The Slaughter, and Parties, in Mexico Go On And On

Worse than Iraq? Yes.

It hardly seems possible but Mexico rivals the war zone for the numbers of killings. The savage murders along the U.S. border are not exactly in the hot tourist zones but death like they’re enduring should be something to keep respectfully in mind. This is not of special note only because Americans were killed there on the weekend but just a reflection of the total horror that that country is going through from its narcotics gangsters along the border. Consider these stats:

“Juarez is one of the front lines in Mexico’s war against the drug cartels that operate in its territory. More than 2,600 people were killed in Juarez in 2009.

“Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas, has become a focal point of Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s anti-drug efforts after the January 31 killings of 15 people, most of whom were students with no ties to organized crime. The incident sparked outrage across Mexico.

“In the western state of Guerrero, at least 25 people were killed in a series of violent acts on Saturday, state officials said.

“The bodies of 14 people, including nine civilians and five police officers, were found in various parts of the resort city of Acapulco, the official Notimex news agency reported, citing Guerrero Public Security Secretary Juan Heriberto Salinas.

“In the small city of Ajuchitlan del Progreso, 10 civilians and one soldier were killed in two shootouts that started when federal officials tried to carry out search warrants on two locations, Salinas said.

“The government has not released official figures, but national media say 7,600 Mexicans lost their lives in the war on drugs in 2009. Calderon said last year that 6,500 Mexicans died in drug violence in 2008.”

Now I surely do hope that our drunken college kids have a wonderful time getting plastered in Cancun and other locales on their spring breaks — breaks from getting plastered on campus at home. And while I’d hate, too, to deprive the struggling Mexicans dependent on the booze-addled coeds and other scholars from the United States, I have to wonder about the unseemliness of partying and touristing away while thousands and thousands are dying nearby in a horrid explosion of homicidal madness.

The State Department appropriately warns us of the violence in Mexico. It would be cruel to blame or banish from our plans the entire country but when people are being killed, beheaded, maimed and terrorized in such numbers, common sense demands that some deep thought go into our travel plans.

After all, would even our pickled college kids imagine that Baghdad is a neat spring break site?

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1 Comment on "The Slaughter, and Parties, in Mexico Go On And On"

  1. Everyone has to decide for him or herself but for me, it’s no.

    I love Mexico and years ago, I truly was safer there than in the US. At that time, only Mexico City had a little unruliness. In the villages, merchants secured their vegetable carts at night with a tarp thrown over them. No one stole. The police were too nasty so the price of theft was too high, the communities very tight knit and observant There were reports of some bandits in the south who would board trains and mug you. There was nothing like this.

    I know Juarez. It was an unattractive border town, not real Mexico. Just a place you passed through on your way into real Mexico and a place local students in Texas and New Mexico would go on Saturday night for beer and bars. Now, I would not step foot in the town.

    The homicidal madness George aptly referred to has not come over Juarez suddenly either. For years there have been mysterious deaths there of ordinary people coming or going from work, snatched and murdered. It’s been very serious, no one could stop it. It was the subject of endless stories by the El Paso Times. I wouldn’t go to or through Juarez after that and now it has escalated into this, in Juarez and all over the country

    Mexico City has now developed a series of taxi cab kidnappings, so whereas before I happily took cabs in Mexico City, now, I don’t even want to go there at all.

    The drug war is spilling into several Mexican states. I spent time in Michoacan and read recently of a drug slaughter in that state.

    The country is so volatile now, personally, I just wouldn’t chance a visit anywhere in Mexico. It’s sad because it is such a lovely place. The people and culture were superb.

    Mexico is not poor either, surprising to learn for visitors who thought it was because they have seen little children begging on the streets there. Mexico is wealthy but long corrupt, and has diverted weath.

    Mexico must act now to prevent escalating crisis. It needs to attack full force its own corruption and the incredibly ruthless and wealthy drug runners. These Mexican drug cartels are more ruthless than the Mafia in Italy, which is considered bloodier than the mafia in the US.

    As we have seen they will slaughter little children , as well as lawyers, doctors, anyone they can. They have been accused of crossing the border to kill associates in the US, in California.

    Id I had a child considering Mexico for spring break, I would forbid it unconditionally.

    This level of truel insane violence has been emerging gradually for maybe 10, 15 years?

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