Andy’s Auto Sport: President Says Firm Cleaning Up Its Act

Even consumer advocates like me get duped every once in a while. That is what happened when I recently dealt with the California after-market auto company called Andy’s Auto Sport.

We are taking a trip to Florida and wanted to put all our luggage on a secure rack for the 1,510 mile trip to Key Largo.

When checking the Internet I put in the make, model, and year of my car and found what I thought was the perfect product at a very reasonable price. The ad from Andy’s shows a photo of my car with the basket and the ad further states that it “fits on all vehicles.”

Wrong. The brackets that fit on the cross bars are 29 inches apart, which my car required spacing of 26 inches.

So one set of brackets fit and I had to use tie downs to attach the second set as shown in the photo below. The photo on the side shows how it is supposed to look.

I contacted Andy’s, expecting them to apologize since I placed the order over the phone and was very specific about what I wanted for what vehicle, but that isn’t what customer service or manager Jim Dell said. I was told that it was my fault for not reading all the fine print and that if I wanted to return it I would have to pay for the $50 shipping fee along with a 10 percent re-stocking fee. Great customer service.


A new management philosophy has apparently taken over the company and the folks are attempting to make amends.

Eric Ferguson, the president of Andy’s Auto Sport, contacted me recently and reimbursed me.

He promised to also contact all others who have been cheated and left comments on CtWatchdog.

This is his statement:

Hi Everyone!

I know this response is very late for many of you, but better late than never. 

Up until the recent past, the customer service given by Andy’s Auto Sport has not been consistently great and I’m truly sorry for that!

That said, we’re working hard every day to change that and have made tremendous progress just in the last few months.  Here are some updates about customer service efforts:

1) We no longer charge credit cards until we have validated that the part is in stock or otherwise unless we get explicit permission from the customer to wait for a backorder.  This means if your order can’t ship right away, then you’ll hear from us right away and you can decide whether to wait for the backorder or cancel.

2) We have a new management team in place as well as new reporting tools and target metrics.  We now focus very carefully on responsiveness.  At the time I’m writing this, we boast an 85% call success rate and respond to emails within one business day more than 90% of the time.  This is dramatically better than what we were accomplishing at times in the past, and we are still getting better.

3) We went through a staff-wide re-training.  Our customer service and sales staffs have now gotten a more formal education about our policies and procedures, and are better trained than in the past.  They’ve also been reminded what our satisfaction guarantee policy is and how to make sure we honor it.

Many of the comments here and on other public review platforms helped lead to these improvements.  It doesn’t make poor experiences from the past any better, but at least your feedback has helped lead us to positive change for our company.

If anyone has an open concern that was never satisfactorily addressed by Andy’s, please contact me directly or leave a post here and I’ll make sure it gets resolved.


Eric Ferguson
Andy’s Auto Sport

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95 Comments on "Andy’s Auto Sport: President Says Firm Cleaning Up Its Act"

  1. Andy’s auto really does suck I have been trying to get a Return Authorization number for a whole week as they sent a body kit for a toyota corolla, ordered one for lincoln navigator BIG difference. They keep stating that the “manufacturere” is not sending this NOT TRUE. I called Extreme Dimensions myself and while on hold was sent to Andy’s lead sales rep/ supervisor. I call Andy’s and of course here goes the line and dance again now I have to wait for Andy’s to send the request to shipping who then is going to e-mail to me and arrange to have picked up. When I told the person on the line that they have HORRIBLE the customer service he simply replied yeah i know. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

    • I’m having the same issue with them & was curious if you or anyone else got their money back. They said it takes 3-4 days but I’m not sure if they’re giving me the run around.

      • Rob Jewell | April 29, 2013 at 8:49 pm |

        Yeah these guys are known scam artists. The told me my parts were delayed when I asked about them after 3 weeks. They said they could ne another 6-8 weeks. I canceled my order. They never sent the parts but ket my money. I had to file a fraud claim with the bank. The fraud researcher at Bank of America said the number they had on file for them ended up being a cancelled cell phone. Another researcher laughed and said oh yeah, their number is posted on the wall but don’t bother calling they will never answer. We tried anyway, found that number cancelled too. The bank refunded my money and reported them for fraud to the FBI.

      • I ordered front lights for my car did not receive a confirmation email I called them back then they said that they tried to call me but theh lights were out of stock the charge posted to my account immediately is ask for refund on 2 separate occasions they told me that the money would go back to card in 2-3 business days. I filed a dispute with my card company. charge me for a part that they didn’t have posted the charge immediately stil havnt got my money back these guys are losers you just end up giving them a free loan for a month or so till your bank clears up the charge meanwhile they have used your money

    • I bought some blue reverse lights for my colorado and they also said they would fit it was in the colorado section. But when i received the parts they didnt fit and i called to have them replace them and they told me the same thing that i would have to pay $50 and a restocking fee for their mistake

    • Mark Gray | June 13, 2015 at 2:08 pm |

      I ordered a part from them almost a month ago and was charged 3 weeks ago and I have not recieved the part yet. The same time I ordered from American muscle and I recieved my parts in 6 days. I will stay with American muscle.

      • Brian Chittum | June 25, 2015 at 1:10 pm |

        Oh! The POWER of consumer affairs. I was looking to spend $1000.00+ on seats for my 1987 mustang restoration but now I believe I’ll look around, Thanks….

  2. Stuart Livermore | March 18, 2012 at 12:23 am |

    I ordered ‘fancy’ seat covers for Mazda 2 – back in January and am getting the same run-around story! From all the adverse publicity posted on the web about Andy’s Auto Sport, I think it’s about time we all brought a class action against them and put them out of business. I don’t think it would take much to generate (worldwide) interest in this? They’re just a bunch of robbers, rogues and scam artists….

