Babyproof Your Child’s Car Seat? Not A Good Idea

Is your child old enough to open the car seat buy too young to sit as an adult?

Don’t be tempted to buy after-market child safety products that “have been developed to keep little Houdinis in their seats. These products typically cover the seat belt release button and can be installed without tools,” writes ConsumerSearch.

Locks for child's seat belt

“They can help solve the problem, but that doesn’t mean you should buy one. “I don’t recommend them because they’re not regulated the way car seats are,” says Kisha Price, a child passenger safety technician at the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research & Policy in Baltimore. They’re not included in car seat safety testing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducts. Whether the device will stay put or go flying off, becoming a potentially dangerous projectile during a collision is uncertain because child car seats aren’t crash-tested with these products, Price says. Moreover, emergency personnel may not know how to disengage the device should your child need to be extracted from his car seat quickly.”

“Price recommends keeping car seats and your child’s car-seat area free any of after-market products.”

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