Cheryl Teaches You How To Feel Better In 5 Minutes

Feeling stressed? We all do, especially with the uncertainty in our world today.

Want to feel better? For free? Without drugs? Without alcohol?

My job is to help you.  This CTWatchdog series is designed to help you be centered, balanced, calm and energized in just five minutes A DAY.

Do you know what happens when you are stressed? Your body goes into ‘fight or flight’ and stress hormones start pumping through your body.

All kinds of scary thoughts usually about the past or the future start going through your head.  Your mind comes up with crazy scenarios that will probably never happen.  Your breathing is shallow. It’s from the top of your lungs. Your body is not getting the oxygen it needs. Your muscles become tense, usually where there is a weakness. You become even more stressed.

You may notice other sensations like your heart racing, or your face getting flushed, or a lump in your throat.  You feel all kinds of negative emotions; fear, frustration, anger, resentment, anxiety.

This happens to me too, I can tell you.  As soon as I catch myself feeling stressed, I remind myself to use my secret weapon…mindfulness!

I start paying attention to the breath moving in and out of my body. That helps immediately.

I focus inside of my body and take a quick mental inventory of what’s happening.

I’m feeling better already. Now I shift my attention outward.  I turn off the television and radio. I look around and REALLY see my surroundings. I might walk outside. I feel how cool or warm the air is on my skin.

I listen for birds and other noises. I might pick up a stick and feel its texture.  All this in five minutes. I now have a more positive mindset to tackle the challenges of my day.

Next  I will share more secrets about how to start the day feeling in control and more balanced. That too, takes only five minutes and it’s the best gift you can give yourself.

They’re actually not my secrets. The Buddhist monks have practiced mindfulness for thousands of years.  I simply take what they have discovered and translate it to help you manage your busy lifestyle.  So, make friends with your breath! I look forward to hearing how this worked for you. And please send me any questions or comments you may have.

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  1. Great advice! Many thanks, and have a wonderful day!

  2. Feeling better is one thing and thats nice, but did you know you can change your whole life in 17 minutes a day? Dr. Doreen Stern can show you how and its less temporary!

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