  3. I ordered lowering springs for my Chevy cobalt in the begining of march. Every time i ask for a order update they send me a generic e-mail that says they will ship on or around a certain date due to manufacturer back order. The parts were odered on march 16 2012 and since then iv been told they will ship 3-26, 4-3, and now 4-25. that a full 39 days since I origannaly placed the order. thier web site says shipping takes 2-4 weeks and its already been 5 weeks plus it will take 2-7 days transit. WTF ??? Ive gotten things faster from EBAY

  4. Opinionated | April 8, 2012 at 5:49 pm |

    Nice review, but they do have a point because they do say “UNIVERSAL” so it really is up to you to do more research on the product before ordering. The picture they show is not even the SAME as your car. I’m sorry but it could go either way here.

    The reason I am defending them is because I have an SUV that has racks that look like what is pictured. A lot of SUVs (good ones.. i kid) have adjustable cross bars that you can move to accomodate the rack you will put on. Your vehicle is more of the minority actually. I did a lot of research when I purchase my racks. Most rack items will say “universal”, you really need those proper cross bars that are adjustable. Not really fully Andy’s fault. Besides it looks like they are just selling another manufacturer’s parts.

  5. G. L. Jarvis | April 26, 2012 at 1:11 pm |

    Ordered three pieces of merchandise. Two phone calls later it is determined that Andy’s cannot provide two of the items in a timely manner due to manufacturer back order. I cancelled the order on those parts and reordered from Summit Racing. Those parts have already arrived. The third part I ordered from Andys arrived and someone between Andy’s and their supplier transposed numbers, short story…wrong part. They have my money and I am waiting…never again.

    • I
      I ordered tail lights for my 98 chevy truck but when i got them they looked like dodge taillights ugly lights needless to say i shipped them back they said they got damaged between here and there now their not refunding anything i didnt insure them so im out 172.00 dollars ill never order another piece from this place hope you dont either

  6. Yes- I am going to be calling the BBB regarding Andy’s as well if I do not hear back from them today.
    I called in to order a headlight based off their website that was the same light on my truck now. I rec’d the order and it was not the same headlight. It would fit the truck however does not have any trim on it as the picture and actual headlight have. I called and they requested pictures, etc. ALll sent to them. There response– I see no problem with the headlight you have. Really? I expect a matching headlight for the other side or the headlight I was expecting and is pictured on their website. I would be game for a class action suit as well. Please get in touch.Ot is Andy’s fault–because they have gotten many complaints and still have not shown they are silling to make it right.

    • Sounds like we all have the same problem, we ordered tail lights for a Acura. We got tail lights, they fit but were not what we ordered. After several calls and
      me sending pics of the stock # we got at their request it will be taken care of. More calls and on back order,
      we finally gave up and settled for what we got. We have since sold the car and its been months still never
      heard back from Andys.

  7. Michael Foo | April 30, 2012 at 12:27 pm |

    Buyer Beware! I have never dealt with such a dishonest, incompetent and disrespectful company in my life. Two weeks ago I ordered a chrome fuel cap assembly specifically for my 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman. The order arrived in two weeks and the part came without an invoice , instructions and was the wrong part. There is no way this part could ever fit. The diameter of their gas cap was so much smaller than the diameter of my original cap. I called to get a return merchandise order form and was told that since the part was marked “universal fit” I would be held responsible for the shipping the merchandise back to the company and will be charged a 15% restocking fee. When questioned about the logic in selling items marked “universal fit” for a specific car knowing well this part will not fit is a complete rip-off of the consumer. If you are selling a specific part for a specific car shouldn’t you make sure that part actually fits or don’t list it online under that model car. Andy’s Auto Sports is a bogus company that is knowingly taking advantage of the consumer for their own profit.

  8. Keith Miller | April 30, 2012 at 10:16 pm |

    I called to talk to one of there sale peope prior to ordering a body kit for my 04 Mustang. I specifically asked if it was fiberglass and was told it was not. When I received I was supprized to see it was fiberglass. When I called i again was told it was not technically fiberglass which I guess is correct but it is FRP (fiber reinforced polymer). I called the manufacture and they said yes it is basically fiberglass. The items were to be direct replacements for my OEM parts but they did not have any mounting provisions and would of took a great deal of custom brackets which would have looked like crap. In all I have to pay for freight and a 10% restocking charge, which I assure will be far less than I will make sure it cost them in bad reviews

  9. I found the service at Andy’s to be very good and was pleased with the extra effort they are taking to help me with a problem that was not their fault. Thanks. DL

  10. Elitsa Stoycheva | August 20, 2012 at 10:05 am |

    Do not buy from this website!!! I have paid for my order 3 weeks ago and can’t get a hold of anyone to get my order or my money back. DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS COMPANY!!!!!

  11. Lisa Marie. | August 24, 2012 at 12:21 am |

    I have spent a great deal of time reading every single horrific review of this company, only after I too purchased from Andy’s Auto Sport.
    I too had the similar experience, but as a woman, to speak to the men who run that show was by far the worst!
    I can simply say, I have spoken to Rachel on two separate occasions who
    was respectful, curtious, and actually WANTED to help out with what was all too obvious to her as well- horrible customer service.
    She immediately refunded me with all of the notes I had provided.
    Should you decide to move forward with this company, please be sure to only speak with Rachel, as she will dignify all of your concerns.
    My rating for Rachel is FIVE, but NOT the company.

