-term elections? Perhaps Rove provided media advice, based on his work with Murdoch-owned Fox News and the Wall Street Journal and many other traditional broadcasting and print outlets.

Or has Rove drawn on any of his opposition research and dirty tricks skills that have earned him such nicknames as “Turd-Blossom?” from Bush and “Bush’s Brain” from others?

Siegelman’s convictions came only after years of pretrial smears by prosecutors, witness sexual blackmail, and a bizarre trial before a judge enriched on the side by Bush contracts for his closely-held company. All of the wrongdoing was covered up by years of whitewashes by the Obama administration and congress. Siegelman, 64, maintains that his prosecution was orchestrated by Karl Rove and his friend Bill Canary, whose wife Leura led the Alabama U.S. attorney office that prosecuted Siegelman using a host of controversial methods. Remarkably, she still runs the office more than two years after Obama’s election, much to the horror of Siegelman’s supporters nationwide.

One way to learn about the specifics is to ask Rove himself. I did so via his chief of staff on Dec. 14, attaching the Shuler column for convenience. Rove has not yet responded to my inquiry. His memoir “Courage and Consequence” published this year contains no mention either of Sweden or his client Reinfeldt. Rove’s book also denies that he was forced from the White House over the firing scandal and denies any improper role in the Siegelman case.

Whether or not Rove advised Sweden on how to go after Assange, the WikiLeaks revelations bring into plain view dramatic developments on both sides of the Atlantic.

Feminist scholar, rape victim and longtime volunteer rape counselor Naomi Wolf, for example, describes the Swedish sex assault investigation as “theater” designed to bring Assange into U.S. custody on more serious charges, not enforce the law in routine fashion. “How do I know that Interpol, Britain and Sweden’s treatment of Julian Assange is a form of theater?” she wrote. “Because I know what happens in rape accusations against men that don’t involve the embarrassing of powerful governments.”

Traditional news organizations are more reliant on authorities. Thus, a New York Times report Dec. 18 implies a more straightforward investigation via leak of a 68-page confidential Swedish police report. Earlier, more context was reported in a Daily Mail article and a Crikey blog.

Regarding espionage allegations, several commentators have made statements contrary to typical party affiliations:

• U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican and tea party hero, spoke on the House floor defending the right of WikiLeaks to cooperate with conventional news organization to publish secret cables.

• Democrat Bob Beckel (Walter Mondale’s 1984 campaign manager) said about Assange on Fox: ‘A dead man can’t leak stuff … there’s only one way to do it: illegally shoot the son of a bitch.”

• Former CIA agent Ray McGovern rebuked CNN anchor Don Lemon for disparaging WikiLeaks as “pariah,” and urged Lemon and his network to emulate Assange by reporting more such news.

In varying ways, Arianna Huffington, Robert Parry and Scott Horton argue compellingly that spy conspiracy charges endanger all investigative reporting on national security issues, not simply WikiLeaks.

What’s really going on? For our next report, we’ll look at cozy connections between prominent diplomatic, law enforcement and media opinion-leaders who traditionally provide whatever the public knows about how government works.

A fascinating example is Sweden’s former Justice Minister Thomas Bodstrom, a best-selling spy novelist and former soccer star and political party leader who recently moved to the United States. He moved after beginning legal representation last August with his law partner of Assange’s accusers. Bodstrom is currently writing another spy novel. But his own recent, real-life activities surely rival anything he could concoct.

Another interesting figure is Roland Poirier Martinsson, a Swedish think tank leader and longtime Rove ally who has taken a lead in both Sweden and the United States in assailing WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks “is supported by all sorts of hare-brained characters,” Martinsson wrote last month in the prominent Swedish daily SvD. “It is a humiliating charade.”

Like Sweden’s prime minister, Martinsson has worked with Rove for years to help reorient Sweden’s politics to fight threats of terror and foster free-market democracies. In fairness, vigorous defenders of the status quo in government and the media abound in both nations. They say that Sweden’s sex misconduct investigation of Assange and the United States spy probe of WikiLeaks have nothing to do with each other, or with each nation’s due process and press freedom rights.

We’ll see. Is it a coincidence that these unusual investigations occur just when WikiLeaks and similar web-based reporting enable the public to read about candid and secret descriptions by government officials about major issues?

In the meantime, many powerful figures are seemingly in bed together — and warning that we must keep secrets and prosecute offenders in new ways. “Rape! Rape!” they seem to shout. “Terror! Terror!” They’re certainly getting the world’s attention. But hopefully this is in-depth attention by those with a passion for justice.

