Save Money On Electricity: Use Alternative Suppliers

k0795043Jim Barile of Windsor Locks, Ct  and others have recently asked me if they are taking a chance by getting their electricity from someone other than Northeast Utilities (CL&P) or United Illuminating.

The answer is NO. Go to the web site and you will see all the other suppliers serving Connecticut. Check each one that provides service to see how much you can save by getting your electricity from them.

As you might know, CL&P and UI no longer provide electricity, they only transmit it and handle the billing. They purchase electricity and sell it to you, just like the others. The only difference is that their rates may be higher because they are required to provide you with power.

However, three bills that were introduced in the General Assembly last session would have prevented you from buying cheaper electricity if they had been inacted.

According to the alternate suppliers, Retail Energy Supply Association, these bills – H.B. 6507, H.B. 6510 and H.B. 6512, were introduced as  Connecticut’s electricity market recently crossed a significant threshold.

“As of Sept. 30th, 2009, 50.4% of the state’s load (representing more than 200,000 residential, commercial and industrial consumers) is now being purchased from competitive electric suppliers, according to switching data released by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control,” the association said Monday.

Hopefully they won’t return, but the association is concerned.

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11 Comments on "Save Money On Electricity: Use Alternative Suppliers"

  1. easternctpolitics | October 26, 2009 at 12:15 pm |

    Shopping with Competitive Retail Suppliers are a great way to reduce your energy costs. Even in the rural parts of Connecticut you can still get service from great private companies, offering lower rates. Making the switch is easy and its a great way for people to take control over their energy costs. I strongly recommend shopping for the best company to suit your needs!

  2. In a bill submitted by Sen Tom Ritter, the state deregulated Electricity, in a move that was a conflict of interest on the part of Ritter, as his family was in a position to gain from the bill. The rates have doubled since deregulation.
    The Public Utility Commission should tell us where the cheapest rates are, if not, what are they doing? What is their purpose? If the PUC cannot tell us who supplies
    the cheapest rates, they should be dissolved.

  3. I switched about a month ago and have seen good results. CL&P still is your main contact for service and problems. The distributor is the name you are changing and they charge less than CL&P per KWH.

  4. Thank you George. Once again you have you have come through. Not only will I save 15-20% on the GSC rate, I’ll get rewards points too.

  5. George,

    Thanks for helping customers once again. I’ve switched and am saving each month and my neighbor, a small business owner, switched as well and is saving even more. As for the poster above, the DPUC actually provides a link right on its web-site to, which lists all the various competitive suppliers offering lower rates than the utilities. Let’s hope our policy-makers keep their hands-off an industry in CT that is actually expanding and helping consumers!

  6. I just switched this past meter reading. It is a company that will save me over 17% from my current CL@P rates. You simply sign a contract from Dominion and begin saving after the next meter reading. It couldn’t be much easier.

  7. George,
    Thanks for all you do and for bringing this to the public’s attention. I have been buying my electricity through this program since February, 2005 using Levco, Dominion and Con-Edison, whoever had the best price at the time. I believe there should be a more informative and easier proces to find and access prices and selecting suppliers with an easy link from the state’s website and the Public Utilities website. I found it difficult at first to find the information I needed back in 2005. It should be better advertized and another method, maybe by phone for people who do not have the internet access to be able to switch their suppliers. You will also have to remember your contract ending date so you can select the best continuing rate.

  8. I changed my supplier to Positive Energy about six weeks ago so I still have not seen a bill with my savings yet. It takes at least one billing cycle for the change to take place. Estimates show the savings will be in the $17 – $20 range per month. The process to choose a supplier needs to be fixed. There should be a site provided by the DPUC where you make your choice. Today, they supply some links to information, but I found it rather confusing. It’s too bad that we have to gamble on basic needs today. Electric suppliers, oil and propane contracts, etc.

  9. If you are looking to cut costs you should check out other Connecticut Electric Suppliers. My client, Low Cost Power, tries to help residents keep more money in their pocket where it belongs.

  10. By the way, the DPUC does run a site providing information to consumers about their supplier options ( It is also listed in that little paragraph at the bottom of you bill. I’m an associate with Viridian, because they have a very competitive rate and more green content. Why not save money and do my part for the environment? More information on Viridian can be found at, or email me your questions at

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