  12. Chad Williams | August 27, 2012 at 5:15 pm |

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!! Ordered my spindles over 2 weeks ago, no email verifications, no reciepts. no nothing! Call and ask about my order status they make up some excuse saying thats coming from the factory. W3’ll send u an email when it ships…Bullcrap! Waited another week, still nothing. when you call their phone, have an option to check order status, or place an order. Check order staus, wait on line for over 20 min. with no response. Choose to place an order, BOOM, pick up the phone on the first ring, funny how that works.

  13. I was on line today attempting to purchase parts for a ’90 Honda that is a “work in progress”. When I got to the final page I reviewed my order. The parts came to $128.64. THE SHIPPING CAME TO $185+ dollars!!! HELL-O! What are they doing, putting them on a UPS or FedEx plane and flying them around the world 3 times before they arrive at my door? Glad I read the previous reviews. I think I’ll look elsewhere for what I need.

  14. 1/4 panels 4 a miata $49.50 each a great deal,$99.00 4 the pair gess what $99.00 shiping what a joke total $198.00. Ican bye them 4 on line 4 99.00 free shiping . whos kidding who. 2 panels inc shiping same price

  15. Got lights for 2001 Dodge. Mounting holes didn’t line up, scratched INSIDE the lens, goop all over the seals. Waited almost 2 weeks for a return authorization and am now told they are sending them back for ME to resell because they are scratched and none of my pictures show a problem with the fit when I clearly sent one showing the stock hole being almost in inch away from the mount on the light. Not only am I out the cost of the crap lights I got but also the shipping to return them as “they don’t pay for return shipping”. Obviously!!! Because that’s how they make their money – by sending people crap. E mail me if you are going to file a class action!!! I’m guessing if anyone from Andy’s reads these, they probably have a laugh because. That’s what thieves would do.

  16. Something happened!!! I got a refund!!! Must’ve been something I said!!!

  17. ordered lowering springs from these guys, and the car bounced allover!…removed them and was told I had to pay a 10% fee and pay shipping..horrible customer service!
    I guess they do not want to keep customers but just keep cycling through new ones…Poor service and attitude! Stay away from them…Also got a bogus tracking number and then was given a real one for UPS…

  18. i thank god i saw this site ,i felt funny when they told me the rolling big power 8 inch suspenion lift was complete for the price of 1,150 bucks out the door ??? so were i thought it was stolen or a good deal?so i looked on other sites the complete kit was were i thought id be about 4 grand so i called back to get this for my answer / they had the ballz to tell me the other on line sites want to much money u want a deal than u deal with us. i hung up on him an after reading this crap on them i will search on thanks guys an sorry to here all the nasty stories

  19. Ray Stalowski | October 26, 2012 at 1:23 pm |

    order an assist step for a 2005 Ford Ranger. After 2 weeks it didn’t replay & I paid for it online with my Visa. I called the company & the person told me they could not look up the part or invoice becuase their computers were down and to call back on Monday. I told him I was the consumer & he could call me back. He hung-up on me. I will have Visa kick-back the charge. Shut down this company. Crooks!

  20. Sheryl chandler | November 2, 2012 at 2:44 pm |

    I was just told by a representative that they didn’t like the Military and when I asked if that was his opinion or Andy’s, he said it was Andy’s! Military Boycott? I think so!

    • james bellatoni | November 3, 2012 at 11:35 pm |

      I think your full of it. They gave me a discount when I ordered over the phone and told them I was military. Speak to mark he took my order.

      • James,

        How am I full of it? The last rep that I spoke to was being an ass. When they double billed me and I called everyday for a week they told me, each day, that they couldn’t look up my order, or payment (‘s), because their computers were down. Therefore, they could not credit my account for the additional payment. The 1st 4 days that I called, I was as polite as anyone could be, but by the 5th day I was not able to listen to anymore of their BS. I don’t remember exactly how it came up but I mentioned that my husband was military and the guy said “military? We don’t like the military.” I then asked him if that was his personal feelings or Andy’s? He said it was Andy’s. Now I don’t understand how your thought process concluded that I am “full of it” because you received a military discount. Can you explain that one to me? After a couple of days of getting the run around, I was told that they do not monitor or record their calls. So for the next 3 days, each time I called, I used the record feature on my phone because each day the excuses were getting more & more ridiculous. I am so glad that I did because I got it recorded. After he said that, I told him that statement was recorded and this was his only chance to redeem himself and to admit that he just said it to be a smart ass and that was NOT how the company felt. He declined the offer and I then called back to speak with a sales manager and forwarded the recording to him. So once more, James, how am I full of it again?

  21. I ordered a door regulator for my f-350 truck. When it came in I tried to install it and found that they had sent the wrong unit. I had to send it back with me paying shipping. They advised that they do not have the correct part for my truck. The box the new unit came in had the correct info for my truck put the part would not fit. I got my money back minus shipping both ways. Very poor service.

  22. Ordered Eibach wheel spacers from them. Took them to have them professionally installed. They would not fit.

    I had to pay my mechanic for his time and Andy’s made me pay for all shipping and a restocking fee.

    They sold me parts that don’t fit my car and I have to pay?!!

    Horrible customer service!!!

  23. Rafael Flores | November 20, 2012 at 2:40 pm |

    I bought a short shifter from Andy’s auto sport. I called to also to confirm if it fits. It does not fit specd tuning or b&m short shifter does not fit. The boot nor the metal does not fit. It’s been a week since I asked for a return label. Still waiting. Had to call them. My advice is file a dispute with your bank

  24. Jimmy Stewart | December 1, 2012 at 8:35 pm |

    I recently had intended to buy a set of Motegi wheels and tires for my ’02 Malibu and spent almost an hour and a half, on the phone between getting cut off, long distance and after finding this website decided not to pursue my goal. Thanks for the insight, not that I needed a lot of convincing after my short lived phone discovery.

