Low-Fat Or Low Carb? Which Diet Is More Effective?

September 22, 2010

That is a tough question.

Not even Consumer Reports Health folks can give a definite answer, other than which ever one works for you.

The latest study, which CR says is of good-quality, which also looked at cholesterol and other biochemical markets, shows the two diets as a “dead heat.”

“People following either the low-carb or low-fat diet had lost on average 7 percent of their body weight by the end of the study—an overall weight loss of around 15 and a half pounds,” CR said.

“The diets were only part of the story, though. Both groups of people also followed an intensive lifestyle training program, to help them break unhealthy habits. Other studies have shown this can help a lot when trying to stick to a weight-loss diet.

And the naysayers aren’t completely wrong. On average, people lost more weight in the first year, then put some of it back on in the second year. So maintaining a healthier weight is still a problem.”

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