Generic Pet Medication Now Available $4

Some of us end up spending more for medication for our pets than we do for ourselves. Thankfully Target and Kroger are now offering pet versions of their $4 generics program for their two legged owners, accordingto MoneyTalksNews.

Nitza and Muffin

A story by Karla Bowsher says the the pet program, called PetRx, works just like the original.

 To learn if you could benefit from a PetRx program…

“1. Find out if any Targets or Krogers in your area offer the program (not all locations do):


2. Check online to see if any of Fido’s or Fluffy’s medications come in $4 generics:

Keep two things in mind, right now only a few meds are available and second you must get your vet to write the prescription. Some might not be thrilled because its money they are not making when you buy the meds elsewhere. If you vet balks, you might want to think about a new vet who cares more about your pet.


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