  25. Ya I’m having that problem now and they won’t give me my shipping back when I drove to pick up the parts

    • How were you able to pick up the parts if they drop ship? I already asked when I first ordered and they said they had no actual store front. Would have saved me a great deal in shipping. Sounds like you are just trying to discredit them.

  26. I order a set of stud for my car from andys. It didnt fit try calling but can never get threw. Email they reply say he’ll email me the address to send back too. Never heard from that guy again, I email him back several time but no reply.

  27. I have nothing but positive things to say about Andy’s. The only time people post if there are complaints. I’m sure there are more happy then disgruntled customers or they would not be in business.

    I recently purchased over $2000 worth of parts. Matt or was it Marc gave me a great deal. They seem to be very knowledgeable. However, I did get a call by Jim because of the possible fraudulent activity that my transaction had presented itself because of some address mixups. He was very professional and he and Andy’s really look out for customer security.

    He later informed me of some discontinued parts and he promptly refunded my account. I was a bit disappointed on the discontinued parts, but hey its business. I was still overall happy with how they handled things and did get the remainder of my parts.

    AAS gets an A ++ in my book!

  28. Clint Crotts | January 29, 2013 at 9:50 pm |

    Dont buy from them!!!! This is a fake company and will scam you!! Andys Autosports is a …. joke,

  29. Well, there may be some that have had problems in dealing with orders from Andy’s, but my experience with them was excellent.

    I had concerns over fitment on an order I placed. When I called to speak about the matter with the CS staff at Andy’s, I was treated very well and several different persons in CS got involved with researching the matter. The part had already shipped to me, very quickly, actually, and while the part was in route, the CS staff researched the questions I had. They called me back and followed up with e-mails. The staff went out of their way to ensure that I was going to get the right part.

    When the part arrived, it was in fact correct in all aspects, and was an excellent deal…saving me over $45.00 from the next closest vendor.

    I will positively buy from them again, based on their great prices, fast shipping and great customer service.


  30. this company is a kangaroo operation, ordered parts, and first the tracking number I was given was bogus…then the parts did not work properly in my vehicle and they did not go to bat and call the manufacturer..Instead I pay shipping, and restocking fee and hours of a mechanic’s time to install then uninstall
    the springs…this is just bad business! Go that extra mile and loyalty is forever,
    or keep hoping for new victims!

  31. Well great.. It didn’t even cross my mind to look at reviews for Andy’s. I posted an order last night, and now I’m doubtful things will turn out for the better. I got my order confirmation email right away, but that’s all so far. I’ll post back later good or bad. But like I said, I’m very doubtful. Review sites have nothing but bad news, and BBB rates them an ‘F.’

    We’ll see.

    • Contacted them via e-mail with concern about my order. They needed me to verify that I was the card holder. Billing and Mailing address were different. Okay, not too much of a big deal. But I had to e-mail first. They should have, in my opinion, had me verify straight away after I submitted my order. If they REALLY needed me to or not, it’s a mystery. Got an e-mail yesterday, after inquiring about my order again, saying that my order is scheduled to ship 2/20. Was hoping I was lucky enough to get my order in 5-7 days. Obviously not. They didn’t say my parts were out of stock or not, in which case it would be 2-4 weeks. Still, if I get the right parts, in good condition, by the end of the month, I won’t be too upset. Fingers crossed.

    • I ended up canceling my order completely.. They sent me an e-mail saying “due to manufacturer backorder” my parts would not ship out until the 4th. Then another saying not until the 8th.

      I had ordered ground-control coilovers and tokico blue struts. So I contacted them directly, guess what. Not only were they in stock, but Andy’s is not an authorized vendor for GC, or Tokico. I didn’t want to have my order pushed back anymore, so I canceled and asked for a refund. The spokesperson, Vanessa I believe, told me 3-5 business days. Hopefully I can get my money back soon.

      Best of luck to all of you.

  32. I was looking to supercharge my ZO6 and buying the Vortech V-3 system . After reading most of the reviews on here I just want to say thank you for making up my mind . I will not deal with this company.

  33. Never thought to look for reviews either. I purchased a steering wheel so we will see how long it takes to get that. Wish I would have seen these reviews before I purchased.

  34. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy from Andy’s Auto Sport! I bought headlights and taillights for 2 cars, my uncle’s 1997 BMW and my 1998 BMW, so 2 sets each, 4 sets in total. We received no receipt, invoice, instructions, or anything of the sort for any of our orders.
    The taillights came in first, and although my uncle’s were fine, mine were NOT the ones I had ordered. They shipped me the wrong ones! After being on hold for 15 minutes with their customer service I decided that I would install the wrong taillights anyways because I liked the look.
    Then, the headlights. I get a call from Andy’s about a week after placing my order asking if I wanted bulbs to go with uncle’s & my headlights. I said of course I do! They’re headlights, they kind of sort of need bulbs to function. They charged me $80 for bulbs! Something that should’ve come with the package itself!!
    Andy’s is cheap, but they have no value. The saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” but at Andy’s, its more like you get LESS than what you paid for. They gypped my uncle and I on both our headlights and our taillights, and I guarantee that they will never see my business.
    If you’re going to buy parts for your car, go with more established websites; Jegs for performance parts and CarID for your aesthetic needs. Skip this lot of con men who are clearly here to gyp you out of a quick buck.

