Dentists Don’t Guarantee Their Work

From former New London resident Mona V. Markusen

I just left the dentist’s office $1500 poorer because of a bridge that was put in less than 4 years ago and cost me $3000 back then!  I was very disappointed to find out that dentists really don’t stand by their work and there are no guarantees on this kind of work.

The bridge was done by the CT dentist I used, and at his suggestion.  I had been without the tooth for forty years, but because he had put a crown on the tooth above it, he said it would be a good idea to replace the missing tooth.

In October 2012, we moved to Florida and found a new dentist here.  In December I went for my annual check-up and cleaning and when they looked at the x-rays there was a visible gap between the bridge and one of the teeth it was fastened to.

The x-rays were sent to the dentist in CT and he too, saw that there was a problem that needed to be addressed.  I sent him a letter asking about financial compensation since the bridge was quite new, and received a certified letter in return stating that he would NOT “compensate another dentist for it’s repair.”  He would however replace the damaged bridge if I traveled TWICE to CT to have it done at his office, but if the damaged tooth needed a root canal, it would be an additional cost.  He would not assume any responsibilities for travel costs or lost wages.

So now I have had the bridge sawed off and had a root canal done, but I still need to have a crown put on the damaged tooth, so that will be an additional cost.  I lived without the bridge for forty years and I can live without it another forty…….if I live that long!

I know there is no guarantee and legally I have no claim, but I find it very disappointing that the dentists don’t stand by their work and that this is something that I think few people know about when they go to a dentist. In most other types of services, the consumer has certain rights, but there is not much protecting us when it comes to dental work. Dental insurance is almost a joke and when things like this happen, it can really hurt financially.  AND I did nothing to cause this, but the CT dentist says neither did he.

It would just be nice to hear other opinions on this matter and that’s why I am writing this.

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