Westbrook, Ct., Water’s Edge Resort Getting Upgraded, Not Going Under

A rumor that Water’s Edge Resort & Spa in Westbrook, Ct., may be in financial trouble was debunked by Westbrook First Selectman Noel Bishop.

I called Bishop’s office this morning after a time-share owner at Water’s Edge contacted me after having heard a nasty rumor.

Bishop called me back and told me he had checked with several people, including the facility’s legal counsel, and just the opposite is true.

Water’s Edge is preparing a major expansion, he said, and is doing great.

Water's Edge Resort & Spa, Westbrook, Ct.

Wonderful to hear. When my children were little I owned a time-share there and we spent many a summers hanging out at its pools and beach.

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5 Comments on "Westbrook, Ct., Water’s Edge Resort Getting Upgraded, Not Going Under"

  1. Thank goodness. I just got married there at the end of September. They did a phenomenal job with our event. But truth be told, some of the ballrooms are starting to look a little shabby and could probably use an overhaul.

  2. George Gombossy | March 1, 2010 at 1:39 pm |

    Not everyone is thrilled with what is going on at Water’s Edge. A time share owner sent me a copy of his testimony last month before the General Assembly supporting a bill that would give greater rights to condo owners:
    The expansion is not as good as you would think for Waters Edge. Currently DavidK and me have been working with the Attorney General to get bill SB 129 passed (Ombudsmen office created under the attorney generals office) For me, I have been fighting the violations going on at Waters Edge four years and now in order to get help to fight for my mostly retired owners, I have gone to the attorney general. He has received about 264 complaints of violations from other condo owners besides my three complaints. This is from 81 towns in the state of Connecticut which is about half of all of the towns and this is just people that have contacted his office. This is only the tip of the ice berg so to speak. I am attaching my testimony that was given at the General Law Committee at the public hearing right after Blumenthal spoke. State statutes Chapter 828 Common Interest Communities cover both the condominiums and timeshares. I am also attaching Blumenthals’ press release.

    Lucille J. Garofalo

    Middletown, Ct. 06457

    The following is his testimony before a General Assembly committee last month:Lucille J. Garofalo A Timeshare Owner
    Email: timeshareowner@snet.net
    Middletown, CT 06457
    Tuesday, February 16, 2010
    Mr. Chairman, members of the committee, and guests. I am Lucille J, Garofalo from Middletown.
    I am a timeshare owner of a Common Interest Community Called Waters Edge Resort in Westbrook.
    I whole heartily support Bill SB 129 By establishing an office of condominium ombudsman it provides us with
    the same protection under the law as all of the other consumer agencies’ under the Attorney General.

    It is of the utmost importance to us that this bill is passed, as we are mostly retired timeshare owners. We are at a loss to fight with attorneys, because of the cost and the size of our group. We are only a small group due to the fact that management will not allow us to have access to the registry list of names and addresses. Even though the declarations, the by-laws and the articles of incorporation state timeshare owners can have the registry list, management will not let me obtain a copy. I have managed to acquire some names and addresses from the town clerks office and was able to inform other timeshare owners. Many timeshare owners are left unaware of the violations in state statues. Currently there are over 3,000 deeds in the town clerks office, 2,600 of which are consumers from the state of Connecticut and I only have approximately 90 email addresses.

    Our rights as consumers have been completely violated from the right to be notified to the right to vote, we have no control of our own association. Management is running rampant with state statute violations. As, it has become a matter of do whatever he wants management knows we do not have the resources to fight in court. He is in the process of building additional units far beyond any master plan and has not taken into consideration the numerous concerns that many of the timeshare owners and residents have including compromised water views and decreased property values , the need for additional parking areas (especially handicap parking), the potential of further overcrowding in the beach/ pool areas, common expenses, the possible strains on the existing septic system, concerns for the environment and the potential of another large building mass marring the aesthetics of this picturesque resort area. Not only are these all true but he has bypassed state statutes and went directly to the Zoning Board to get approval to build. Did not exercise development rights, did not get the vote of the owners, which also includes changing the master plan. Because the building proposal was four times the size of the building on the plan management needed a unanimous vote from the owners as he increased the boundaries in land slated not to be developed. If you attend an annual meeting you can get some information all others are not even aware that building is being planned.

    There are additional problems with the following but there is limited time to speak:
    Voting for the board and proxy problems
    Voting in association
    Budget/Financial/Reserve Fund
    Maintenance Fees
    I know we need corporate America without them we can not survive and grow but I am so tired of being not rich enough to fight back, not powerful enough to make a difference and that I have to take a back seat to what is right just because of these down falls. Please consider the Ombudsman Bill, we need your intervention, we need your help to right a very serious wrong. Please vote YES to establish a Connecticut Community Association Ombudsman with authority to review and enforce condominium association violations of state condominium laws.

    This is only one Common Interest Community how many others are suffering at the hands of violators of the laws.

    I would be happy to meet with anyone and discuss what is really happing in the real world.

    Sincerely a Concerned Timeshare Owner,

    Lucille J. Garofalo

    • We are original time share owners and did not know about this

    • Doreen Johnson | July 7, 2011 at 11:05 pm |

      Thank you both for trying to be heard! We are so frustrated with Water’s edge and are appalled at how it looks. Our rights? are few and now our privileges are getting fewer (no longer get on the beach on the weekend, showers, trading back in, etc…..Hope you get somewhere because we have given up being heard–the people voted in to the association are not listening to us-perhaps they are listening to the owners or timeshare manager, only!.?

  3. Megavents | July 4, 2011 at 1:07 pm |

    I am an owner and have learned, over the years, to tolerate our public spaces being populated by drunken wedding guests (it’s like vacationing inside a hotel ballroom on the weekends).

    The loss of our water views is disappointing because of your need to milk the land and build more buildings. The morale of your staff is beaten down (they often roll their eyes when you mention the owners names). The paper thin ceilings that divide the rickety floors, and overall neglected facilities are sometimes intolerable.If we want to play tennis, we have to cross Boston Post Road because the old courts were torn down to accommodate more parking for special events (more money, more money) If it doesn’t generate incremental income, your management team doesn’t pay any attention to it. Owners have few rights and we are stuck with our formerly “water views” investment

    Now we hear construction workers cursing, hammers banging every morning. We trudge up un-even hilly dirt walkways, and eat burgers prepared 10 feet from port-a-pottys (What public official signed off on this unsanitary foodservice operation to be so close to temporary bathrooms).

    Tonight, July 4th, for the sake of public opinion, you are opening, to non-owners, what little grassy and beach areas that still exist for your fireworks. My family is trapped on property all day fearing that once we leave, we will never get in the parking lot and back to our timeshare.

    If you are considering renting rooms at Water’s Edge, bring a fat wallet and come with low expectations. The greedy owners of Waters Edge have ruined what was once a beautiful place for the sake of profit and greed.

    Anyone want to buy my unit?

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