Connecticut’s Charter Oak Health Plan To See 30 percent Premium Increases Starting In January

Participants in Connecticut’s “affordable” health insurance, intended to help those who have trouble getting their own insurance, will see their premiums increase by  about 30 percent starting in January.

That is on top of premium increases for some in the Charter Oak Health Plan last year of 69 percent.

“The increased premium cost is the result of several factors, including cost of health care claims in the program and 2011 legislation increasing premiums to ensure the state’s ability to continue to offer the program,” said the state Department of Social Services in letters mailed last week to participants.


Income according to Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

Current Premium

New Premium effective 1/1/13

Band 1   under 150% FPL



Band 2    150-185% FPL



Band 3    185-235% FPL



Band 4    235-300% FPL



Band 5    over 300% FPL



Those in the lowest economic bracket earning less than 150 percent of the federal property level will see a 30 percent increase in their monthly premiums to $284 from $215.

Those in the highest economic bracket, earning more than 300 percent of the federal property level will see an increase to $589 from $446.

Department of Social Services says it was about 5,850 enrollees in the Charter Oak Health Plan of whom 2,500 are in subsidized plans while those in bank 5 are not subsidized.

For the families of the 1,298 children enrolled in the state’s HUSKY B program, the premiums for those earning more than 300 percent above the federal poverty level, the monthly premium will increase from $270.36 to $314.

 “While there is no limitation on family income to qualify, there is also no state subsidy to assist with premium cost in this part of the HUSKY Health program.  The cost to families is kept as low as possible, within the constraints of health care costs and actuarial analysis of claims data,” said the DSS.

Unlike private health insurance policy premiums, state managed plans are not subject to Connecticut Insurance Department reviews.

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6 Comments on "Connecticut’s Charter Oak Health Plan To See 30 percent Premium Increases Starting In January"

  1. Lynn Wilkinson | November 27, 2012 at 8:56 pm |

    I am in the top band, now paying $589 a month for coverage. I work three jobs already, most of the money going to my mortgage and health insurance. I have no idea how I can afford to continue to pay for this, but a a single mother, I’d be irresponsible not to have insurance . I have no idea what I’m going to do now….

    • Lynn,
      If any of your children are under 18 years old, both you and them should qualify for Husky. The co-pays may be 0.00, and the premiums may be also, or quite a bit lower than Charter Oak.
      For me it was a God send. Here’s the website;
      Good luck. I hope you get it free..

  2. I opened Charter Oak bill ‘yesterday’ to learn that I must pay the new $589 on Dec.1st as CHP will kick one off the plan if the bill for the following month isn’t paid in full by the 15th of each month. So, this bill is for January payment as Dec. was paid in advance. I had no lead time regarding this significant increase. I have been on the program (due to pre-existing illness)since July 2012. This exact act of a sneaky rate hike, impacts the health of each participant. Who do they think we are? At least Charter Oak Health plan could have given their participants a month lead time to digest such a dramatic bite out of their suffering budgets. Merry Christmas!

  3. Obamacare

  4. **BEWARE** This “Healthplan” is a joke.There are few providers who take this “Health plan”..Notice they dont call it health insurance because its not!..It doesnt fall under the juristiction of the Ct. Dept of Insurance so they are free to scam money and provide shoddy services to the enrollees who pay hard money for this almost useless program.
    It is the direct fault of Comunity Health Network of Ct. Inc.that runs the plan for the State as a “non profit”.
    Yeah,we all know what non profit means..
    They pay themselves huge salaries and perks and the claims they dont deny and THEN there is no profit left!
    This sham of an outfit doesnt even offer this “health plan” to their own employees..Why not?
    Why does CHN pay an outside health insurer(with our money)to insure their own employees? Cause they deserve better health coverage of course.
    The whole plan is very expensive ($589 month)provides bare minimum health care and has left me in back pain now for over 4 months with no treatment available!
    P.S. If you also are a victim of this plan please contact me at as we need to band together to get what we are paying for!

  5. Im also a member of this ripoff “Healthplan”.
    There are so few providers that take their meager reimbursements that I am unable to get proper medical care.Comunity Health Network is a bad choice to run this useless program and I too am paying $589 month for it.
    Who can run a healthplan,make up the their own rules and charge what they want without ANY official oversight? We need help from our lawmakers to stop CHN from providing such horrendous and decietful conduct.
    What gets me is if you dont prepay 15 days early for the next month they CUT your coverage OFF!
    They call it lockout!This is healthcare??Someone please help!1

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