Ct Atty Gen Asks For Federal Probe Of Increased Toy-related Child Injuries

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today called on the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) to investigate why toy-related child injuries requiring emergency room visits have increased 25 percent since 2005 and make recommendations to reduce such incidents.

The information is in a recently released CPSC toy safety report. Blumenthal said he is especially concerned that 18,000 more children under 5 visited emergency rooms for toy-related injuries in 2009 than in 2005, according to the study.

“The startling upsurge in emergency room visits for toy-related injuries — 25 percent since 2005 — is deeply disturbing, requiring further analysis and study,” Blumenthal said. “With the holidays upon us, parents and regulators need to know why toys are sending more and more kids — especially those under 5 – to emergency rooms. This increase is intolerable — turning playtime into hospital time.

“I am calling on CPSC to investigate and identify the reasons for this significant rise in serious injuries involving toys. CPSC must use its findings for recommendations, which may include tougher regulation and better parent education.”

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2 Comments on "Ct Atty Gen Asks For Federal Probe Of Increased Toy-related Child Injuries"

  1. I don’t know WHY Blumenthal is so “confused” over this matter. The answer is SIMPLE- the CPSC, LIKELY another useless agency like the BBB, does NOT fine these companies enough or crack down on them hard enough! WHY is it that after ALL these years, stores like Burlington Coat Factory, keep SELLING kids’ hooded sweatshirts with DRAWSTRINGS????? If the CPSC fined them HEAVILY or cracked down on them in some MEANINGFUL way that would hurt their bottom line, I THINK Burlington Coat Factory would STOP this crap. Year after year after year, it’s the SAME recalls with them!

    Are their buyers in the dark about kids’ hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings? HOW could they be unless they are COMPLETE IDIOTS! Isn’t the merchandise inspected once it arrives at the store, most likely from CHINA, before it is put out on the floor or does Burlington wait until someone like ME spots it and reports it to CPSC? Either way it doesn’t really matter because it keeps happening.

    Seems like Blumenthal has been in the dark about this issue too!


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