Prevent Painful Shingles With One Painless Injection

Driving through Connecticut I see more and more signs for shingles vaccinations advertised in front of pharmacies. While my eyes see the signs, my mind sees a long needle.

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After two of my friends came down with shingles and told me in detail the pain they went through, the vaccination won out.

As a Costco member (and a huge fan of Costco and its employees) I decided to get my shot there, in the Enfield store.

Rob Trimani, the pharmacy manager, has given hundreds of shingle vaccinations over the last two years he has offered it. A sensitive man, Rob promised it wouldn’t hurt.

Rob Trimani, Enfield Costco Pharmacy Manager, (gombossy photo)

I was warned that I needed to set aside 40 minutes as the vaccine is frozen and needs to be thawed out – thank God. It is a live virus. By the way, anyone can use the Costco Pharmacy. You don’t have to be a member. They have the best prices for most medication.

But it did, especially when I had to shell out $191 as my health insurer – United Health – refused to cover the vaccination. The only way they said they would pay for some of the cost is if I had gotten it at my doctor’s office, even thought it would have been more expensive if he had to special order it.

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12 Comments on "Prevent Painful Shingles With One Painless Injection"

  1. Conrad Lemery | July 23, 2012 at 6:56 am |

    I have learned that a person should not get this shot unless they know they have had chicken pox.

    If not known, have your doctor order blood test to make that determination.

  2. You might have also posted what the side effects of this shot is. I had the shot and had the side effects and there was as much pain as if I had the shingles. Three of the worst side effects are pneumonia, iratated stomach and blood in the stools. I had pneumonia and still have a iratated stomach and I had the shot on 2-24, 2012. The pain was as bad as having the shingles!

  3. George ,cogratulation for having the shot and writing a very good article.The shot against shingle works in most of cases. I got shingles almost two and half years ago .No doctors told me before about the need for shots against shingles.I hope that your article will help many people to get a shot as soon as possible,even most insurance companies dont pay for the shot.I would to mention that after the blissters have dissapeared
    the nerve system is demaged especialy for older people.The cure takes a long time ahd is not simple.

  4. My wife recently had shingles. I got the vaccine the next week. The person giving it to me said most people coming in had a friend or relative with them and it was enough incentive for them to get the vaccine. It is very painful and uncomfortable and they can appear any place you have skin. Yes, any place!

    With my AARP prescription plan, it cost $90 for my co-pay. Cheap after looking at what can happen, my wife would have given $9000 for the pain to go away.

    I too had no pain from the tiny needle and no side effects. It is a smart thing to do.

  5. I had them in Jan. over the entire right side of my torso. Thought it was a kidney problem at first and it cost my insurance co thousands in tests before the telltale blisters showed themselves. 5 weeks of intense pain, 3 months of moderate pain and still get the occasional shooting pain. Took 2 weeks to detox from the hydrocodone. I’m 63. GET THE SHOT!

  6. Would you recommend having the shot if you have already had chicken pox as a child and shingles as an adult?

    • George Gombossy | July 31, 2012 at 9:02 am |

      Thanks for asking Janet. I am not a doctor but everything I have read screams yes. Talk to your doctor about it.

      • Janet McLaughlin | August 7, 2012 at 9:47 am |

        Thanks for your input, George, Monty and Joan. Will speak with the Doc and get the shot!

    • Yes, get the shot. You can get shingles multiple times.

  7. I got shingles when I was 32. I never had chicken pox that I knew about, but obviously, I was infected at some point. Shingles is awful. At 32, it was bad and I had to take a lot of pain medication. I hear it is worse for seniors. Get the shot!

  8. Jeanette Thulin | December 19, 2014 at 9:55 pm |

    Why is the shingles vaccine so expensive???

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