  35. Joshua Mast | March 1, 2013 at 7:08 pm |

    Ordered from this site after having issues with wrong parts from another website. Ordered by phone after speaking with someone to ensure we got the right parts. They came way earlier than expected, but not only were the parts the wrong year/model, they were the wrong manufacturer. Called back and was informed to send pictures of the part, the box they came in next to the stock part. So far, the person I spoke to Jordan, has been extremely polite, and apologetic. Problem is, I am now almost a month without a passenger side mirror. Now I’m wondering how long it will take to send these back and get the right part. Got my fingers crossed.

    • Joshua Mast | March 15, 2013 at 9:54 pm |

      Right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. Had to re-order after they sent me the wrong parts. After going through 3 people, got a order confirmation, and a guarantee that they would send a return shipping label as it was their fault. Two weeks later, I finally called back demanding a tracking number for the package. I was told twice it had already shipped and would be here Monday or Tuesday. After checking the tracking number with Fed Ex, I now realize this company is totaly unorganized. The package shipped today after I called and won’t be here till Thursday according to Fed Ex. Lets hope this time it’s right. I don’t even care if it’s the manufacturer I ordered so long as the part fits. These people are nothing but middle men who make mass orders from other parts Warehouses. No problem with that, but at least quit lying to your customers and get a little organization.

  36. carl johnson | March 7, 2013 at 8:05 pm |

    Ordered a splitter from them on February 22nd. Told 7-10 days shipping from CA to FL (-no probs its a long way). I asked them specifically if they had it in stock because I was booking private track time for a shake down on March 14th.

    I got a missed call tonight (Match 7th 14 days later) so I called the number back and its andys auto sport – they didn’t leave a message btw- so i ask if there is a problem since they called (so if i hadnt have called back i still wouldnt know) and they are saying the part has to be sent freight shipping rather than ground and is an extra $60. I asked when they knew it was extra shipping “February 26th”. So they had got around to calling me on March 7th when they knew on Feb 26th they needed an extra $60 to ship.

    The $60 is no problem, i understand it was a big part, really i understand that completely, but to call me 11 days after they knew when I was waiting on this part??? 14 days after i paid and ordered? To top it off the girl who I spoke to wasn’t even sorry.. “do you want to pay or have a refund” not even offering me an apology, very happy on the phone -sorry i dont mean to drag you into my misery but when you;ve just made a boo-boo surely being sympathetic to the customer who’s just been shafted would be a little better approach. Hey, I make mistakes in work too but I apologize for them properly.

    I have a private track session booking for next thursday -this is a race car- and now I don’t have a part.

    To add to it all the refunds takes 3-5 days to process *in accounting* – which is a load of bollocks as I turn over $800,000 a year and I can refund the money through my merchant credit card processor in about 3 minutes. Its like punching your card into the machine buying stuff for a merchant – its exactly the same.

    Utterly piss poor customer service, couldn’t even give enough of a crap to say sorry to me for what is so unfair.

    Don’t order of them, they might be cheap on the face of it but you’re just giving them a free loan for a couple of weeks. Apparently I am one of many unsatisfied customers.. avoid like the plague.

  37. hmmm sounds tovme like u ordered “universal ” fit parts expecting them to be exactly like OEM parts. ive been dealing with them and have found them to be extremely courteous and professional. U cant expect an after market part to be the same as what u originally had. come on people figure it out and go picket the whitehouse or sumtn

  38. I am having big problems with Andys. They debited my bank account and then sent me wrong parts that they recommended. Three weeks later and they just got around to, so they said, to sending my info to the manufacturer. In addition, two of the items were discontinued and not available at the time I was charged. Yet they are still being advertised online as available. Buyer beware. Andys doesnt know who they tangled with if they continue to be unethical and try to cheat people. I now know that I will give a lot of consideration to local businesses before I buy online again.

  39. I ordered a set of headlights for my car off of Andy’s Motor Sports and after a half hour called and cancel and canceled them after three weeks the charge appeared on my account …I called Andy’s and the customer rep turned me over to a manager by the name of Stevie at ext 117 ..the manager listened to my complaint and took care of my problem …it was my word against the sales agent and the manager took my side ..the manager even called me a couple days later to make sure everything was fine ….I am more than satisfied with the expedient nature this alarming situation was handled and will continue to order from this company .

  40. These guys are garbage. I ordered taillights and had to call them to even get a confirmation email, which was sent 3 days AFTER I called. Next I waited about a month for them to arrive, during which time I had to threaten to cancel my order to get a tracking number. Taillights did fit when they arrived, but this was just horrible customer service. Piss poor excuse for a business.

  41. I’ve never used Andy’s and I’ll certainly avoid them. My suggestion is that all of you initiate a dispute through your credit card company. Each of the posters above has ample evidence to win the dispute and receive a full credit of the amount charged, including shipping.

    Credit card disputes hurt the merchant and will raise the fees they have to pay. Revenge is sweet.

  42. Katerina Simonova | April 6, 2013 at 2:46 am |

    Ordered Recaro car seat for my child. The shipped the car seat but wrong color. Called Andy’s and they told me we will send you return slip to send the carseat back. A week later nothing came so I call them again and Customer Service tells me they need pictures of the cars so they can forward it to manufacturer. I’ve send them picture. A week later, not return slit authorization. I call them on daily basis and all they can say we are waiting for manufacturer. So I am refusing the package back to the them and requesting full refund back. Called Andy’s and they told I will get full redund including shipping. Let’s see if that’s going to happen.

