Connecticut Heating Oil and Propane Price Comparison web sites

Another important site is It lists wholesale prices for heating oil and compares them to prices in other areas as well as prior year’s prices.

At, you’ll find retail heating-oil prices in Connecticut by area and compares prices to last year’s.

At, you’ll find a weekly list of average home heating-oil and propane prices in Connecticut during the heating season.

At, you’ll find heating-oil and propane prices throughout the country. But, according to state officials, the prices are a little out of date.

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13 Comments on "Connecticut Heating Oil and Propane Price Comparison web sites"

  1. Yes those sites will help the homeowner stay in line. Now you can order oil from the comfort of your home 24 hrs a day by clicking online at The oil price is listed and updated on avg daily to give you the best deal. You can also save an additional $10 by ordering online. You can save another $50 bucks by joining preferred oil for Auto delivery. Savings can be found

  2. I found that has the best prices and easiest online delivery form around.

    • You appear to be correct. Rozoil shows you their daily price on their website. They accept major credit cards. No messing around or playing games like so many other home heating oil companies. I would love to find a reputable company in the Danbury area who publishes their prices on-line instead of making you call and waiting on hold for some lengthy period of time.

  3. This information might be useful if it were UP TO Date. The participants in the price survey are few and their prices are no more recent, in Windham/Willimantic, than mid-July. The State should mandate that home heating oil/propane heating fuel companies post prices to a central web site every day.

    • I totally agree,most of all the websites have an incorrect price or none at all.They would get more business if they listed it.And more competitive prices at that.

  4. MaryFrances Drewelus | October 2, 2012 at 10:59 am |

    Looking for home heating oil devivery prices & plans. Oxford, CT.

    • Does anyone know an oil delivery company in Northern Fairfield County (we live close to Rt 84) that publishes their home heating oil prices on its website? We are attempting to find a business that provides PUBLISHED daily and seasonal “lockup” prices (with commitment) for its customers. As indicated by another writer, the State of CT should mandate this policy. This is a “no-brainer” for a home heating oil company wanting a competitive advantage. Imagine all the free publicity.

  5. Looking for home heating oil delivery prices & plans in or near Canton, CT.

  6. This has been a cause of yours for years. Why dont you get some kind of consumer movement going/organized? As regards to propane, everyone knows that they low-ball u on the first delivery and jack the prices up after that. If you call asnd ask, you won’t get both prices. 342,000 people in CT would love you for that. Maybe this might be helped by Facebook or something. You have only had 6 responses in three years on this topic and that is just not enough for anyone to pay attention to in CT. I think only you could do this.


    • Tom is absolutely correct. I do not understand the general lack of interest and action on the part of CT consumers. Our retail home heating oil prices are among the highest in the country. The small number of local oil dealers (the classic definition of an “Oligopoly”) actively restrain trade by restricting the flow of accessible and timely retail pricing information to consumers, as well as making constant attempts to push customers into long term (“automatic” delivery)contracts. To date, I have located only 2 companies in Western Connecticut (Rozoil and Preferred)that provide timely and actionable retail home heating oil prices on their websites without “strings” attached. Unfortunately, neither company delivers to homes in Fairfield County. Wake up people!! The need for heat and hot water in our homes is functionally equivalent to other “public” services provided for as part of the “general welfare”, including those provided by the electric and natural gas industries. Although I am not advocating the same governmental controls (on behalf of consumers) over home heating oil and natural gas companies as experienced by Connecticut’s Public Utilities, I do strongly suggest our elected officials take timely steps to increase the level of competition among local home heating oil/propane companies. To that end, a first step would be to require that each of these companies make their current retail prices readily available to the general public (i.e., on their company websites) without requiring perspective customers to make long, unnecessary phone calls and be subjected to lengthy (and often harassing) sales tactics.

  7. I have used mant times for my oil delivery. Great prices and fast deivery.

  8. This story is now 4 years old. Either do an update or delete it.

  9. You might want to try Parkway Oil. They are from Fairfield. I paid $3.03 in 2014 and they delivered to Norwalk.

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