Conn Prison Mental Health Issues Rising, Causing Financial Problems

“About one in five prisoners in Connecticut is receiving mental health treatment – a proportion that has increased in the last decade, contributing to a rise in inmate health care costs that is now attracting lawmakers’ scrutiny,” according to a report today by Connecticut Health I Team.

“Adding to those costs is the likelihood that inmates with serious mental health problems will end up back in the prison system after release. In its 2010 annual recidivism report, the state’s Office of Policy and Management Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division found that inmates with mental health problems had “significantly higher recidivism rates” than other offenders,” wrote investigative reporter Lisa Chedekel.


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4 Comments on "Conn Prison Mental Health Issues Rising, Causing Financial Problems"

  1. The costs are skyrocketing because the “mental health” provider is Uconn Health Center, under an exclusive no-bid contact. As reported about a week ago.

  2. I would venture to say that MOST inmates suffer from some sort of mental illness. PTSD from a horrific childhood, chemical disorders, substance abuse, self medicating drug addicts, schizophrenics, sociopaths. Rare is the inmate who had a lovely childhood with good brain chemistry. I also know that treatment in prison is sparse, rushed, and poorly maintained. Without proper treatment and job training, the cycle goes on and on and on…

  3. I say..since they closed Fairfield Hills & most of the DMHAS…being a nurse who has worked in the Psych Correctional Facility..the majority of the inmates were former Fairfield Hills Patients…They keep cutting outside resources for people this is what happens. They end up in the prison system..stable as can be on their meds *(Note our tax $ pays for clothing/shelter/food/meds etc)..they get outside resources (Which would fall under a diff payment source as having a Mental disorder is a disability) ..they end up not taking their meds..hurt/rape or kill some1 & end up right back..seen it 1st hand…More cost effective to have some1 follow in the community vs. us keeping our tax $ hard @ work for what…throwing them back into corrections..#1 not appropriate..Keep up the Good work Malloy…keep cutting & closing’s just going to get so much worse! & He’s closing Riverview Hosp next where are they going?????

  4. This is just the tip of the iceberg. With the 8th Amendment guaranteeing health care for ALL inmates & with an aging population this will be the end point for most state’s budgets

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