  43. Nick Mowery | May 3, 2013 at 8:31 am |

    I bought a Montero Sport body kit for my Montero sport awhile back. When the body kit arrived the box had holes in it and it looked like it fell of a truck on a highway. As I opened the box I was not surprised to see all four pieces of the body kit just thrown in the box. Not one piece was individually wrapped nor any protection measures were taking to protect the product from shipping hazards. There were a bunch or scratches, cracks, and dents in the body kit and when I called Andy’s the female manager said there was nothing she could do about it but credit me 100 bucks. Even before this the lady said she needed pictures of the damage because I could have possibly done the damage lol so she basically said I did it. 100 bucks really isn’t $#@! to fix a $1500 body kit I bought that’s worth nothing now due to you retards shipping items In paper thin boxes then saying oh its not our fault. You fools should be put out of business – do not buy from this company at all EVER!!!!!!-

  44. Jim Jensen | May 6, 2013 at 5:56 pm |

    Yep, they still suck! It’s impossible to return something, so don’t buy unless you know you’ll never return it. Pardon me while I go to every other review site I can find and blast them. This company is un-American!

  45. Dario Ramirez | May 9, 2013 at 5:55 pm |

    I too have been juped by Andy’s auto sport. I order light covers for a Ford Thunderbird 1987. They didn’t fit. When I tried to return them they said light covers are a special order and connot be returned. I will never order form this place.

  46. Victoria Levine | May 23, 2013 at 1:56 pm |

    Andys Auto is a rip off. We ordered parts for a 1990 Ford Probe. We received the parts. The car died. We called to return the parts in the same box, that was never opened. They said we could return the parts minus the cost of shipping plus a 10% restock. I said ok. When I called to set up the return, the shipping cost was more than the parts. We would have paid and additional $75 from what was already paid to get the parts. What great customer service and what a great way to treat their customers. They only paid $138 to ship to us… but we had to pay $440.48 to return it!!! NO WAY…. I should have headed the warnings about the company. Instead, I chose to give them a chance…. I learned a huge lesson!!

  47. I just ordered a shift knob replacement for my 2007mazda speed. It’s aftermarket and “universal” of course. Cost ~75 and total 90 w/ shipping. Was emailed receipt immediately, but did not include any description of part, only invoice number and total paid. Merchant is listed as Integrated Strategic Resources, Inc. Possibly too late for me. I will report back.

    • I happened to call today. Spoke with someone who, after taking my name, said my part was going to be shipping out today (i thiught it a bit coincidental, but okay). He said he couldn’t give me an arrival date until it was picked up. Fair enough, I’ll call back tomorrow.

      • Well, came home from work tonight and part was here. The kid working there apparently was clueless. Part was as described, condition new, functional for what I needed. No complaints here.

  48. I ordered a body kit for my car back in March and I still haven’t recieved it yet and it’s August. I’ve called and emailed over a dozen times and keep getting the ” due to a manufacturer back order” response. Unfortunately Andy’s autosports is the only company that makes the body kit I want. I think over the past few months I’ve spoken to just about every member of their sales and customer service staff. Most of them were not too interested in helping me or finding out anything for me. I’ve spoken with Jim the manager and he was helpful the first time I spoke to him and told me to call him the next time I got a “due to manufacturer back order” and when I did a month later he was somewhat rude to me that I was talking to him instead of one of the useless customer service reps. At one point I told them they have terrible customer service and they just replied with ” yeah all the people who work here are idiots”.




  50. andysautosport The worst customer service ever, they charged my card and i even showed them a bank statement and they still insist never got paid. My only option was to dispute the the amount.

  51. I would like to say something about andys auto sport. A while ago I bought a little antenna for my Volkswagen. After I bought it I saw the finial payment for everything and realized that I should have read everything before I purchased it. The shipping for the was outrageous so I called the support line for andys and I asked them about returning it and they said that they will accept the return but will have to take away a portion for shipping, restocking, and some other bs that is not needed. So if I was to return the item that I payed 20 dollars for and the shipping was 15 dollars, I would only receive like 3 dollars back. So I told the lady on the phone that if you don’t give me a full refund then I will never buy from you again. She was saying “im sorry but I can do that” so I just hung up on her. I was able to sell the antenna for close the price that I bought it for. Over all andys auto sport will screw you over if you want to return something.

  52. Ordered a pair of xenon headlights, fog lights, and a front bumper for my Eclipse. Head light and foglights came in in about 10 days. Front bumper after three weeks. When I received the lights everything was perfect. But the bumper, holes in it, cracks in it, even chips missing from it. And to top it all off, too big to fit on my car. So I call Andy’s and after being on hold for 30 mins they tell me they need picture proof, so I sent them pictures and there saying its normal for it to be in as shotty condition as it is. The “Premium Brand” bumper in that condition? All I’ve got to say is wish me luck. And DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY FROM ANDY’S. I wish I had the common sense enough to look at the reviews before I had purchased from them.

  53. I can’t believe the s/h on their items. I bought a carbon fiber grille for a civic that I’m pretty sure is just an abs plastic grille wrapped in carbon fiber wrap that weighs no more than 2lbs total including the box. Nevertheless, I paid $38 and some change for it and the damn s/h was $25 to ship it one state over? I mean I had enthusiast grade pc parts that weighed 3x more than that shipped to me that had cost less w/insurance through UPS that also covered return shipping when applicable. So my forewarning to future buyers is you should consider purchasing items from a different seller/dealer. If the shipping almost cost as much as your item consider looking elsewhere.