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35 Responses to Rove Suspected of Role In Swedish WikiLeaks Probe

  1. Fredric L. Rice on January 3, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    So Swedish traitors are working for the Bush/Obama regimes through wanted war crimnials like Rove. Will Sweden execute its traitors?

    • JulianIsAHero on January 4, 2011 at 9:03 am

      Unfortunately, no. Sweden is closing ranks, including the government, its agencies, media, political parties including the Pirate Party and the public.

      It is absolutely disgusting what Sweden is doing to the most amazing individual since Jesus Christ.

      • jeff on January 4, 2011 at 4:21 pm

        Karl Rove and his links to U.S. newspaper editors:

        David Bouchard Esq. told me to I was “digging my own grave” Dec.22,2004. Buddy Walker-security for the Va. Pilot asked me to meet him down at Norfolk’s Military Circle Dec.28,2004:

        Notice the Thursday,Jan.6,2005 dates.

        One thing didn’t work–onto the next.

        Firing the U.S. attorneys:

        Virginian-Pilot’s editor to retire

        Published: January 7, 2005 in Local section, page B1


        NORFOLK – Kay Tucker Addis , who has led news coverage of The Virginian-Pilot for the past eight years , and her husband, local columnist Dave Addis , will retire on March 1, publisher D.R. Carpenter III announced Thursday.january6,2005

        The pair combined for 57 years of service with Landmark Communications Inc. , The Virginian-Pilot’s parent company. No successors have been named.

        Kay Addis, The Virginian-Pilot’s …


        The first e-mail, dated Jan. 6, 2005, is from a White House counsel’s office assistant. It indicates that Rove had stopped by that office to ask lawyer David Leitch whether a decision had been made to keep the U.S. attorneys in their jobs. The e-mail does not suggest that Rove advocated one outcome over another.

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  5. James on January 3, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    This is disgusting… so while a kid on the street can get imprisoned for years for having some pot, politicians and the men that guide them commit crimes on a daily basis, lie, and are bribed with contributions from big corporations to give them what they want and to look the other way when they break the law.
    I say throw the whole lot of them in jail and start from scratch.

  6. Bert on January 3, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    Is there even one shread of evidence to back up this story?

  7. simonpeter on January 3, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    Surely the citizens of Sweden have woken up to the fact that decent people around the world are agape at their silence relative to the Assange sexual assault allegations?

    Assange went to Sweden seeking refuge! Why would a guy with a clear mind and a clear set of goals and everything to play for throw all of it away on rape – even this so-called sex by surprise? This is a guy who is widely regarded as a real professional – meticulous, consice and collected all round by good deportment and bearing. He has been sleeping with women all of his adult life and despite his possibly many amorous adventures never is there word heard of him upsetting the ladies. Julian went to Sweden seeking safe haven. The answer from Sweden is the European arrest warrant.. The arrest warrant if allowed to have effect on Assange will allow the holding of journalist Julian Assange in complete isolation – the warrant stipulates “in communicado”. Swedish authorities will under the warrant be able to hold him without trial for up to two years and during that time he is to be held with no contact with the outside world. What is more the warrant further stipulates that the lawyer representing him is to be gagged so that the lawyer may no reveal anything at all to do with the treatment of or handling of Julian Assange.

    Sweden does not enjoy the jury system. In Sweden politicians are empanelled to act as jurists and they will be who will decide Julians fate. It seems the concept of seperation of powers between the judicary and the executive didn’t make it in Sweden.

    Have a read of the following article:

    Julian Assange is a journalist. He is a brave brave dude. He is the lone man standing in front of and barring the way of the tank – and the tank is the USA enraged and hell bent on crushing him out of existance because Julian has the temerity to take em on at the very heart of what are supposed to be core values of the US and democracy – free speech and a free press. Either Julian has free speech or it will be demonstrated that none of us have it any more. Which is of course Julian’s point.

    In the spanish speaking world Julian Assange is now simply and reverantly referred to as: el hombre

    Not just some hombre but The Hombre

    Shout loud Sweden – the world needs to hear you rise against the besmirching of your reputation by these tawdry allegations made against Assange. Wake up to the fact their is a hero called Assange who is single handedly fighting a battle with a dragon and your petty assault charges are like tying one of his hands behind his back to help the moster he is fighting win. Sweden, your doing the is cowardly

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  13. Therese on January 4, 2011 at 3:12 am

    Good spotting, well done you. We all knew there had to be someone in the background pulling the strings of the Swedish puppets. So its Turd Blossom. Looking forward to seeing how he tries sqium out of this. What’s his plan B.

