New Year’s Savings: Lower Electricity Bills Ahead for Ct Customers

Connecticut residents and businesses should see their bills for electric power drop starting next week.

As of Jan. 1, Connecticut Light & Power’s rates for residential customers will fall by 7.8 percent as a result of rates approved by the state Department of Public Utility Control. Rates from United Illuminating, the New Haven-based utility that serves the southwest part of Connecticut, will fall by 1.5 percent.

A major question that remains is what impact these lower rates will have on independent resellers of electricity who have been able to thrive by undercutting CL&P and UI rates. If you use an alternative provider, make sure you go to “Choose an Electric Supplier” at

“The 7.8 percent decline for CL&P customers will represent a savings of approximately $10.41 a month for a residential customer with monthly consumption of 700 kWhs,” DPUC Chairman Kevin M. DelGobbo said Wednesday.

A customer purchasing the same amount of electric power will see bills decline by about $2.51 a month, DelGobbo said.
Connecticut’s electricity rates have been among the highest in the United States recently, but the DPUC chief said they’ve been declining since January 2009.

For instance, the DPUC said residential customers using 700 kWhs a month paid about $141.89 a month in 2009. That monthly bill fell to about $134.27 in January 2010 and will fall to about $123.85 next month.
Connecticut residents have also been switching power suppliers — the companies that handle the supply or generation side of the electricity business — at an increasing rate, the DPUC said.

There’s more information on power suppliers’ charges here.

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