Less is MORE: Start Organizing With Sock Drawer

It’s Wednesday after work and you are exhausted.  You ask yourself, why Congress doesn’t make a 4 day work week for us too.  Five days are too much and it’s only Wednesday.

You walk into your home to relax.  Just sit on the couch and watch a TV show.  Is that relaxing? Not if your home isn’t organized and clutter-free.  In fact 98 percent of people fell less stressed when their home is organized…and I want you to start with your sock drawer.

Why your sock drawer?  It’s the easiest drawer to organize because you know how to organize your pairs of socks. Each sock has a matching mate, and most people can toss out the non-matching sock easily in the trash.  You will not feel the “I may need that someday” excuse with your socks.  It’s just easier with your sock drawer.

You never have heard anyone say, Gosh, I wish I had that purple sock now.

Follow the directions to the end.  You will be amazed at how good you feel, even if you have to fake.  Take the entire sock drawer and put it on your bed.

Leslie Jacobs

Did you make your bed?  Good.  I am very proud of you.  If you are one of those who don’t…then take this time to take the drawer out of the dresser and put it on the ground.  Sit down next to it and go through your entire collection of socks. Keep what you LOVE. Keep the Grinch holiday sock and the ones with the balls on the end.  But, make sure they are in good condition and you wear them.  If you do not wear them, then you need to put them in a bag and throw them out.  (Do you think people want your socks???? Only if they are new and you are never wearing them again you may donate them.)

Does this will all of your socks until all you have are matching pairs in the drawer and socks that you wear on a daily or weekly or monthly basis?

Put your drawer back in the bureau and make a decision right now.  Do you want to make your bed or take a nap?  Good.  Make your bed (besides you will not sleep tonight if you nap now) then move on to the next drawer.  In a few moments you will have a rush of excitement as you see organization take place right before your eyes.  Happiness will come next and the feeling you can do anything when you put your mind to it.  Try this. It works.

Have an Organized Day!


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Have an Organized Day!

Leslie Jacobs


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  1. …..Sounds SO easy! But you know, you’ve got your old high school wallet in there, and a tie tack box or three. And those speedos from high school. And several sets of thermals for when it might go below freezing once or twice a year. And a few framed shots of you in marching band that your mother saved. And oh yeah! About a half dozen pairs of outdated glasses. And your Ray-Bans from the 1980s. How about that church league jersey when you were the starting point guard your senior year?

    …..Um. Nevermind. Cram those socks back in there, lean hard on the drawer, and hope it shuts. Me, I’m happy if I get an even number back out of the dryer!

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