Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons: The Most Liberal Coupon Policy Possible

Not everything at Bed Bath & Beyond is a bargain. But one thing I discovered from my daughter – Jennifer (who knows a lot about bargains) is that BB&B coupons are great.

I’m talking about these 20 percent off per item coupons.

What Jennifer told me – and which I checked out myself at other BB&B stores – is that cashiers don’t even look at the expiration dates and will honor one per item for as many coupons as you have at one time.

Yesterday, on Tuesday I stopped at the Enfield BB&B store with two out of date coupons for 20 percent off one item each. I purchased two boxes of coffee pads and received 20 percent off each one, saving me about $4 in total.

Please us know about your experience with BB&B coupons as well as great policies at other chains.

By the way, check back tomorrow if you are interested in coupons or want to learn how to save big by collecting coupons. We are starting a new weekly feature called Frugal Fridays.

Gina Juliano, of Enfield, the editor and publisher of GinasKokopelli, is writing the column. Check out her site and consider signing up for one of her classes. Her first column will be on how to save on pet supplies.


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6 Comments on "Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons: The Most Liberal Coupon Policy Possible"

  1. I love their coupon policy however I don’t think its unlimited I have been told it is 3 coupons per transaction max. Now if you have a good cashier he/she might help you use more by doing seperate transactions or something…either way love it!

  2. I have the same experienced with BB&B in Norwalk CT and White Plains NY. Expiration dates are irrelevant. You can use multiple coupons at once. So it pays to save the ones you get in the mail – the 20% off ones and the $$ off ones.

  3. I had heard this and always save my coupons. When I tried to use just one barely out-of-date coupon in Hamden, it was flatly denied. I was disappointed… Would love to know where to go instead…

  4. nancy sitarz | October 25, 2011 at 2:42 pm |

    Not only is their coupon policy amazing but their return policy is BEYOND what anyone could expect. one day a young couple came in with a counter mixer that they had received as a wedding gift 3 years ago. They said they didn’t use and were wondering if they could return it. BBB took it back even though it wasn’t in the original box. I would have been embarrassed to even try and bring it back after that long but BBB cheerfully gave the couple store credit for
    a mixer that probably wasn’t even salable!

  5. Tina Buzzelli | December 20, 2011 at 8:45 pm |

    Our store is one coupon per item, even if coupon is expired. Love their policy. They would also honor competitors but now that other chain closed up around here so BBB is the only one!!! Love them!!!

  6. I’d likely shop more at BBBY if I could get coupons by email without their getting all of my other information. I’m not sure why they need to know all of anyone’s demographics in order to give up a coupon, which is no good unless the person buys something anyway.

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