Ct Husky Health 2012 Promise: Better Care, Lower Cost

“When Heather Greene’s nine-year-old daughter Hope needed her tonsils out two years ago, Greene had to call a number of surgeons near her home in Waterbury before she found one who would accept her Husky A insurance,” writes Connecticut Health I-Team staffer Kate Farrish

“Finding a specialist who takes Husky is tough,’’ said Greene, a part-time parent advocate at CT Parent Power. “It’s kind of like having another job.”

“Beyond uncertainty and wasted time, this experience leads to more costly and uneven health care outcomes. On Jan. 1, 2012, health care advocates say, families like the Greenes will achieve better care, their doctors will have more control over treatment and the state will save millions as the state adopts a new health delivery system known as Primary Care Case Management – PCCM,” says the first article that former Courant editor and reporter Farrish wrote. To read the rest of her first column, click here.


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