  14. […] remains unclear. A handful of newspapers in Sweden have pushed the issue, noting a trip …Rove Suspected of Role In Swedish WikiLeaks ProbeConnecticut WatchdogDoes WikiLeaks spell the end of media as we know it?Ha'aretzBank of America […]

  15. Joseph Zrnchik on January 4, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Assange Accuser Exposed As CIA Operative

    In August of 2010, Assange was invited to Stockholm to speak to a group of people after being invited by Sweden’s Social Democratic Party. The event organizer was in fact 31-year-old Anna Ardin who serves as the press secretary of the Brotherhood Movement. This group is an offshoot fragment of the Social Democratic Party. Ardin, a devote feminist, leftist and animal rights activist, previously worked at the Uppsala University as the “Sexual Equality Officer” and dealt with feminist issues for the students’ union. She is also deeply connected to U.S. funded anti-Castro groups. It is her ties with these groups and her work in the U.S. that is behind the internet being bombarded with speculations regarding her connections to the CIA. But, we all know the CIA would never engage in trying to discredit its opponents by stealing credit cards, passwords to computers, or planting some pubic hair, nor would they ever keep contact with or try to influence through money, bribes, or coercion for having provided past information for bribes, any political insiders who would be a secretary for a nation’s political party structure they were seeking to ensure remained in Afghanistan. The CIA just does not do that type of work. Ha! One can see that the Wikileaks documents show the CIA has Arab leaders and politicians as spies on their payroll, so why wouldn’t they have politicians from Western European nations on their payroll? Once you take a bride, the CIA has you in their pocket and will keep using you as an asset regardless of the consequences to you. This is how intelligence agencies work. As Europe does not have any ban on traveling to Cuba, she went to Cuba and ended up getting herself expelled for what Cuban authorities described as “subversive activities.”

    Nevertheless, Arden told Assange on August 11th he could stay at her apartment as she would be out of town for three days prior to Assange giving his speech (a perfect time to meet with CIA handlers), but she suddenly returns a day early, on a Friday. Assange offers to leave since she returned early, but she refuses his offer and then they go out to eat. Upon their return, she admittedly decides to have consensual sex with Assange the day before he is to speak at the event. During sex, Arden claims Assange purposely broke the condom while continuing in the sex act.

    The next day Assange gives his speech that Ardin helped arrange and Ardin introduces Assange to Sofia Wilen. Sofia Wilen tried to meet Assange on her own, but when that fails Ardin takes Wilen and introduces him to Assange and says the two should get to know each other. Wilen is on internet video sitting in the front row at of Assange’s speaking engagement. It is later discovered that Sofia Wilen is also the young protégé of Ardin and their connection is well established, going back to Ardin’s days as the Uppsala University’s “Sexual Equality Officer”.

    Wilen and Assange hit it off quite well after being introduced by Arden at the speaking engagement as Wilen is about ten years younger than Arden. The pair depart the speaking engagement together where Assange leaves Ardin. Assange and Wilen end up going to a movie. Assange then leaves Wilen at the theater to go back to a party that Ardin was throwing later that night in his honor. Probably the first time in history a victim had thrown a party for her rapist. Assange tells Wilen he will keep in touch and meet her later, as he is very interested in her. He then goes to the party and Arden gives him the royal treatment. During the party Wilen and Assange are Twittering each other. He later meets up with Wilen and they go out to eat and then she promises to buy Assange’s train ticket for his departure. They stop at her house to get the money and admittedly have repeated consensual sex prior to his leaving. But, during the second round of intercourse Assange rolls over on her and allegedly begins having sex without a condom, which she admittedly goes along with but is angry at Assange for endangering her with the chance of a sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy. She continues to let him stay there and has sex with him again.

    She then gives him ride, buys him food and pays for his departing train ticket. Meanwhile, Ardin and Wilen are Twittering each other and others bragging about their sexual conquest of Assange. Neither says anything negative, but then both meet and begin talking. All of this sex stuff starts on the 12th, but the allegations are not taken to the police until August 20th.

    A temporary prosecutor issues a warrant on the allegations, but upon review of the superior, the rape charges are withdrawn. Ardin and Wilen, not being a pair that will let Assange’s indiscretions, inconsiderate behavior and chauvinistic ways go unpunished, then get a high-profile attorney from the Socialist Democrats’ party who also happens to be an individual who is writing and pushing for the passage of feminist legislation.

    Assange’s lawyers have been quoted as saying: “The exact content of Wilen’s mobile phone texts is not yet known but their bragging and exculpatory character has been confirmed by Swedish prosecutors. Neither Wilen’s nor Ardin’s texts complain of rape.”

