Connecticut’s Sen. Prague Recuperates from Stroke

Regardless of your politics there is little debate that State Sen. Edith Prague, D-19th, is one of the fiercest, most dogged supporters and defenders of the elderly in Connecticut.

Actually, Sen. Prague could be described as fierce and dogged regardless of the issue involved, but here we talk about the elderly.

State Sen. Edith Prague, New London Day photo

But the elderly have lost a strong voice, although it may only be a temporary loss, after Sen. Prague, 86, suffered a stroke on Christmas Day. Family members have reported that she had minor surgery prior to Christmas and was not feeling well afterward.

Sen. Prague was hospitalized and is now recovering in a rehabilitation facility. Her family has declined additional comments on Sen. Prague’s progress or her whereabouts to protect her privacy.

The New London Day reported that state legislative leaders are not sure whether she will recuperate in time for the Legislative session that starts in February. The Day reported:

Senate President Donald Williams, D-Brooklyn, said it remains to be seen whether Prague will be back in Hartford for the start of this year’s General Assembly session, which runs from Feb. 8 through May 9.

“We want her to take it one step at a time,” he said.

“She’s making progress, but she is not entertaining visitors yet,” state Sen. Andrea Stillman, D-Waterford, said Tuesday afternoon.

Sen. Prague has represented the 19th Senate District since 1995, and previously served as commissioner of the former State Department of Aging. She is co-chair of the Standing Committee on Aging and sits on several other legislative committees.

My own encounters with Sen. Prague began when I was working in the field of political strategy and communications and was hired by a Republican candidate running against her to negotiate the terms of a debate between them.

But even though I am a Republican and had actively worked in opposition to her election, Sen. Prague approached me at the Hebron Maple Fest in 2009, having heard about my mother’s legal difficulties with the State of New York that have been documented here previously.

I told her that my mother had moved to Connecticut the previous December but was scheduled to go on trial in Albany Supreme Court later that month. Mom had permanently relocated to Connecticut and did not want to go back to New  York to a nursing home.

The Senator stuck out her hand, shook mine and said, “Ron, it’s time to forget politics and start helping your mother.”

And she did. Party differences meant nothing and the Senator was as good as her word. She has been a staunch ally of my mother’s ever since and the two became good friends.

In fact, the Senator was going to visit Mom today as it’s Mom’s 95th birthday. I told Mom that we would have to delay the visit and explained why, and she was instantly expressed her concerns and asked that I make sure that Edith knew she was asking for her. (That from a woman who has been a Republican since the mid-1930s!)

I assured Mom that her well wishes for a speedy recovery would be delivered. Consider it done.


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