  54. Ben Flowers | January 24, 2014 at 5:57 pm |

    I ordered a hood on december 10, 2013 and was told that it would be at my house by december 24th. called back on december 26th and was told that it hasn’t been shipped out yet! i was then told it would be shipped out on the first of january. Never received it. I contacted them AGAIN and was told it would be shipped out on the 15th of January. I called AGAIN on 23 January and was told that i would have to call back because Carbon Creations wasn’t open at the time that i called, so i called back again the next day (24 January 2014) and was told that the carbon fiber hood would not be shipped out until the 29th of January. That’s right! I have waited for OVER a month for hood to be delivered to my house that STILL has not been shipped out yet. I despise these people and this company. Never ever EVER do business with them. The only reason I even considered ordering from them was because their price was cheaper and i was too naive to read the reviews on the company. They are a joke and it has become my new mission in life to steer as many people as i can away from using this company.

  55. I hate this company. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!
    I ordered a part and three weeks later it still has not shipped. I call every day and every day I am told it will ship that day and it never does. All the reps are rude. I spoke to a supervisor and he was complete A-Hole. He made no effort to help and blamed everything on their vendor. The truth is that the vendor probably hates them too and will not make an effort for them. I have joined the mission to prevent people from buying from them. I wish I had read all these posts before ordering. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

  56. i ordered a full body kit for my civic and was told it would take a week to a week and a half to get to me, i figured that to be right since i live on the east coast and they are on the west coast. they took the money on the spot and a week later i contacted them since i was never e-mailed a tracking number. they e-mailed me a tracking number that didnt exist for yrc freight. i contacted yrc and they said they dont have it in their system so i called andys back and they gave me the run around. i called 5 more times and they kept telling me it was shipped so finally i called and canceled my order and the sent me e-mails saying my money was refunded but im yet to get anything. its been over 3 weeks now. i guess its time to press charges for theft. ohh and when i told them i was going to press charges they hung up on me. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD……… NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM ANDYS AUTO SPORT. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN………………….. as of right now im out $550

  57. ordered tail lights. they didn’t have in stock and could not get. canceled my order ‘after’ they charged me for them. told me I now have store credit. I told them I am 60 yrs old and probably never do auto work myself again. wanted my money back. they won’t talk to me now. I never heard of checking out at store and then go shop for what you want afterward. never see that 200 dollars again.

  58. John Harris | May 12, 2014 at 5:00 pm |

    Customer Service Rep was no help at all. When I asked to speak with someone else he hung up on me.

  59. Lou Forrisi | May 19, 2014 at 12:40 pm |

    I just recently purchased a radiator from them, two days later I get an email that the “there is no eta” on my order. I call them and they tried to get me to switch my order to a half plastic radiator because they were out of stock of the all aluminum ones. I told them that was unacceptable and that they needed to refund my money. They said they would, however I am still waiting on it. These people are totally shady.

  60. Craig Milliken | June 12, 2014 at 7:08 am |

    THESE PEOPLE WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY. Shame on me for not investigating these jerks. Ordered fiberglass composite hood for a 2006 Mustang. The hood arrived at my installer in a reasonable time frame but body shop called right away and said it was not usable. I went to look for myself and found that was an understatement. Hood had no backing plates at the latch or the hinge connections allowing no safe and secure way to mount the hardware. Extremely rough surface including patches, dips, humps and valleys that were in some cases nearly 1/4″ out of level. No way to attach insulation blanket under hood (even though I asked specifically about it on the phone and they told me it would be pre-drilled and would fit). TOTAL PIECE OF SCRAP. I filled out the return forms and took 18 photos as per their instructions. After waiting 11 days I got an email last night saying that they could not confirm any defects from the photos and would not be taking any action. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCUM. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND SEND YOU JUNK. Chalking this one up to experience but DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE DISHONEST SCAM ARTISTS.

  61. Kevin Sanders | June 16, 2014 at 11:27 pm |

    Have ordered once from Andy’s auto sport in the past out of seven items that I ordered only one wasn’t back ordered. Should have taken that as a sign and didn’t see any of these online reviews until after ordering again from them . Well I got an email saying my order will ship out next month , I was like really a whole month I cant wait that long so I tired calling them , seems like the phone is out of service , and then tried emailing them . My emails kept bouncing back, the funny thing is I called my credit card company and asked them to cancel the order and they told me they couldn’t do anything about it ….WTF I swear this world has come off the rails and we are on a run away train …good luck .

  62. jerry weitz | July 12, 2014 at 8:56 pm |

    I don’t feel so bad now….I only got screwed for $21.00 and a part I cannot use.
    After reading all the negative reviews, i realize I should have read then FIRST.

    BUYER BE WARE ! ! ! !

  63. Glenn Cummings | August 2, 2014 at 9:20 pm |

    I ordered new body kit for my daughters honda civic lx. Andys Auto Sports stated it was made from Duraflex which on their website throwing a bumper out of a plane and running it over with a truck and it still doesnt break etc. Well the parts they sent I brought in the box to my body shop. They were painted and installed and took a lot of work to mount and get fitted. I backed up the car last night and bumped the rear bumper on my plastic/vinyl fence. I heard a crack!! I walked around and saw that the bumper was made out of cheap thin fiberglass.. not the Duraflex product they sold to me. I sent them an email with photos that show that Duraflex is stamped on the parts but clearly it is made of cheap fiberglass. I was definately misrepresented and they committed fraud. Im suppose to hear back from them by Monday and will update the site to the steps they are taking to fix the problem.