    The two women can be seen in the video of the conference that was on YouTube at At 2:00 am, while still hosting the party in Assange’s honor at her home, Ardin tweeted: “Sitting outside; nearly freezing; with the world’s coolest people; it’s pretty amazing.”

    After going to police on August 20, she deleted the tweet not knowing it was recorded elsewhere. The post was deleted from and but now can still be seen on a cached site at
    After sex with Assange on the morning of August 17, Wilen left to buy and then cook breakfast for Assange before having sex with him again and then taking him to the train station where she paid for his ticket.

    On August 18, Wilen called up Ardin and told her that she had unprotected sex with Assange. She said she was upset he didn’t use a condom and was afraid she might have contracted an STD or become pregnant. This is when Ardin discovers the nefarious deed of Assange having sex with her protégé. After compairing notes both women march off in lockstep to the police to filed charges against Assange on August 20th.

    But, the establishment media and government officials, or do I repeat myself, want people to believe a professional and activist is a predator and serial rapist that went on sexual rampage. Is it more likely true that Assange is a monster or that the CIA has some involvement with a political operative? If I were a Socialist Democrat, I would be careful around both Ardin and Wilen if there was something I did not want the CIA to know.

    This nonsense is going to make Sweden and its justice system look like a joke. It certainly trivializes the offense of rape. But, it does more than that. It also demonstrates how the elites manipulate the criminal justice system to be abusive, selective, and unjust. The authorities initially refused bail and were keeping Assange in solitary confinement. Does anyone think this type of injustice would be inflicted any anyone else given the exculpatory information and other evidence that shows this is a setup, an abuse of justice and a political prosecution. Imagine if the truth came out and it ended up being a CIA trap involving conspiracy. The fact is that those who oppose Assange would then say he deserved what happened and they will do a better job to get him next time. You see, those who oppose Assange want government lawlessness and engaging in government lawlessness to maintain government lawlessness is a good investment because the execution of such a plan is nothing more than doubling down on your first bet against a sucker who does not know the big bets involve marked cards from a stacked deck in a rigged game.

    In the end we will find out that Assange had sex with Anna Ardin, a sexually promiscuous radical feminist who had every intention of screwing him literally and then screwing him legally. Her claim that a condom broke during sex is an international legal farce. I am sure this was the only time in history an international manhunt involving Interpol was ever conducted over a broken condom. The next lady, Sofia Wilen, a friend of Ardin, claims he rolled over on her and started have sex, but yet she had sex with Assange before and after her alleged “rape” by him. This whole affair is contrived whereby a romantic dalliance, of the type for which Europeans pride themselves in their sexual sophistication, is turned into the Big Bad Wolf sexually mauling the chaste and pure Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. In my opinion, if you are so base in your sexual mores that you offer your vagina to a stranger in sex as casual as a handshake, then you can not act as if your vagina is the Holiest of Holies when someone mistakes you’re your willingness to engage in casual passionate eroticism as being anything more than a handshake. This is especially true if you has demonstrated sexually willingness during a prolonged and repeated casual sexual encounter that would tend to foster sexual spontaneity.

    If a male had sex with a lady who then later decided to fondle him in a sexually enticing way, would she then be guilty of sexual molestation? And, if for sake of argument you say yes, then how many police do you think would arrest and prosecutors prosecute such an incident, let alone issue a warrant for an international manhunt to Interpol whereby the “perpetrator” is kept in solitary confinement, denied bail and finally released under house arrest and subject to international extradition, redition, torture and probably murder. This is a case of absolute legal lawlessness on an international scale.

  16. Julian Assange - Page 37 - PPRuNe Forums on January 4, 2011 at 10:22 am

    […] Karl Rove Consulting for the Swedish Government This plot gets thicker — anything Karl Rove touches turns to slime. Rove Suspected of Role In Swedish WikiLeaks Probe | Connecticut Watchdog […]

  17. Andrew Kreig on January 4, 2011 at 11:56 am

    First, many thanks to all who left comments. There is great value in the opinions and new information that percolates from the reader comments, both here and in the parallel discussions in Sweden. I recommend following the links for those seriously interested in this important topic. To the commenter “Bert” here who said, “Where’s the evidence?” I’d ask for an amplification of your question: Evidence of what? There’s evidence of many things, and to get to a complete history of every element is an iterative process where I believe we’re making much progress, thanks in significant part to reader input. Our next piece will draw heavily on reader tips, particularly from Swedish readers.

