Plump People May Live Longer Than Thin Folks

If you are thinking about dumping your New Year’s resolution on weight, you may have a new reason to have that dessert.dark-chocolate-pie-with-cocoa-nib-praline

“The Journal of the American Medical Association, reviewed 97 studies involving more than 2.88 million people globally,” says Bloomberg News “found the lowest risk among those who are overweight though not obese” have a better chance of living longer.

“The findings, by scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were immediately challenged because the report didn’t consider gender, age, fat distribution, or fitness levels, all factors that influence the risk of disease and death. Because of this, the researchers agreed no recommendations should be made based on their findings.”

“The implication, if there is any, is that this may be a more complicated issue than meets the eye,” said Katherine Flegal, a senior CDC scientist who is the report’s lead researcher, in a telephone interview with Bloomberg.

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