Pet Insurance: Worth It Or Not? No Easy Answer

For adults getting health insurance is a no brainer compared to deciding whether to get one for your pet – that is for those of us who treat our pets as members of the family.

Consumer Reports – a magazine I recommend that everyone subscribe to – tried to answer that question in its Money Adviser publication.

The bottom line was that for most people simply putting a couple of hundred dollars away each year in a savings account is probably a smarter way to go.

But if you buy pet insurance, CR recommends high deductible policies with with simple, percentage based payouts, opposed to judgement calls on what is reasonable.

It also suggested to avoid riders for wellness care and to download a copy of a sample policy to read before signing up

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  1. I have special needs animals that are pretty much un-insurable so in my case – pet insurance isn’t an option, which is a shame because I spend tons of money on medication.

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