Walkers Can Be Dangerous

“As mobility aids, walkers can make walking safe and enjoyable for people who might otherwise fall. Ironically, walkers are also dangerous,” according to ConsumerResearch.

“About every 13 minutes, one older person (over 65) visits an emergency room here in the United States because of a fall while using a walker. According to the Centers for Communicable Diseases (CDC), there are 41,000 falls among older Americans every year; 112 a day, 43 of which result in bone fractures. Alarmingly, these numbers only include incidents that are reported to an emergency room.

“To put this in perspective, the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s latest statistics on emergency room visits due to lawn mower accidents show about the same number for lawn mower accidents: an average of 40,000 a year — for all ages. Yet walker safety gets far less attention despite the higher risk of death from falls than from mower accidents. (The CDC reports that for older Americans, falls cause nearly 20,000 deaths a year.)

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