Apple 8 iPhone review: get ready to be frustrated by Apple



I have been so looking forward to upgrading from my 6s plus to the 8 plus. I pulled the plug yesterday. It took me four phone calls and three chats before I could get the right information on how to purchase an phone on line. BTW I am an Apple stockholder.

Not a single rep or supervisor was able to give me complete or accurate information.

The reps i talked to gave me incorrect information, were not trained well and and one had no manners. One who had no idea what she was doing refused to transfer me to her supervisor.

Once I got home with my new iPhone eight today, I discovered that the salesman didn’t tell me that my 6s plus case wouldn’t work on the eight plus because of the new lenses.

Then I had all kinds of issues trying to set up the phone from the iCloud. It took five calls to get most of it set up. Everything finally moved over except my photos.

I again called and the rep said he would need to call me back on the landline. I got two calls on the landline in Russian messages and I got one call on my iPhone in Russian. No more phone calls from him.

On hold for hours.

The phone has a totally different feel. The home button doesn’t work well, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Will update.

Oct. 28. I finally got the hang of the home button, need to use it for while to get the touch right.

After several more calls I finally got my 8 plus working properly and paired with my watch 2. Can’t wait to take pictures with the great camera.

Julio Vega an Apple senior advisor who helped me solve some of the problems sent me a note yesterday offering my up to $150 for an Apple product to compensate me. Very nice gesture and generous.

Also Apple launched a new program that provides a tutorial for new iPhone purchases that will show us many of the tricks the new phones are capable of. I have signed up for the Sunday session and will update again.



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