3g iPhones Don’t Play Nice With New iTunes iPhone 4 Operating System

Western Connecticut interior designer Karen Gilston is one of the victims of frequent iPhone technology improvements.

As the owner of an iPhone 3g Gilston’s phone hasn’t worked right since the latest iPhone 4 came out and iTunes automatically updated all prior iPhones to the new operating system.

“My phone started slowing down considerably, my battery life shortened by hours, certain things did not work, i.e. could not send pictures by email, my map did not work and therefore could not find me, and so a lot of apps did not work,” she wrote me today.  It was one glitch after another, all I seemed able to do on my phone was phone and text, and both the Apple stores I went to told me that most of their customers nowadays were 3G users having the same problem and that there was nothing they could do.”

“Eventually I shamed them in to a new phone, but in the meantime I have lost all my apps, all my notes, etc. ever since the 4G came out and i realized this was happening I have been driven up the wall especially since I needed my phone for work.”

Frankly as a iPhone 4 owner I had not been aware of the issue. But I checked it out on the Internet and sure enough Gilston is correct.

Infact the Wall Street Journal – my favorite newspaper – recently ran an article on the problem.

WSJ reporter  Jennifer Valentino-DeVries wrote that  “Apple is investigating reports that the latest iPhone operating system causes problems for users of the iPhone 3G, after a series of complaints on Apple support forums and technology blogs. Apple is aware of the reports and is looking into the matter, a spokeswoman told Digits.”

“Reports of the problems have been overshadowed by “Antennagate” — complaints about the iPhone 4 antenna that led Apple to issue free cases to all buyers. But since the iOS 4 software became available in late June, user concerns have surfaced on Apple forums.

The most common criticism is that the phone is slow after an upgrade. There are also many complaints that the phone drains the battery quickly and becomes excessively hot. Concern about general problems such as slowness and battery life on gadgets isn’t unusual, but using iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G seems to make the problems so bad that the phone is nearly unusable for some people.”

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4 Comments on "3g iPhones Don’t Play Nice With New iTunes iPhone 4 Operating System"

  1. It’s frustrating, but help may be on the way. In the meantime this is a funny look at our hopefully temporary woes


  2. I have an Iphone 3gs and updated it this afternoon. Now there is version 4.0.2 of the operating system software that can be downloaded and installed. It seems to have settled the occasional issues with things hanging from the first version of OS4. Interested to hear other’s view when they d/l the update.

  3. After a few weeks my sense is that this update to 4.0.2 has done nothing I can see up stop the halting or hesitation issues moving to version 4 of the software created.

  4. It was stated the 3 g is not supported only the 3gs which I got and it works very well no problems even with upgrading to IOS 5.

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