    I’d like also to mention for Connecticut readers that I overlooked the opportunity to note that the famous adage “Politics makes strange bedfellows” comes from one of the state’s most illustrious writers, former Hartford Courant editor and Harper’s editor Charles Dudley Warner, who lived from 1829 to 1900. I should have noted this, especially since I know the quotation well after working for the Courant 14 years and quoting it in my 1987 book about the newspaper business, “Spiked.” But that’s what these reader comment sections are about. I’ll note also that I made some minor revisions in the first version of the story posted, most notably embedding URLs into the text rather than the distraction of the full link. Also, I clarified the ending to suggest that the officials seeking to frighten us with cries of “rape” and “terror” should not have the last word. We in the public should, holding them accountable through such methods as these web and Net-based communications — so long as they are available to us.

    In that regard, I received a message from web-based, News 24 that they are the only significant Swedish media outlet to cover this story. I think that says something about how this is not simply a criminal justice or right v. left issue, but a battle between old and new media. It’s my goal, however, to go to the many journalism organizations of which I’m a member and encourage them to find common ground. I welcome ideas and allies on that.

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  20. jeff on January 5, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    If Rove was in Sweden-July 2008- its probably for the purposes of “plausible deniabilty.”

    July 9, 2008
    Ahead of a scheduled House vote Wednesday, the White House threatened to veto a bill aimed at forcing the president and federal agencies to improve preservation of e-mail records.

    Just what I thought. The Swedish article by Karl Rove with his Swedish buddy-Poria Martinsson:

    Swedes, so this campaign is
    If imitation is the best kind of flattery, there is reason for President Bush’s campaign team to feel flattered, now that Barack Obama’s own campaign acknowledges that it wants to build his election campaign on the model of Bush / Cheney.


    Published July 9, 2008 09:45 Uppdaterad 09 jul 2008 09:50 Updated July 9, 2008 09:50

  21. Andrew Kreig on January 6, 2011 at 10:29 am

    A prominent Swedish critic of WikiLeaks and proponent of free markets joins my Jan. 6 MTL Washington Update radio show today to discuss the allegations in my report above that political motivations besmirch his nation’s investigation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

    Timbro Media Institute Executive Director Roland Poirier Martinsson, Ph.D. is the guest on my show co-hosted with My Technnology Lawyer Radio Network founder Scott Draughon Live! at noon (Eastern time in the United States). The show may be heard worldwide then, and shortly afterward by archive on the radio network. If you have a question call in at 866-685-7469, or send an email.

    The show may be heard via Internet in Connecticut, as elsewhere around the world:

    Martinsson, scheduled to appear at 17 minutes past the hour on the noon (ET) segment, has written articles in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere attacking WikiLeaks.

    A longtime ally of Swedish Moderate Party advisor Karl Rove, Martinsson will respond to criticism by me and others that Sweden’s investigation of Assange on suspicion of sexual misconduct is politically motivated. More generally, WikiLeaks “is supported by all sorts of hare-brained characters,” Martinsson wrote last month in the prominent Swedish daily SvD. “It is a humiliating charade.”

  22. Är Wikileaks en bluff? « Paleofriend on January 6, 2011 at 12:40 pm

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  23. KM on January 7, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    @Jeff….who is paying Rove for his Swedish devilment?

    • jeff on January 8, 2011 at 3:53 pm

      I don’t know. Maybe the government should serve a subpoena for Karl Rove’s twitter account demanding information “about all Karl Rove’s tweets he has made going back to July9,2008.”

      This way you’re going after a REAL CRIMINAL. Not somebody who has embarrassed the U.S. Government.

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  29. […] week, our project published a Connecticut Watchdog column headlined, “Rove Suspected of Role In Swedish WikiLeaks Probe.” Rove has long advised […]

    • juneia mallas on January 18, 2011 at 3:11 am

      I live in Stockholm. When the Assange case started, I was so surprised about the unbalanced main stream media reporting. I could not understand the legal procedures adopted to re-open the persecution.

      So I wrote twice to the Justicia Ombudsman requesting an explanation. I got ready made printed letters stating that they had nothing to investigate. After some research, I learned about the close links between the Justicia Ombudsman and the ex-Justice minister and partner of the law firm representing the woman against Assange.

      As far as I know, not a single member of parliament is debating the Assange case.

  30. Douglas Coulter on August 20, 2012 at 11:53 am

    A lot of this is nonsense. The Swedish government does not have the power to decide if Assange should be extradited. It’s a matter for Swedish judges. This is completely separate from anything to do with his involvement with Wikileaks. To say that he should not attend for questioning on the allegations of sexual assault is insulting to the Swedish legal system and the two women who have made the complaints. If they are groundless this will be brought out through the due legal process.

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