  64. Eduardo Alvarez | August 4, 2014 at 3:33 pm |


    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS Company especially the Duraflex body kits products. I ordered a body kit for my 2000 ford mustang and I ended throwing the back bumper because didn’t fit at all even after mayor work on the bumper and the car. The front bumper had to undergo a mayor fix in order to fit. The body shop guys had to work with the parts to correct so many imperfections, because of bumps and dents. The side skirts also didn’t fit because they where short and the body shop had to cut them and put a fiberglass extension to fit them on. I call the manufacture Extreme Dimensions and expressed my dissatisfaction about there cheesy product and the guy seems like he didn’t really care about it. He told me to call Andy’s and give me an extension number to call a customer service rep, but we already know the rest ……nobody answer the dame phone.
    The body shop charged me one thousand dollars more for a new bumper and all the work done to fix what Andy’s and Extreme Dimensions call…. “Small Modifications.”

    I think these companies should be sued. If there are any lawyers out there, I think there are probably enough customers who had been rip-off like me to start a class action law suit against these companies.

  65. I have had no problems with this company,i live in Canada and I ordered a ,mr2 bodykit,mirror,and a few other things ,they sent them out ,it had been 3 months ,it said it had shipped ,turns out it had been in customs for 2 months.i have had no problems with fitment,but now im scared to order again
    just incase

  66. Ordered SPEC D headlights from them in May 2014. They arrived and installed just fine but almost immediately afterwards I noticed that they all fogged up. Upon closer inspection of them I noticed that the seals were clearly defective. I contacted them and didn’t hear back from approximately one month. They said they would replace the parts…. Well that was 5 months ago and I haven’t heard back from them since even though I’ve contacted them several times. As far as I’m concerned they screwed me. I will NEVER deal with them again and wish that I had come across these reviews before I did.

  67. James Madison | October 21, 2014 at 5:24 pm |

    Jim Dell was awesome. He was the best manager I had dealt with there. I had a recent issue with an order and I was surprised to see he no longer works there. What a loss for them as he was one of the few good things going for them.

  68. Lucas Barton | October 29, 2014 at 2:43 am |

    I placed an order, well actually my girlfriend did and it was for me. This was a good 2 weeks ago and it never came! So I call and only now when I called they are finally telling me it is discontinued. I asked why they couldn’t tell me well…. ummmmm 2 weeks ago? I just got left hanging.

    This rep just sounded like a robot and didn’t care. Had no emotion what so ever and spoke so slow and dragging.

    I asked for the manager Jim Dell based on this page, there are actually had good things to say about him in the comments so I was hoping he can help me. The guy said there was no one by that name there or he no longer worked there. I asked for any other manager and there was none available! Umm Wut?!

    • Probably because this article was written in 2011, and still, over four years later these scumbags haven’t been shut down, and are still ripping people off.

      Whoever was the manager, clearly left after he realized what a shit show he was running, and nothings changed. I’m honestly shocked that their website hasn’t been removed yet.

  69. Wow.
    I should have read reviews about Andy’s before ordering from a place I’ve never heard about. Everything you read above in the comments in all true. This place has terrible customer service and is a shady operation if you ask me.
    I ordered 1 item. It took weeks to get here (lost in the mail they said). Then when I finally got it, it was damaged. I tried many times to get in contact with customer service, and could not get through. I sent numerous emails. I waited on hold for 30 minutes and nothing. I just want my money back now and hope I will get through one day. What a hassle! What a scam! Yes, I did actually get something, (others have not even received anything even though they were charged) but don’t waste your time with these guys!

    • HORRIBLE, my 17 year old daughter crashed her car and she decided to order a custom bumper, after saving for 4 months, now they want to charge 15% stock fee from 231.00 and another 153.00 shipping fee to return. so she will be out of bumper and MONEY. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM… READ REVIEWS and RETURN POLICY lesson learned VERY SAD 17 year old daughter 🙁 so sad


  71. I was about to purchase some parts for my son’s 99 Honda Prelude, but after reading all the comments I have decided not to purchase from Andy’s. Any alternate suggestions would be most helpful. I need to purchase a hood, front lights, tail lights, etc. Thanks in advance.

  72. Glenn Sergenson | April 28, 2015 at 11:26 pm |

    I tried to buy a body kit and get it sent to a shipping depo for truck forwarding delivery/my business. 8 months latter I finally got my money back…after I flew in and threatened to sue the manager in person. He emailed and said he had it and was just needing to repackage. I confronted him in person and he could not produce anything – fucking lies a plenty.
    They took my money and simply hoped I would give up or forget/back out.

  73. Thanks guys…you all made a difference to me. You saved me from being ripped off, again.

  74. John Harris | May 19, 2015 at 8:05 pm |

    I order lowering spindle for my car. That is what the web site labeled them . Later I read the discription and it said not for lowering your car. this is misrepresentation . I called the sale person and they agree. Jamie said she would e-mail me the return address because it had to be shipped back to the vendor. Never recieved a return address or e-mail from Jamie. Michael sent a e-mail promissing to help . I e-mailed him twice but still no reply. I guess as long as your making a sale all is good.

  75. Glendon W Urbin | August 28, 2015 at 4:21 am |

    Andy’s Auto Sport still hasn’t changed. I ordered Gray motor mounts to match the color scheme of my race car and was sent Gold. I was told that the vendor made a mistake and that I would have to send the mounts back and they would need to be inspected then they would determine if a replacment would be sent. 2 weeks after I sent the items back and 3 live chat sessions being told to wait 1 to 2 days for the Vendor to respond and I was done. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE AND SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY TO GET YOUR SHIT FROM A COMPANY THAT CARES ABOUT THE S

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