Sex Life Ends At 70, British Scientists Report

The news from across the pond is not good, folks:

The British Medical Journal reports that the sex life of average people is over by the time they reach 70. Maybe they only surveyed married people?

Anyway, this week’s issue of Business Week brings us (me being 62) the highly disturbing news that researchers at the University of Chicago’s department of obstetrics and gynecology are also reporting that men at the age of 30 have an average of 35 years of sexually active life to look forward to, compared with 31 years for women. That leaves a troublesome four years for those whose partners are of the same age.

That of course does not include the impact that Viagra has had. Viva Viagra.

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  1. They certainly did not survey 20-year-olds, who probably would have assumed sex ends at by 45 or so. Seventy-year-olds? Sex? Ewww

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