Walmart “Wins” Many Worst Categories In Consumer Reports Latest Reader Survey

Walmart may have some decent prices on many items – I find that Amazon and eBay will beat them on some – but when it comes to service, forget about it based on consumer Walmart complaints.

In the latest Consumer Reports reader survey, Walmart was listed by its tens of thousands of loyal readers as the worst when it comes to customer service.

In the following categories the consumer advocate magazine says Walmart consumer complaints involved its: pharmacies, electronics walk-in and online retailers, cell-phone wall in store, supermarkets, computer sellers, big box stores, and small appliance sellers.

I much prefer Target and Costco.

How about you, the Ct Consumer and consumers around the country: What has been your experience?

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4 Comments on "Walmart “Wins” Many Worst Categories In Consumer Reports Latest Reader Survey"

  1. I went to Walmart to buy some portable phones for the house a few days ago. I wasn’t sure which model was best, so I flagged down the guy for that area. I could see from the get go that he was clueless, but wanted to pretend he knew something.

    I have had this experience before at Walmart, and have learned not to ask for help, unless I am really desperate, because you usually get the deer starring into the headlights look from their employees.

    I like their store, and I like their prices, but a few knowledgeable people would be a nice touch.

  2. Walmart’s prices aren’t that great, either. Routinely beaten by a sale elsewhere. And Target is just as bad if not sometimes worse for customer service. That is, unless you enjoy playing “Guess the price!”

  3. I purchased a laptop that their website said would be available in our local store. We go to buy it, and clueless, lazy electronics boy doesn’t see it on the shelf and tells us it’s not in stock. We order it online and do a “pick up at the store” shipment, and we had it later on that day. There were several laptops in the back.I ratted clueless electronics boy out to the Asst. Mgr. although I imagine it didn’t do any good.

  4. Patricia L. Harlow | November 30, 2014 at 5:54 pm |

    Target is my go-to store. I DO NOT shop WalMart – ever. Target’s customer service ranks highest with me – there is always someone to help nearby and if you can’t find a clerk, pick up the red phone, ask the question or ask for a clerk to help get something from the top shelf. And, their clerks are knowledgeable, and if they don’t know, they’ll get the answer OR check on-hand supplies. ALWAYS happy with Target – MOST prices are lower than Ralphs and Vons – never higher.

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