Rattlesnake Bite Results In $43,000 Emergency Room Tab

There is no question that 17-year-old Daniel Joseph’s life was saved by a Colorado emergency room after he was bitten twice by a rattlesnake.

But the stunning $43,000 tab almost have his father John a heart attack.

“Well first I thought maybe I’m in the wrong profession,” Joseph, who is a veterinarian, told the Denver CBS station.

“Terming the bill “outlandish,” Joseph quickly identified the highest dollar item — the anti-venom. His son received six vials of the crotalidae anti-venom and was billed $34,025.88 for that portion of his treatment, or nearly $6,000 per vial. But the same anti-venom can be found selling wholesale for about $1,000 to $2,000.”

Wendi Damman, a spokesperson for Centura Health, which operates the emergency department where Daniel Joseph was treated, told CBS4, “Unlike a physician’s office or urgent care, emergency departments have all appropriate diagnostic resources available 24/7/365, which contributes to the cost of care.”

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